3 Myths of Happy Brides

I was recently browsing The Huffington Post’s online wedding column, when I came across an article titled “5 Myths of Happy Marriages.” This humorous yet realistic post explores the misconceptions of marriage that may look good in theory, but prove terribly wrong. For example, I am sure many people have heard the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life.” Whitney Fleming claims otherwise.

Here’s some clarification on long-lived marital myths: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/whitney-fleming/five-myths-of-happy-marriages_b_6518444.html?utm_hp_ref=weddings&ir=Weddings

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this article, as a fiancé and not a wife, I cannot yet relate to marriage mishaps. I was, however, inspired to write a piece on “3 Myths of Happy Brides” since I understand common misconceptions of brides-to-be, which often come from family, friends and even the fiancé.

Myth 1: The more, the merrier!

I have heard this expression in respect to inviting guests, choosing bridesmaids and splurging on extensive flower arrangements. When I first began wedding planning I envisioned a bustling group of bridesmaids surrounding me as we all smiled in unison. Although the pictures would be epic, I have learned that too many bridesmaids proves more useful for a reality show than a tasteful wedding. While it’s true that everyone my age enjoys watching girls get caught up in a soap opera of sorts, no bride would encourage such a circus at their own wedding. And so, the above expression has been appropriately renamed, “the more, the dramatic!”

As I have matured in the planning process, I have come to understand that the big day is less about the quantity of people, sparkly props and endless pictures, and more about the quality of the evening. Here’s one example which literally takes the cake:

I had a fun friend of mine visit Savannah with her fiancé this past weekend. She told me a secret to achieving the famous expression “less is more” in preparation for their September wedding. Instead of overspending on a cake that guests barely touch, the couple has decided to invest in a fake display with one eatable layer for the cake cutting tradition. Afterwards, the servers remove the fake cake and deliver simple pieces of a sheet cake, slicing costs and maximizing efficiency. Guests will never be able to differentiate between presentable plastic and delicious frosting. It’s a win-win situation for both the newlyweds and the sugar happy guests.


My dream cake, although I know grandma would disapprove.

Myth 2: A “natural” bride is most beautiful.

When I booked my makeup trial for this upcoming February, I e-mailed the artist to request a few different sets of false eyelashes and an array of tones for lip and eye colors. When my fiancé took a glance at the Pinterest images I had sent as points of inspiration, he mistakenly described my look as “fake.” For any groom, who might be reading this post, please be forewarned that unless you are planning to have your own hair and makeup done on the day of your wedding, stay far away from the beauty bar. In my opinion, false eyelashes accentuate certain features of the bride and add the perfect pop in photographs. In preparation for the wedding, brides-to-be should discuss potential makeup mishaps with their preferred stylist, such as runny mascara after exchanging vows and fading lipstick after smooching the groom.


Even though my lips won’t be this red, I look forward to exploring my options in February!

Myth 3: Brides-to-be should be “sweating for the wedding.”

I once told JB that bridal boot camp is much more intense than Officer Development School (ODS: basically boot camp for the Dental Corps in the Navy). While I’m not sure that I could actually handle one full day in uniform, I felt the comparison was helpful. Each time I pick up a bridal magazine there is at least one article targeted at brides and their body types. Although there is nothing wrong with creating personal fitness goals, I would discourage brides from obsessing over an ideal weight. Straying too far from your normal fitness routine for the wedding can add more stress than results. I recommend that brides-to-be design their own bridal boot camp, without those who claim that that their workouts can turn Bride into Barbie.

Since the big day is approaching, I have been going to the gym more regularly with aspirations to tone and build strength. Sometimes it helps to bring the groom along, so you can both share your fitness goals and push one another to complete a full set of crunches. Whether you create a fitness routine based on a magazine article, a home video or a personal trainer, as the bride, make sure you dictate your own goals for bridal boot camp.


Crunches are better as a couple!

Hopefully this post clarified a few myths of the supposedly cheerful bride. Some days it takes moving a mountain to get me to the gym. Other days, I am less concerned with sweating and more focused on my makeup for the big day. Ultimately, I know that on June 20th, I will set all superficial worries free and be the happiest bride of all- that’s a promise, and not a myth.

unnamed-1 copy

Cheers to being a happy bride and a soon-to-be happy wife!

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Grooms deserve spotlight, too

Since I am in full force wedding mode, I am constantly dwelling on the next task to conquer. Many of the major decisions such as our venue, invitations and flowers have been made as a couple. However, a few weeks ago, I learned that not all details on the massive wedding checklist require both parties. In fact, believe it or not, there are certain things that are beyond bridal territory.

Here are a few examples, all of which I learned the hard way… 

Tux Shopping

I’ve always believed in the classic rule that the groom should not see the bride’s dress until their wedding day. Although there are often exceptions made on Kleinfeld’s famous show, I favor the traditional reveal. About two weeks ago, JB went on his excursion to find the perfect tux. Apparently I was equally as prepared for the outing, since I jumped in the car and began to brainstorm his potential look. Although I would consider myself a fashionista, I know very little about a gentleman’s evening attire, and cannot explain the difference between a notched lapel and a peak lapel. Those words are certainly not in my bridal vocabulary. And so, when we finally entered the store, I decided to browse the ladies section and let the men circle around JB to discuss fashion, tailoring and custom fit. Later on in the process, JB asked my opinion on certain accessories such as the color and pattern of his bow tie. If I could do it all over again I would have stayed home for this special episode of “Say Yes to the Tux”.


Let your handsome groom prepare for his own big reveal! (look how happy he is!) 

Bachelor Banter

After planning our wedding for over a year, I have learned that bridesmaids and groomsmen speak in very different languages. A few nights ago I found JB enjoying a good laugh while reading a wedding themed e-mail. His best man had apparently listed an array of options for the bachelor party, from those of least risk to those with the highest risk (thanks, Eric). Alarm bells immediately went off in my head when I realized that my bachelorette at the spa would probably be comparable to his groomsmen skydiving. When I asked JB to list the possible locations, particularly those with the highest “risks,” he politely told me to focus on my own party. Ouch.


Apparently, bro time does not involve the bride.

Man Bands

Throughout the wedding band shopping process, I had my heart set on an eternity style to match my engagement ring. I also mistakenly voiced my opinion regarding JB’s forever band. In my mind his band was gold, not realizing that this color would clash with his watch and everyday style. Ultimately, after JB explored options at multiple jewelers, he was so excited to choose a simple, yet masculine band.

Before wedding planning began I never thought tuxedos and jewelry would be of any concern to my groom. Once again, I was very wrong. I advise brides to let their grooms try on and select the wedding band of their choice. At the end of the day, as long as JB is wearing a ring (which means he is absolutely taken), I will remain impartial to the style and color.


Brides-to-be, save your opinions for engraving! I’m a fan of the saying, “put me back on!”

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506584658056169130/

After learning the hard way regarding JB’s tuxedo, crazy bachelor plans and preferred wedding band, I understand why brides are often labeled bridezillas by their future spouses. Since every wedding involves a tremendous amount of work, I advise that brides-to-be allow their future hubbies to handle the three details outlined above. After all, every groom deserves a little bit of spotlight and pampering without sight or sound of their beloved bride.

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To Splurge or not to Splurge?

…that is the question.

As the wedding date grows closer, I am continuously asked how planning is coming along. As a blissful bride, I tend to answer that question by commenting on the larger tasks, most of which are near completion. These include saying “yes” to the dress, picking a venue, designing invitations, selecting bridesmaid dresses and securing a memorable band.

With that said, there is always another detail on the wedding checklist. For instance, even though the invitations have been selected, we are still in the process of debating a hand calligrapher verses machine calligraphy. Will we order custom stamps or opt for a more traditional style? Even though my dress is currently being made, I have yet to find a flattering veil and attend the first of three fittings. Additionally, although my hair stylist and makeup artist have been confirmed, the upcoming mock trials will determine whether they share my vision. Despite my love of sparkles and bright lips, I tend to apply my own makeup in a similar manner to wedding planning; I proceed with caution, since less is often much more.

In the wedding spirit of “something old” I have turned to Shakespeare for this blog post’s inspiration. The renowned expression, “To be or not to be,” from the play Hamlet will be used in a completely different context as brides-to-be must ask themselves, “to splurge or not to splurge?”

Here’s my guide for brides-to-be who wish to splurge within reason…

Wedding gown: Shakespeare might say, “to splurge!”

I will always remember the day I found the dress of my dreams with my incredible mom. After closing the door on seven boutiques, I found one dress that exceeded all expectations. Saying “yes” to the dress was the second task to be completed on my wedding list after securing the venue. I recommend that brides-to-be spend a considerable amount of time in search of their dream dresses. I have learned that there are plenty of wedding details worth settling for the second best option. A bride’s wedding gown, in my opinion, is well worth the splurge. In the world of fashion I tend to favor the classic pieces in my wardrobe which never seem to go out of style. In the world of weddings, however, wearing a gown on a single occasion leaves everlasting impressions.

Flowers: Shakespeare might say, “not to splurge!”

Although I could spend hours in a beautiful garden, I have come to realize the extensive prices of one too many posh petals. We are currently in conversation with my hometown florist to discuss the best options for creating a romantic ambience of a rose garden, without overwhelming the venue and favoring one area. For example, although I have my heart set on a rose covered aisle, I plan on limiting the number of petals and placing graceful greenery around the wedding party and marriage officiant. I would prefer splurging on flowers in the ballroom, rather than overwhelming the decor for the ceremony. After all, the most important part of walking down the aisle is saying “I Do.”

I am still in the process of selecting the ideal bouquet. Most importantly, I want to avoid anything over the top that could compete or clash with my dress. With that said, a splash of color against a white dress could be quite pretty. My next appointment with the florist is coming up in February- I’ll keep Posh Petal and Pearl readers posted on my final decisions.

The Band: Shakespeare might say, “to splurge!” 

When I think of the big day (everyday), there are two vivid moments that I constantly replay. The first, which I have mentioned countless times, is the heartfelt and incredibly emotional moment when my father escorts me down the aisle. The second occurs when I waltz into the ballroom with my groom as Mr. and Mrs. Peterman. I can already envision my friends and family surrounding the dance floor smiling, dancing and waving their arms in celebration. The band will be instrumental in creating and maintaining an exciting energy throughout the evening.

We want our wedding to be a constant celebration with uplifting voices and instruments that have the power to draw any and every guest to the dance floor. For those who may be attending the Drew-Peterman affair, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Ladies- I am currently searching for the perfect, sparkly, two-inch heels. When the bride chooses to splurge on the band, rather than high heels, it is clear that dancing and singing with the guests of honor is most important.

To be honest, my English professors at Barnard would most likely cringe at my transformation of Shakespeare’s words for use in this weeks post. Considering Shakespeare chose men to play the role of women on stage, I doubt he could relate to the modern day challenges of wedding planning from the perspective of a bride. Regardless of his potential opinions, it’s necessary to think about each task while being mindful of the other expenses on the list. Brides-to-be should ask themselves and consult with their grooms as to whether certain details are worth the splurge. For some women, extensive flower arrangements might trump the dress. Perhaps when I visit the florist in February, my outlook on trimming down the petals will change. However brides and grooms-to-be decide to splurge, it’s imperative to move through the motions of wedding planning with caution.


Dedicated to an incredible poet, playwright and actor with enchanting prose.

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/163537030191462306/

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Sealing the Envelopes on the Invites

Finding the perfect invitation at first glance was easier than expected. Unlike my dress search, when I entered the invitation shop I had very few ideas and points of inspiration. I knew something classic would work best. After browsing through endless sample books, I found the invitation that seemed to match every detail of our wedding from the color of the bridesmaid dresses to the style of our venue. Unfortunately, nothing in the wedding planning process is a simple as saying “I Do.” After all, when you finally say, “yes” to the dress, you must find the appropriate shoes, jewelry and schedule multiple fittings. Brides-to-be should be forewarned that the invitation process, although exciting, requires great attention to detail.


The gorgeous MOTB helped me sort through stacks of sample books!

Here are a few things to consider before sealing the envelopes…

Wordiness is never Wonderful

After selecting the invitations, I learned that there are several ways to include all necessary information. For example, there are certain words or phrases that are most appropriate to introduce the parents of the bride and/or groom. But at what point does your invitation become too crowded and wrongfully wordy? When your groom’s name is Doctor John Benner Peterman III, you must keep the rest of the invitation in context.

How many inserts is too many?

After selecting the ideal invitation, I failed to realize the potential for multiple mini inserts. Of course, the guests will need to RSVP with pre-stamped envelopes. Additionally, we are including an information/direction card for guests who are out of state and unfamiliar with the area and venue. And what about close friends and family who will be invited to brunch the following morning? You guessed it; they also need a brunch invitation. I also recommend that the bride and groom include their personal wedding website for further information such as booking hotel rooms. The list goes on, and before we knew it, there seemed to be more inserts than we could count on one hand.

Provide a Personal touch

My favorite part of selecting invitations was designing a personal touch. Although I will not give away the additional gem to our invites (stay tuned for your copy in the mail), I do recommend adding an ounce of sparkle to your choice. Also, while you are working with your preferred stationary company, be sure to inquire about additional elements they may supply. These may include place cards, cocktail napkins, table numbers and matching thank you notes.

If Southern bridal belles are ever traveling to the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area, I highly recommend working with Denise Abramson at Paper Parfait. When you walk into Denise’s office you feel as if you are in a paper palace. Our invitations are scheduled to be mailed in late April and I am incredibly jazzed for the big reveal. Although sealing the envelopes on the invitations is most certainly a process, each visit has been happy, efficient and perfectly bridal.

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What’s the right time to say “I Do?”

Although I am the first of my friends to marry, sometimes I feel like a twenty-four- year-old bride stuck in a forty-four-year-old woman’s gown. Let me explain. Friends and family have often referred to me as an “old soul.” In many ways, I agree. I will always choose a low-key evening compared to those my age who live to see the sunrise each weekend (these lifestyle preferences do not apply to my bachelorette, of course). I’m a fairly cheap date since I will happily nurse a glass of red wine over the course of an entire evening. Unfortunately for JB, my lack of wine does not make up for my love of non-alcoholic purchases such as handbags and shoes. That’s just me and luckily, I found my match. But how will my routine translate into our wedding schedule?

A few days ago I received a mock itinerary of the big day via e-mail. I learned that the guests will arrive at 6:30PM, and the ceremony will commence at 7PM. When I did the quick math, I imagined that after cocktail hour, our guests would eat a very late dinner with limited time on the dance floor.

After digesting the full schedule, I politely requested that the ceremony be moved to 6:30PM. Ironically, it was the elderly of the party planners who rejected my suggestion with little empathy. In their defense, they explained that our wedding will take place on the longest day of the year. It will hopefully be a beautiful summer night, and generally guests prefer an evening affair to kick off as close to sunset as possible.

And so, the ceremony remains as scheduled. There are plenty of other factors that justify a 7PM start. For one thing, the paparazzi will most likely arrive around 2 or 3PM to begin the storm of photography, capturing the bridesmaids mid-pamper, the big reveal and the organized, (majorly posed) family photos.

I am sure there are other brides, like me, who have questions and hesitations about the appropriate time to start their celebrations. I have learned that almost everything regarding a bride and groom’s wedding are entirely unique to that day or evening. After all, weddings are (hopefully) once in a lifetime events.


There is no right time to walk down the aisle…as long as you’re with the one you love.

Who knows, I may end up shocking my hubby and guests by finishing a full glass of wine and staying up the entire night. I won’t be twenty-four forever. Also, there will be plenty of time to rest on a beach somewhere remote after the big day. With what feels like endless wedding planning, I have come to understand why newlyweds schedule honeymoons!

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Real Wedding: Katherine & Chip

Back in September, we had the honor of bringing Katherine & Chip’s wedding dreams to reality. Katherine, Chip, & their entire families were so much fun to work with during the wedding planning process. Every time they would come to town for vendor meetings, we would have the best time. There was never a shortage on smiles and laughter during all of the meetings!! Hopkins Studios was there to capture the entire day and give the couple gorgeous photographs that they will be able to look back on with their grandchildren one day.


How awesome is this shot of Katherine relaxing with her bridesmaids before the ceremony?!! This is exactly what we love to see….a bride relaxed and enjoying the day to the fullest.


Katherine got ready with all of her girls by her side at the Mansion on Forsyth Park.

057 035 033 023 014067

The couple exchanged their vows in the gorgeous Trinity United Methodist, held the cocktail hour in Telfair Square below the gorgeous live oaks, and then moved their guests inside Telfair Academy.

166 167 208213222

Once everyone was inside the Telfair, guests were able to enjoy the beautiful floral arrangements that the very talented ladies over at A to Zinnias created. Chef Nick Mueller & Co. went above & beyond as usual with his delicious menu, and the yummy cake by Delectable Designs was the perfect ending to the delicious meal. With such an amazing group of vendors, Katherine & Chip could not have asked for a better wedding day, and we were honored to be a part of it.

323 320 317 315319  076  074321326333355

After a night of dancing, guests sent Katherine & Chip away through a sparkler lit path!!

506 509

We absolutely loved working with the entire family on this wedding!! A special thanks to Hopkins Studios for the gorgeous images. It was so much fun living the wedding day again as we browsed through them all!!

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Caroline & Charlie's Engagement Session


We are so excited to share Caroline & Charlie’s gorgeous engagement photos by the super talented Hopkins Studios. Caroline & Charlie are so much fun, and we cannot wait for their May 2015 wedding. The ceremony will take place at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist with the reception following at the Charles H. Morris Center. We are busy finalizing invitations with Emily McCarthy and wrapping up all of the little details. May will be here before we know it, and we cannot wait to see it all come together. Enjoy a sample of the photos, and we will be sure to fill you in on the wedding!!

007-Caroline-and-Charlie 026-Caroline-and-Charlie 031-Caroline-and-Charlie 037-Caroline-and-Charlie 044-Caroline-and-Charlie 045-Caroline-and-Charlie

A special thanks to Hopkins Studios for sharing these gorgeous images with us!!

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Ease Her Nerves On The Wedding Day

Since my engagement, I have vowed to travel with Bridal Magazines. I always look for new titles in different airports, and have purchased some helpful wedding resources over the past few months. Despite all the variations, I tend to favor the classic covers. On my latest trip home from holiday festivities I read Brides Magazine while in flight.

I found one section (pictured below) particularly inspiring and wondered what a different perspective might offer. On the top of the page there is a circular display of vibrant boutonnieres in an effort to “spruce up his lapel.” On the bottom, Jeff Brown, an L.A. planner attempts to help brides “ease his nerves on the wedding day,” with short, insightful tips for avoiding a disaster.


December 2014/January 2015 issue with cover (left) and clever section (right, page 244)

Jeff presents straightforward advice in the face of four potential scenarios. Considering I am on the other side of the altar, I have provided suggestions for Posh Petal and Pearl grooms who may need to calm down their beautiful brides on the bustling day.

Inspired by Jeff’s dilemmas…here’s to calming the bride!

She’s stumped on writing her own vows:

Jeff suggested jotting down a love letter as a point of reference. As a frequent recipient of love notes, I happen to adore anything romantic written with pen and paper. I recommend opening up old letters that you two may have written over the course of dating, or possibly retelling the story of an enchanting evening that friends and family might enjoy. Is there a song you two share? Perhaps the bride can tap into lyrics for a musical start or conclusion to her vows.

She’s afraid to do the first dance in front of everyone:

Jeff recommended having the hubby dance with the bride for a few minutes before bringing the rest of the party on the floor. As a bride-to-be, I know quite well that there is plenty of stress just playing the role of the bride for one evening. If the bride has stage fright, I believe the groom should hit the dance floor with his handsome groomsmen.

Here’s a visual of exactly what I have in mind…


(JB, don’t worry, I love to dance and would voluntarily do this for you) 

Her Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid is too drunk to deliver her toast:

Jeff advises the bride to have the groomsmen rapidly escorted out of the ballroom. If the maid of honor of bridesmaid cannot contain her liquor, I suggest passing the microphone to another eligible lady. Chances are, there are plenty of gals willing to steal the spotlight. With that said, if the intoxicated guest of honor is persistent on speaking, you can always wait an hour to see if she is sober enough to sing your praises.

She has stage fright over delivering her own speech:

Jeff presents the idea of a couple’s speech. Although I am an avid believer in the independent woman, wedding days are truly about the union of two people. In this instance, I am in agreement with Jeff; the bride and groom should stand in front of friends and family as one team. However, if the bride is uncomfortable with speaking in front of large crowds, she should be encouraged to keep it brief. If you happen to have read one of my previous posts titled, “Tone Down the Toasts,” you know how I feel about dragging down the festivities with one too many speeches.

As the newly married Mrs. Peterman, I plan on reserving most words for singing on the dance floor!

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Here’s to a glass that’s always half full

During my childhood and early teenage years I would always cherish time with my Great Aunt Jenny and Uncle Irving. Every time we would sit down for a meal, whether we were eating vegetables or pizza, Irving would look at me and say, “It looks good enough to eat!”

As a young girl, I frequently left scraps of food on my plate, refusing to take the last bites. I never understood the meaning of my Great Uncle’s relentless phrase and the way in which he worshiped food until I sat down and learned his amazing story of strength and love.

Irving survived the Holocaust as a barber for the Nazis. Out of necessity, he chose a trade of value. When the war was coming to a close, the Nazis frantically transported Irving and all other prisoners on cattle cars from the concentration camp to the mountains. They had every intention of exterminating the remaining Jews and disposing of any evidence that they had been running death camps. Luckily, American troops intercepted this plan, freeing Irving and his fellow inmates from years of torture and immense suffering.

As soon as Irving was liberated, he yearned for a familiar face, desiring any sign of someone in his immediate family, like his baby sister who he had never met. Tragically, Irving had lost every living relative. However, as the cattle cars were being emptied, he did recognize a family from his tiny farming hometown known as Szczercow, Poland. My grandmother, and her two sisters, Jenny and Sally, were standing with this particular family when Irving was reunited.

It was not long before Irving fell deeply in love with my Great Aunt Jenny. Jenny, still very sick and malnourished from the camps, was rushed to an unknown hospital. This was the very first time that my grandmother, Jenny and Sally had been separated since the start of the war.

After Jenny received enough treatment to feel somewhat replenished, she escaped the hospital and ran into the forest in desperate search of her love, Irving, and her two sisters. A man passing by on motorcycle spotted Jenny and agreed to give her a ride back to the displaced persons camp. This man, Elliott, would eventually marry Sally.

Shortly after reuniting, Irving, Jenny, Elliott and Sally shared a double wedding in Germany. My favorite part of this incredibly woven love story has yet to come. At this point, Irving was working for the American Military Police and decided to spend every dime of his savings to feed his friends in honor of surviving the war and finding love. Irving and Elliott invited everyone from the displaced persons camp, marking the beginning of their new lives as free, happily married men.

Jen & Irv Wedding 1

Jenny and Irving at their wedding ceremony in Starnberg, Germany (1946).

This past Wednesday, January 7th was my Great Uncle Irving’s 95th birthday.

Although his age is certainly a milestone, Irving’s biggest celebration is his marriage to Jenny, a union of remarkable strength and longevity that many couples do not have the fortune of experiencing. Jenny and Irving will be married 69 years on March 26th. When I asked my Great Uncle how long he’s been married, he replied, “68 going on 69, and I wish the very same for you and JB.”

Irving’s life and love stories represent extraordinary examples for all married couples. Marriage, although beautiful, does carry with it the promise of hardships. Irving has taught me that the best quality in a marriage is perseverance to live and love to one’s fullest potential. As I have grown up, every interaction with my Great Uncle has been a celebration of family. His profound appreciation for the gift of life is a constant reminder to keep my personal challenges in perspective. And so, on days when I see the glass half empty, I look to Irving who lives as if his glass is always half full.

Happy Birthday to a groom like no other, who has proven that the key ingredients to a prosperous life are love, nourishment and celebration.

Irv- I’m saving a dance for us on June 20th, 2015.


Cheers to an amazing man, my Great Uncle Irving- 95 looks quite handsome on you!

Most of all, thanks for teaching me that every bite of food I share with my groom-to-be, “looks good enough to eat!” I can’t wait to share our wedding cake with you!

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Say No to the Uni-Moon

While browsing The Huffington Post’s Wedding articles online, I stumbled upon a very odd option for honeymooning known as the uni-moon. Author Bill Powers defined the solo vacation as “one of those terrible modern trends of taking individual honeymoons attached to work trips.” Basically, in this situation, the newlyweds work schedules did not coincide, leaving Mr. Powers in Paris and the Mrs. in the Dominican Republic.

Here’s the full article, with an important moral at the end: the uni-moon was a major wake-up call for the newly married couple.


Truthfully, I can’t wrap my head around the possibility of anything solo regarding weddings. I am on board with other modern wedding trends such as dance classes, and creating a hashtag for the guests of honor so that all instagram pictures can be located in one happy place. (Every wedding must be documented on social media, right?)

Of course, my negativity regarding the uni-moon is long-lived. It all started in a previous Posh Petals and Pearls post where I voted for a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Months later, I have come to terms with the benefits of separate parties for the bride and groom-to-be, and have begun planning an epic girl’s night out with my bridesmaids and close friends.

Although my mind has changed regarding premarital celebrations, a honeymoon without my honey remains unfathomable.

I was particularly appalled by the uni-moon trend since I learned of it while planning our romantic getaway. However, for the first few conversations with my groom-to-be it seemed as though JB might opt to travel separately, considering our visions of the ideal honeymoon left us on different continents. JB would be perfectly content spearfishing on an exotic island, while I imagine us touring museums and taking selfies among the ancient ruins of somewhere stunning with an entertaining tour guide.


JB would like to be tree level, while I prefer sea level.

And so, as of right now, we are looking into a possible destination in Italy that combines adventure, touring and relaxation with the potential for water sports. Although we are still in the process of finalizing the location and activities, one thing is for certain- there will be no uni-mooning of any kind!

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Engaged in 2013, Married in 2015!

As New Year’s Eve approached this past Wednesday, I knew sparkly moments were in full force. Two sets of close friends became engaged. Bonus- one of the newly engaged men will be in JB’s wedding party!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, particularly for bride and grooms-to-be.

Since 2015 is the year I will marry my love, I have decided to declare two New Year’s resolutions as they relate to my ongoing dialogue with Posh Petal and Pearl readers. Since my engagement, I have made some difficult geographical and bridal decisions. Here’s to a fresh start for all brides-to-be just in time to say “I Do.”


Kissing 2013 and 2014 goodbye as a fiancé…also, here’s to no more bridezilla.

Resolution One: Embrace the possibility that “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

I never realized the challenges of planning a New Jersey wedding from the South. As a newly engaged gal, I packed up my belongings and journeyed with my fiancé to Georgia in search of a new home, job and community while simultaneously planning our wedding. Multitasking is hard enough when you’re in one place.

At first the flights and fourteen hour car rides home seemed impossible. I was used to hopping on a thirty minute train to my parents home without much thought. Now, with only a handful of months left until the big day I have finally learned to let the distance work in my favor. I countdown to homecoming hugs and bridal appointments with my amazing mother, who also happens to be the most posh wedding planner. I have booked numerous flights home before the big day, and in the New Year I promise to make each one memorable, adventurous and worth the recap.

Resolution Two: As hard as it may seem, “Let the petals fall where they may.”

2014 was filled with far too much analyzing and not enough trust in those who eat, sleep and breathe weddings. Over the holidays, I called Kleinfeld Bridal’s customer service hoping my dress would miraculously arrive early from Israel. Although I chose the winning dress, I was no expert on the bridal timeline considering my gown is scheduled to arrive in March, not December.

Also, in preparation for my makeup trial this coming February I began to gather a handful of old pictures in an attempt to highlight my most memorable makeup mistakes. In honor of the New Year, I have decided to focus on what I admire most from other brides who have mastered the natural look, rather than play fashion police with myself. Every bride-to-be should know that negativity does not carry over well into the New Year.

In 2015, although quite reluctantly, I have decided to let the pilot take the steering wheel, at least until my feet hit the ground. My time in between the clouds will be reserved for dreaming of my walk down the aisle and losing my restless thoughts in the pretty pages of bridal magazines. I know the distance between myself and my family is temporary, and I look forward to June 20, 2015 when all of our loved ones can share in the happiness of the wedding day. As much as I would love to place every petal down the aisle toward my groom to ensure perfection, I know the best planning comes with a little bit of faith and excitement in the unknown. Some petals will wander. In the meantime, I can focus on the one promise that 2015 has in store: Marriage!

~Written with a heartfelt congratulations to two newly engaged couples, Liz and Mike and Erika and Eric. Let the planning begin!

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Happy New Year!!

Wow, where did 2014 go?!! It was an amazing year for Posh Petals and Pearls. We are beyond thankful to all of our clients that entrusted us with their wedding day. We are looking forward to 2015 and doing great things in Savannah & Charleston!! Looking back at the year, here are a few of the weddings we were blessed to be a part of!!


2014 blog review

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