A Cake to Talk About.....

Happy Friday! We hope everyone’s week has been great. It’s been a busy one for us, lots of preparing for upcoming weddings. We are looking forward to a summer season filled with gorgeous weddings.

Next week we are going to discuss all things cake (Yum!) and in preparation for that we had to share this groom cake from a wedding a few weeks ago……definitely one that couldn’t be missed! Exquisite job by TIER Luxury Cakes!

groom cake - neurosurgeon

By the way, the groom is a neurosurgeon.

Have a safe and fun weekend – see you on Monday!

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That Beautiful Bouquet

Most brides have a very clear image of the bouquet they will carry down the aisle, but the plan for that bouquet after the wedding isn’t always so clear.

Taking your flowers to be preserved or hanging the bouquet upside down in a dark closet is a good start. Once the bouquet is dried it can be placed in a shadow box with your invitation and other wedding keepsakes or you can place the bouquet under a simple glass dome to display in your home. If your bouquet isn’t one that will keep its beauty by drying, try taking some of the petals from the bouquet and putting them in a glass ball ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.

If you are looking for a unique way to hold on to your bouquet you will love this find….Petals Into Bangles. They take flowers from your wedding and incorporate them on a bracelet. Such a neat idea!! Below is a peek at one of their bangles, but be sure to check out their site.


Saving Flowers - petals into bangles

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A Day to Remember

We hope everyone is able to take time today to remember those who fought, gave everything, including their lives for the freedom of our country. We will always be thankful.

Happy Memorial Day!



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A Little Sparkle

Happy Friday and Happy Holiday Weekend!

In the south this weekend seems to be a kick off for summer – so glad it’s here. I always associate summer holidays with fun on the water and fireworks. It only seems appropriate to end our week of favorite exits with one that ties in to this first “summer” holiday weekend….while fireworks may be a bit out of most budgets, sparklers are a great option! They are a reasonably priced, exciting way to leave your party and your guests will thoroughly enjoy the activity. Please be sure to have a responsible party in charge of distributing and cleaning up.

We’ll leave you for the weekend with some beautiful photographs of sparklers lighting up the skies for the newlyweds……

exit - kauleen and david

Exit catherine and gene

exit keller and brent

Exit Nicole and mike

exit stephanie and brian

A big thanks to the following photographers for capturing these images: astrid and rene photography, Becca Price Photography, Erin Rene Photography, and Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

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Pedal Away

Looking for a fun way to leave your downtown Savannah reception venue? Hop on a pedicab and be pedaled away!

exits annie and dustin

exit - pedicab keller and brent

 exit - taylor and sean

Exit Caitlinn and Brian

exits kate and michael

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Getaway Cars

Happy Wednesday!

Back to the list of favorite exits today…..a good, classic car! This choice is always a big hit with the groom – there’s something about guys and their cars.

Thanks to Amelia + Dan Photography and Becca Price Photography for capturing these great exits!

Exit Cameron and Andrew 2

Exit catherine and gene 2

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Our thoughts and prayers

We will return to our week of exit ideas tomorrow, but today we wanted to send our thoughts and prayers to the families in Oklahoma. For those of you looking for a way to help, here is a link from USA Today with information.

pray for oklahoma

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A Week of Exits

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a fun weekend with two weddings on Saturday – Lori & Mark were married at the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel and Meagan & Brandon were married at Jingle Bell Farm. A big thanks to these wonderful couples for allowing Posh Petals and Pearls to be part of their beautiful weddings!

At the end of your reception, after the last dance is danced and goodbyes have been said, how will you exit your big event? This week we are going to share some of our favorite exits…starting today with a getaway boat on Lake Oconee.

Exits Audrey and Mackee 2

A sweet kiss before Audrey and Mackee leave their reception at Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee!

Thanks to Orpheus & Aphrodite for this shot.

Enjoy your Monday!

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Happy Friday! We hope everyone’s week has been great.

Following up from yesterday’s information on wedding budgets, we wanted to share a little more information. Planning a wedding budget can be very stressful and you certainly want to make sure you have planned ahead for all expenses. One category that seems to slip through the cracks during the planning stages is tipping. Tipping should be done at the discretion of the couple, but it’s always nice to have guidelines to help. Here is a link to an article by Martha Stewart Weddings that may come in handy.

In other news, we had a blast celebrating Tara’s birthday last night!

Tara's Bday 1

Tara's Bday 2

Have a great weekend!!



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Wedding Budget Management

Working on your wedding budget? Make sure to watch our interview on WTOC-TV that aired yesterday evening, click here for the link.

Many thanks to the crew at WTOC-TV for featuring Posh Petals and Pearls – we had a great time!

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We are certainly enjoying all of our spring weddings, but today we want to share inspiration for those of you planning fall weddings. Brooke and Brannon’s wedding is a perfect one to share – deep colors, fall-inspired decoration, and a perfect fall evening! Here are a few ideas for those of you in the planning phase….

 Fall - brooke and brannon

Fall - brooke and brannon 2

Fall - brooke and brannon 3

Fall - brooke and brannon 4

Fall - brooke and brannon 5

Thanks to Becca Price Photography!

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A Sweet Message

If you’re going the traditional route of not seeing the one you’re marrying before the walk down the aisle, you may be in search of a way to send a  little message before the big walk. We love the idea one of our couples, Shayda & Lockett, came up with and had to share – they wrote messages on each other’s wedding shoes! Here’s a little peek….

shoes  - message - shayda & lockett

shoes  - message - shayda & lockett 3

Thanks to Tec Petaja for capturing these!

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Happy Mother's Day!

We would like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

We had to share pictures with our little ones today….enjoy!


Posh Petals and Pearls

Mother's Day - Tara and J

  Mother's Day - Ash and G

 Mother's Day - Ash and Z

Many thanks to the very talented Erin Rene Photography for these special pictures.

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Shauna & Ted

Happy Saturday! Today we would like to say Happy 1st Anniversary to Shauna & Ted! We hope their first year of marriage has been wonderful. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since their beautiful day. Here are a few pictures of the happy couple, thanks to Hyer Images for the photographs.

anniversary 5.11 shauna & ted

anniversary 5.11 shauna & ted 2

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A Big Thanks to the Teachers!

“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.” –Henry Adams

It’s Teacher Appreciation week, and although we may not thank them enough, this week we certainly want to say a big THANK YOU to all the teachers out there! Here are a few projects we’ve made for the special teachers in our children’s lives (thanks to Pinterest for the great ideas!)….

teacher appreciation cookie

teacher appreciation

teacher appreciation grace

Adorable Grace heading to school with donuts for her teachers!

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Rainy Days

The rain just keeps coming here in the south! The saying may be that it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day, but it’s not so easy to convince a worried bride of that when it actually happens. Rainy days are a reminder of a special wedding in September of 2009….a beautiful, lake-front ceremony was all set and at the last minute rain moved in from a tropical storm and we had to move inside. The wedding was still perfect and these fun pictures of the bride, Audrey, and her maids are priceless! Lesson learned that weekend – instead of stressing over the possibility of rain, just be sure to have cute rain gear on hand. Enjoy!

 rain Audrey and Mackee

rain audrey and mackee 2

rain audrey and mackee 3

Rainy Days Audrey and Mackee

Thanks to Orpheus & Aphrodite for these photos!

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Wedding Dress Idea

Ever wonder what you’ll do with your wedding dress, you so carefully picked out, years after your wedding? Ashley had a brilliant idea….pull it out of the closet for a photo shoot with your adorable 5-year old little girl! The wonderful Erin Rene Photography captured beautiful shots of Grace in her Mom’s wedding dress – here’s a sneak peek, but be sure to check out Erin’s full blog on this special shoot.

grace in ashley's wedding dress

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Waterfront Venues

Happy Friday! We are going to close this week of favorites with Waterfront Venues. We are lucky enough to have many options for our water-loving couples. Whether it’s by the river, on a marsh or on a sandy beach, water adds a special feel to any ceremony or reception. Here are a few of our couples in their waterfront settings – Enjoy!

water - anne and erin denise gonsales

Thanks to Denise Gonsales Photography for this great shot!

water - neely and mike - denise gonsales and harvey designs

Another beauty by Denise Gonsales Photography on Tybee Island.

water - kate and bobby

It was a gorgeous day for this wedding at The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa. Thanks to Josh Branstetter for the beautiful picture!

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Sweet Treats

Today’s pick on the favorites list may make your mouth water…..Pralines! There are several wonderful places that make these decadent treats in Savannah. Whether you are looking for ideas for welcome bags, desserts at your reception, or favors for your guest this taste of Savannah is a perfect option.

pralines - stephanie and brian 2

Pralines ready to be packed from Savannah Sweets

pralines - stephanie and brian - savannah sweets

Great to include in welcome bags!

praline - emilee and spencer

These are the table assignments from our wedding last weekend, tucked inside each box is a delicious praline from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen!

Have a happy Thursday!

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Live Oak Trees

Today’s item on the favorites list is quintessential for our area – the Live Oak Trees. The beauty of these trees speaks for itself and they are perfect backdrops for pictures, don’t you agree?

low country stephanie and brian 3

low country deedra and john

low country julie and sam 4

Today’s photo credits : Anna K Photography, Meghan Darlson, and Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

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