Happy Halloween from Posh, Petals and Pearls!! We have never planned a Halloween wedding, but here is a funny picture we found from one! Heheheh!

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a different getaway...

How cute is this?!Fill the couples getaway car with balloons. As they make their escape, the balloons will fly out in celebration! So different and so fun!

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Ten Tips

Here are 10 fabulous toasting tips from Southern Wedding Magazine. It can be scary public speaking, especially making a toast. Here are some tricks to help you make your speech memorable!

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This could be Dangerous...

This could be a little dangerous…but it’s just so cool!!! Visit grvty.us to try!!!

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Neely and Mike

ANOTHER October 22 anniversary! Happy happy day to Neely and Mike!! Denise Gonsales took beautiful photographs of their special day! Here is one of our personal favorites. We so enjoyed working with Neely and Mike and wish them all the happiness in the world!



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Ashley Gwaltney and Walker Covington

A year ago today,Ashley Gwaltney and Walker Covington tied the knot!! We had so much fun celebrating with them at the Harper Fowlkes House! We hope that you are happier today, than you were a year ago(if that’s even possible!!)


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Megan and Jonathan

LOVE the blog posting of Megan and Jonathan’s wedding from Katie Joyner Photography!!! Go check it out!!!

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Courtney and Jack's Pictures

We are LOVING these fabulous photos from Courtney and Jack’s September wedding. Props to TAustin Photography!!

From the photographer-

“I’m especially fond of this photo from Jack & Courtney’s wedding because of the conditions we were in to get it. It was pouring down rain, lens kept fogging up from extreme humidity, the wind was almost as bad as the rain, and the fogged up lens wouldn’t allow the camera to focus so I had to manual focus by eye with the live view on the back on the camera, hand held of course. But the best part was the other bride just off to the right with her photographer sitting under cover dry and out of the rain…Thank you Courtney & Jack for being so spontaneous and truly living in the moment that day!”

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Kelley McCarthy and Kyle Hagemes

Another October 15th anniversary!! Happy anniversary(yesterday) to ANOTHER one of our fabulous couples Kelley McCarthy and Kyle Hagemes. We hope your first year of marriage has been filled with laughs and joy!

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Cory Godshall and Taylor Wilson

Happy Happy Anniversary to our couple Cory Godshall and Taylor Wilson!! We can’t believe it’s been a year!! It has flown by! We hope your first year of marriage has been filled with loads of happiness!!

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We are loving the praise!!

LOVED getting a phone call from a mother of the bride last week AFTER her daughter’s wedding last weekend because she “missed talking to me and had to hear my voice now that the planning is over” 🙂 She also wrote such sweet words on our facebook album:

“Tara (POSH PETALS AND PEARLS) we were so lucky to have found you to be our wedding planner. This wedding went on smoothly because of you . We could not have done this without your help. You helped use from the first day we meet. Every bride should be so lucky . Thank you again for giving my girl such a smooth wedding , and friday welcome luncheon. Ford Plantation not only should have you on their top list ,they should insist on you.” ~Laleh Yavari

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Pebble Hill Plantation

LOVE the pictures from Julie and Sam’s wedding last weekend at Pebble Hill Plantation on Anna K. Photography LLC‘s blog today! Check them out:http://www.annakphotographyblog.com/julie-sam-a-plantation-wedding/

Here is a little sneak peak at the fabulousness!

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Ponder this...

Thoughts to ponder while wedding planning…
Here is the breakdown of what the average wedding costs. What do you think?
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Janine Quinn and Luis Menendez-Aponte

 Another Happy FIRST anniversary to on of our beautiful couples Jane and Luis Mendez-Aponte!! The Reason I Love did an AMAZING job caputing every special moment of their special day! Also, you must check out their video…so precious!! We hope that Janine and Luis have had a wonderful first year of marriage!!



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Rain Rain Go Away??


Check out this wonderful post by Dasfino about rain on your wedding day.

“Is rain on your wedding day bad luck or good luck? People always wonder.  Why could wedding day rain be a sign of good fortune? It seems like it could be a disaster. People tend to worry about whether the weather on the big day will be inclement or incredible, and are always looking for information forecasting about the anticipated weather.Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. A day filled with love, joy, hope, expectation, and excitement.

It marks the start of a new chapter in life, one that should be blessed, blissful, and filled with good fortune.

Rain brings water to dry places, and causes crops to flourish, so it is often viewed as being a blessing and bringing good luck.  With that in mind, it is often believed that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck.

Rain on your special day can be considered a stroke of luck for several reasons.  Rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, unity, and a new day.  In some cultures it is also a symbol of fertility.  Due to these positive connotations, a rainy wedding day is very often considered good.

First of all, rain signifies blessings, and everyone wants their marriage to be blessed.  Blessings speak of hope and approval. There is every reason to be optimistic when you consider all the possibilities that are ahead.

Blessings also connote prosperity, both in a material and physical sense.  It is therefore considered good luck if it rains on that special day, due to the hopeful expectations of a happy life.

Rain also cleanses, ever notice how fresh and clean everywhere looks after a shower of rain.

Cleansing signifies the washing away of dirt, as well as the purging of things that might have sullied or tainted in the past.

After the rain, there is a clean slate that allows you to begin afresh and anew.  For those getting married, a new beginning is envisioned as they embark on their life together.

In addition, rain is a sign of fertility.  Water makes things grow. Many couples have the hopeful expectation that there marriage will be blessed with children.  Therefore in some cultures rain on your wedding day is viewed as a sign that the couple will have many children, and of course, children are considered a blessing.

Fertility is also extended to material wealth, as it signifies abundant resources, productivity, and a bountiful harvest.

Rain on your wedding day can also signify unity.  The rationale behind this stems from the reference to marriage as “tying the knot.”  It is no secret that a wet knot is much harder to pull apart than a dry one, as the water makes it harder to untie.  Therefore if it rains when you are “tying the knot” it suggests unity, and the creation of a stronger bond that will not easily be broken.

Generally, rain is also considered a sign of restoration.  It suggests that things that might have been considered dry or dying will regain strength, due to the rain that regenerates and brings renewal.

Rain on your wedding day is in essence a mark of fortune.  It is expected that the day is the dawn of a lifetime which will spill over with good luck.  As we have seen, it signifies blessings and success.

Perhaps this info is summed up best by the Italian wedding saying “Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata,” which when translated literally means “Wet Bride, Lucky Bride.””

Since rain can be such a good luck charm, save some rain drops from your special day and turn it into a Christmas ornament . This way you can have a keepsake of your wedding day forever.

Photo Credit:OMOM

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Bridesmaid/Bachelorette Party Idea



We saw this on Pinterest and HAD to share!! What a FUN idea for a bridesmaid or bachelorette party! Get your bridesmaids to find the ugliest bridesmaid dress they can and head to the paintball field! This is such a hysterical idea and a great way to bond with your favorite girls. This makes for some great pictures! Check out the ones below by Vibrant Pixel.

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Mel Meadows and Greg Heinrich

Happy Anniversary to another one of our happy couples! Mel and Greg have now been married for one year!! If at all possible, we hope you love each other more and more every day!

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