Just How Sweet is a Sweetheart Table?

There are so many details to consider when preparing the seating chart for your wedding. Who should be seated closest to the dance floor? Is it okay to mix colleagues and college friends at the same table? Although all of these questions are legitimate, I have learned that there is no perfect formula for assigning seats.

In fact, a wedding that my friend attended a few months ago made use of bar stools, rather than the traditional round tables to avoid structured seating. Seating was determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Apparently, the wedding felt like a fancy game of musical chairs. Guests simply swapped stools with those who visited the buffet or hit the dance floor. Interesting idea, right?

At the moment, the most important discussion related to seating is whether or not the groom and I will make use of a sweetheart table. If not, will we sit with our wedding party, or just with our parents and siblings? Every group seems to have their own opinion. But, what will the sweethearts decide?

Here are my current pros and cons of sitting pretty as a couple:

PRO: the sweetheart table will truly compliment the purpose of the affair…

to celebrate the bride and groom!

At my cousins wedding, a few years back, I loved how the bride and groom shared a sweetheart table at the edge of the dance floor. Side note: They barely sat during the wedding. The Drew family takes dancing very seriously. However, when my cousin Lisa and her lovely groom, Todd, sat down to enjoy their champagne and heartfelt speeches, every guest could see their emotional faces.


Lisa and Todd embracing the sweetness.

The sweetheart table definitely enhances the spotlight for the bride and groom. It is certainly wonderful to highlight the happy couple in the presence of their family and friends.


A beautiful sweetheart table courtesy of Posh Petal and Pearls

CON: I’ve heard it’s possible to feel disconnected from your guests…

What couple would volunteer to be isolated at their wedding?

Plenty of people have said it: you have your entire married life to spend in the company of your spouse. Why invite three hundred guests if you plan to sit far from them?

With that said, I believe a sweetheart table can work well and look quite charming in an intimate dinner setting. Our wedding, however, may prove too big to make use of this seating arrangement. On the other hand, if the room is grand and the guests are plentiful, wouldn’t it make sense to have a special area for the bride and groom? We can be easily located for a congratulatory hug!

Here are some questions to consider before deciding whether to sit sweetly or not:

  • How big is your wedding?
  • What shape and size is the dance floor?
  • Are you planning to sit pretty for multiple speeches?

In conclusion, here’s a thoughtful compromise to a sweetheart table: my future mother-in-law recently purchased antique “Mr.” and “Mrs.” hand-painted signs that are intended to hang behind our chairs. We will be able to make a statement as the bride and groom of the party while still sitting nice and close to our loved ones.

For now, these beauties separate my side of the closet from his…


Soon, however, they will be placed on the back of our chairs at the wedding!

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Posh Petit

Yes, we absolutely LOVE to plan weddings, but Posh Petit, a division of Posh Petals and Pearls, also loves to create memories through all of life’s other events!! From proposal planning to your child’s birthday, to your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party, Posh Petit will be there to help you create magical memories for your family. We also have the capabilities to help your corporation, business, or community organization plan, design, and organize all the logistical details of your next event. Below are just a few of the parties that Posh Petit has designed!

kelli boyd photography0059 kelli boyd photography0073kelli boyd photography0050 kelli boyd photography0069 kelli boyd photography0068   kelli boyd photography0047  kelli boyd photography0015IMG_6284IMG_6393 IMG_6354  IMG_6090 View More: http://izzyhudgins.pass.us/savmagholidayshoots View More: http://izzyhudgins.pass.us/savmagholidayshoots  View More: http://izzyhudgins.pass.us/savmagholidayshoots10405674_10152785663968937_1042168693410045860_n 10381983_10152785664143937_8783806353545756853_n 1377270_10152785664198937_7181890294208688934_n 14282_10152785664278937_3581500721753691546_n 10624915_10152785664058937_3349909409578378271_n31623_10150171574745387_6778906_n 31623_10150171574810387_2981269_n 31623_10150171576145387_5958310_n 36492_10100759861887811_1329449788_n 321421_10100759858494611_1308656962_n 379273_10100759858200201_252724492_n 397372_10100759861533521_636337186_n10891753_10152788453748937_4702096082290905806_n10425089_10152788453998937_2348716523944447742_n 016 011405544_10100239009305561_840332268_n405100_10100239010812541_1660453673_n400887_10100239009560051_17592592_n397731_10100239014175801_318052578_n392208_10100239004180831_317546493_n


Photography Credit:

Erin Rene Photography

Kelli Boyd Photography

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Embrace the Mistakes?


On my most recent flight home I spent much of the ride confiding in Leslie, a fellow bride who tied the knot a few months ago. She entertained my to-do list for the takeoff, before providing a piece of advice that no bride ever wants to hear. Apparently, the best thing a bride can do on the big day is maintain a smile, look pretty and “embrace the mistakes.” As my facial expressions suddenly shifted from happiness to horrified, Leslie chuckled and said, “You will thank me come June.”

Hold on posh brides-to-be. I’m the exception, right? I have spent countless hours carefully planning with the mother of the bride to ensure that every plan has a thoughtful back up. The stylists will be on call in case my hair wilts and my eye makeup runs. Even waterproof mascara has its flaws. Also, if the clouds do not cooperate, the ceremony will be moved into the ballroom. I’ve heard that exchanging “I do’s” on a rainy day is lucky. I’d prefer a charm bracelet or something.

Here’s what really happened to my plane buddy. On the day of Leslie’s wedding, one of her bubbly bridesmaids commented on the interesting choice of flower arrangements. A clash was evident. Unfortunately another wedding on the same day, which was already in progress, had swapped flowers. Leslie’s bridesmaids wore  red dresses while carrying bright yellow roses down the aisle. On the upside, the mishap was a conversation starter for guests during the reception!

Flash-forward about one hour: after the big reveal, as the groom approached the bride for intimate pictures, he caught his finger on the corner of a rustic, antique chair. A speck of red landed on the train of Leslie’s dress. Luckily the groom had nine other fingers. The bride made a semi-valid point: there’s just one dress.

As the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing, I gazed across the aisle with envy. A part of me wished I had been seated one row up, next to an adorable elderly lady. I bet she would have loved the video of my proposal and the pictures from my most recent dress fitting. (I find myself sharing photos of gown with complete strangers. Do other brides-to-be do the same?) #bridalproblems


Since I can’t show readers my dress (yet), here’s a picture from the shopping excursion.

Although Leslie had no filter, it was slightly refreshing to hear a dose of bridal reality. Here’s the moral: before, during and after the wedding there will be curveballs thrown at the bride. Imperfections are inevitable. Hopefully my florist will take note of multiple weddings on the same day. Since I am marrying my love on the longest the year, hopefully the sun will shine at its brightest and longest. However, if certain things do not go as planned, I will take Leslie’s advice and embrace the “mistakes.” Despite the trivial flower mishap and barely stained dress, Leslie is happily married and still feels as if she is on her honeymoon.

As I walked off the plane, my new acquaintance bid me farewell with the following thought, “Don’t worry, Sarah. Things could always be worse. Remember when Big left Carrie at the altar?”


I’ll take yellow flowers over this disaster.


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“I Do” at Downton, anyone?

Brides Magazine frequently shares a few special details from completely over the top weddings.


Brides will be one of my favorite magazines long after my wedding. #1weddingmagazine

At the conclusion of the April/May issue, Brides explores the extravagant union of two New Yorkers who chose a destination wedding at the Hampshire estate. The venue is more commonly known as the grounds of Downtown Abbey. Certain elements of this feature wedding seem far-fetched to most readers like myself. Truthfully, this article lost me at castle, not to mention the stunning cover page, which introduced the happy couple.


I can only imagine what their wedding album looks like!

Below are the few tips I was able to extrapolate from a real fairytale wedding. Let’s see how these might apply to fellow posh brides-to-be:

Fall in love with one designer.

Lacey Booth, the beautiful bride, committed to one designer from head to toe. The chosen legend was, of course, Alexander McQueen (fitting for a princess bride, not unlike Kate Middleton, who also wore McQueen for her royal affair).


These runway heels match Lacey’s dress and the character of the venue.

Here’s my favorite detail: Lacey had initially fallen in love with her dress in black. The gown was later custom ordered in white with the same-jeweled turtleneck. I love that Lacey’s dress was not traditionally bridal, but rather converted to fit the affair. I wonder what the media might have commented if the bride was inspired to wear the gown in black, as originally designed?

Regardless of the color, not many brides can wear full-length sleeves with such elegance. Quick flashback to my episode of Say Yes to the Dress: when I slipped on gowns with three-quarter sleeves I felt overwhelmed by the amount of material. There was simply too much dress. Lacey, on the other hand, was truly styled to be married in a castle.

Compliment the venue.

After finishing the short, yet detailed recap, I had a hard time remaining convinced that the couple was actually from New York. Every aspect of the wedding (as much as I could see) appeared true to the charm of English royalty. My favorite detail was the way in which the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Chaus played with the elaborate decor of the castle. The white flowers were placed at the perfect angles, allowing the soft petals to compliment, rather than conflict with the elegant art. Nothing brought in by the florist and wedding planner dared to compete with the antique beauty of the castle.

At the end of the evening, as guests headed to the after-party, sparklers illuminated the castle grounds. “We wanted to honor English tradition with a grand party worthy of the venue” said the bride, Lacey.


An epic ending.

I don’t know about other Posh brides-to-be, but I would surely say “I Do” at Downton.

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Brides who Pure Barre

Over the last few months I’ve been overly committed to the gym with one specific objective in mind: I should be sweating for the wedding. Although I am definitely noticing results, it’s difficult to feel accomplished when working out solo. For a while, it was simply me against myself, the bride-to-be (the latter represents a stronger version of the future Sarah Peterman). Despite the many perks of my morning routine such as uplifting tunes, pink Gatorade and Nike kicks, I craved something social and challenging to shake up my workout habits.

Enter Paige: the ultimate friend every bride-to-be needs well before the big day and happily ever after. She’s super inspiring and bubbly. Oh, I forget to mention: she’s also a total knockout; we all have that one friend who turns heads just by stepping into a room. Thankfully, Paige introduced me to Pure Barre, my personal wedding trainer.

Enter Pure Barre: a fifty-five minute workout that challenges the abdominals, arms, and tush- the three target areas for every bride-to-be, single and married woman. The environment is warm and welcoming. For those who are very ambitious, Barre trainers recommend three to four classes per week.

I was considerably impressed with my stamina during session one; I left barre with newfound confidence and a trendy workout wardrobe (somehow, I convinced myself that hot pink pants would help me complete the last set of crunches).

Here are a couple of Pure Barre tips for brides-to-be who are new to the scene, like me:

  1. Don’t wear all black (too boring for Barre)
  2. Come early with water and time to stretch (you will thank me later)
  3. Take pictures to document before/after (proof of progress!)
  4. “Tuck*” is a Pure Barre must (when in doubt, always tuck)
  5. Bring your best attitude (when the leader of the class says, “only ten more ladies”… don’t give up)
  6. Pure Barre is the only time it’s acceptable to be a follower and not a leader (if you don’t know what you’re doing, look to the locals for help)
  7. Barre is about fitness…and fashion (check out the Pure Barre boutique)

*Truthfully, I am still learning what “tuck” really entails. So far, I know it’s about engaging the core.


These @emijayinc shirts are all necessary, particularly, “See you at the Barre.”

Clearly, I wasn’t prepared for the agony of walking the next day. My muscles ached in a way that only professional athletes dare brag about. Although in pain and slightly moody from twitching muscles (known to Barre fanatics as the successful “shakes”), I have decided to dwell on the positive: results are inevitable. I’m hopeful that my honeymoon bikini body will thank me.


Class 2 with Paige. Unlimited classes to go. Hashtag: #sweatingforthewedding

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The Big Day Before the Big Moment

When I was newly engaged, I used to dream about two specific moments at my future wedding:

  1. Walking down the aisle
  2. Waltzing into the ballroom as Mr. and Mrs. Peterman

Big reality check: there is an entire DAY before the MOMENT of exchanging “I Do’s.”

My mom called me yesterday to chat after she had met with Andrew, the head of the wedding venue. They gathered in New Jersey to discuss a general timeline for the day. There are appropriate time slots for everything and anything bridal: hair, makeup, snacking, pictures, the huge reveal and so forth. Actually, when all is said and done, there is an entire day before the wedding even begins. Timing is key.

Don’t stress, brides-to-be. Luckily, the wedding planner will handle each chapter of the day in collaboration with the venue. I just heard some unexpected news: apparently, in my case, the bride does not need to attend the rehearsal before the ceremony! Please refer to the ALL CAPS line in the e-mail I have copied below:


Evidence of my pardon (reading this feels even better than being excused from jury duty!)

The best part of this e-mail, aside from the use of caps, is the following line: “It is her time to rest and a get a snack and fix makeup or whatever.” Clearly only the mother of the bride understands that her daughter will need a break to refresh and refuel before the ceremony. She may also need time to upload her very first wedding instagram with the appropriate hashtag: #meetthepetermans.

At first, I was slightly jealous that my groom and his groomsmen will have the morning off. They will most likely stay up late after the rehearsal dinner, sleep in, and hide away in the man cave at the venue. About one hour before pictures begin they will shower, shave and appear promptly looking better than ever.

After attending my makeup trial, however, I realized that the preparations for the big day are where most memories are made. Brides shouldn’t waste one minute of the day! I can already imagine wearing my silk robe with the crystal bride logo on the morning of the wedding. All my bridesmaids will be giggling in the bridal suite, listening to music, snapping pictures of our glowing faces and basking in the beauty of the BIG day.


Doing my duties as a bridesmaid for Lisa, the beautiful bride.

(Lisa, now that you’re my bridesmaid, I’ll ask you to secure my jewels in the bridal suite 😉

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Is a Mini Bridezilla for the Best?

My last few posts have been covered in sparkles, flowing hair and adventurous dress fittings. This week, however, the hard decisions such as sixteen inch extensions verses twenty have been replaced with a dose of bridal reality: I am a mere three months away from the wedding day with plenty of decisions left to make aside from those concerning beauty. It’s time to shift focus from bridal bliss to bridal business.

So, as I write this post, I can’t help but contemplate whether an itty-bitty bridezilla could be perceived as beneficial? Hear me out on this one before knocking the mini monster down…

Thank goodness for mom, my wedding planner, who keeps me on track with the perfect balance of all things bridal, most of which are incredibly memorable (gown shopping, florist appointments, makeup trials, etc.). It is especially helpful when mom is more organized than the bride.

This weekend, while sitting at a late night dinner with friends, I was ironically sandwiched in between two playful bachelorette parties. The brides were wearing white dresses and costume veils of sorts. While lost in the thought of my upcoming party, my phone buzzed with an e-mail from Mama Drew. The subject was titled: outstanding tasks with corresponding due dates. The comments were comical.

A few of the many bullet points included:

  • Finalize wedding list- by the end of the weekend!
  • Select ring bearer attire- tuxedo or a cute suit with shorts?
  • What stamps are you using on invitations- keep it simple.
  • Have all of your bridesmaids ordered their dresses?- gosh, I hope so!
  • Did JB send the e-mail about the change in bow tie?
  • Your registry is looking bleak and you have a shower in less than a month!- Consider switching to Crate & Barrel?


I didn’t look my best this past weekend…but I’m a bride on a mission.

Also, I’m a little obsessed with this picture and the blog post:


Give brides a break: receiving an e-mail half like the one above is overwhelming. Our wedding list alone has almost three hundred people. Who would be in the mood to go through each person and confirm the title of his or her name and address? And then there’s the follow-up question: are they still even invited?

I hope my readers are starting to sympathize with an emerging bridezilla. This weekend was spent running through the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond with my new best friend, the scanner.


if this doesn’t scream crazy, what does?

Instead of perching on the couch and browsing through the latest issue of The Knot, I was burning battery on my computer in an effort to edit our invite list. Have brides ever visited zazzle.com? They have plenty of wedding-themed stamp options. In fact, I think they have too many to choose from. I still haven’t found the winner.

In conclusion, I have realized that brides are subject to major mood swings. Sometimes the task at hand is relaxing, exciting and low-key. Other times, bridezilla is lurking close by. Either way, the story is always memorable and I will be on my best behavior come June 20th!

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Have I Mentioned Extensions?


A few days after my makeup trial, I stopped by salon Eiji for a brief hair consultation. Brides-to-be will quickly learn that there are multiple components to the wedding day glam plan. Everything bridal pertaining to beauty is a process. In my opinion, a bride’s makeup shouldn’t stray far from her everyday routine (just less blemish and more glow). Although I wouldn’t dare attend my wedding without makeup, I have found that too much can backfire. Can you imagine the groom removing your veil and not recognizing his bride? In the case of beauty care, it’s less about quantity and all about quality.

Luckily, the stylists I have met in the makeup and hair departments consider maintenance on locks, lashes and all things cosmetic to be labors of love. They work hard to strike the right balance between beauty from a jar and beauty that is natural to every bride.

My hair trial is scheduled for my next trip home in April. I have already ordered my extensions since my salon requires three months to locate the preferred type of hair and match the color accordingly. After attending my first fitting (see Monday’s post), the stylists at Kleinfeld reminded me to consider the cut of my dress before transforming into a life size Rapunzel. Since my Pnina is essentially backless, covering the entirety of my back with long, flowing locks may hide the features of my gown. Point well taken, Kleinfeld.

As a result, I have shifted the focus of my hair from maximizing length to volume.

Depending on the current thickness and style of your hair, extensions are worth consideration. After attending the pre-consultation with the stylists at Eiji, I have decided to order clip-in extensions rather than those that are bonded. A more permanent option has the potential to last a bride anywhere from three to six months (well into the newly married months as a Mrs.). Although the thought of long, cascading hair during my honeymoon is thrilling, I’m not quite ready to marry the maintenance.


My potential length clipped in, just for fun.

Lastly, I have a few thoughts on elevating bridal extensions. If brides have a special design on their dress, whether a pattern or embellishment with dimensions, I recommend speaking to the designer for hair inspiration. Although wearing a veil is traditional, I believe brides should have at least one element that is avant-garde. You’ll have plenty of married days to dress with simplicity.


Romantic curls with dripping pearls- thoughts on this combination? (I love).

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/44684221277160242/

If brides are interested in extensions and want further information on the various types available, take a look at the article below from the Bridal Guide:


~Happy extending!~

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Real Wedding~Savannah, GA: Amy & Zach

We were thrilled when A Lowcountry Wedding picked up Amy & Zach’s wedding for the first issue of their magazine. It was such a gorgeous wedding, and the couple could not have been any sweeter!! Check out the spread below to see some of the gorgeous images that Mark Williams Studio captured. You can also go to A Lowcountry Wedding’s website to see the feature!!

AmyZachFINAL Page 001AmyZachFINAL Page 002AmyZachFINAL Page 003AmyZachFINAL Page 004

Photography: Mark Williams Studio  Planning & Design: Posh Petals & Pearls  Florist: Mark Williams Studio  DJ: DJ Geebo  Bridal Shop: Modern Bridal Shop (Orlando, FL)  Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid  (Jacksonville, FL)  Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse  Bar & Catering: Cape Creations Catering  Rentals: Savannah Special Events by Ranco  Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas  Cake: Publix  Hair & Makeup: Savannah Make-Up and Skincare Professionals by Lynn & Co.  Officiant: Rev. Joe Wadas  Rehearsal Dinner: 45 Bistro  Rings: International Diamond Center


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The First Fitting

After almost a full week home I received the text of the trip:


The customer service line at Kleinfeld Bridal is exceptional; after learning that I am an out of state bride, they accommodated a next day fitting without hesitation.

My highly organized wedding planner (otherwise known as mom) was very pleased to see a lengthy e-mail from the Alterations Administrator, just minutes after confirming my appointment. Brides should be forewarned: despite the smooth sailing communication with the Kleinfeld team, there are prerequisites for attending the first fitting. My oversights will hopefully help future brides prepare for their fittings.

Three thoughts and things to keep in mind for fitting one:

  1. Wedding shoes (if you don’t have the shoe, determine the height)
  2. Proper undergarments (bring along the bra and underwear that will be worn on your day)
  3. Patience (Kleinfeld Bridal has a zero tolerance policy for bridezillas)

As I drove into the city with the enthusiastic MOTB, I experienced endless bridal butterflies. Would the gown fit based on measurements taken in July? Would I still adore the design of my dress after nearly six months of separation?

Tip 1: Bring the shoes, or heel height.

At the time of my fitting I had not yet purchased my wedding shoes. If brides are being fitted at Kleinfeld, I suggest stopping by early to browse their selection of shoes, jewelry and elaborate hairpieces. I was excited to learn that the designer of my wedding gown, Pnina Tornai, offers her own line of bridal accessories. Also, true to Kleinfeld’s instagram, they have a gorgeous selection of bridal Jimmy Choo shoes (sparkly flats and a range of heels).



Even though I failed to find the right shoe at Kleinfeld, I did confirm the height of my prospective heel. I ended up purchasing the perfect wedding shoes one day later. Since my fitting was based on a two and a half inch heel, I had plenty of options.


Downstairs at Kleinfeld– sparkly selection of shoes, jewels and bridal accessories.

Tip 2: Consider the role of undergarments.

I’ll spare my posh readers the personal details of this mishap. To keep it brief – wear nude underwear to your fitting and bring any undergarments suggested by your tailor. If your dress is a traditional white, consider visiting Victoria’s Secret to purchase a fabric that feels and looks as if you are commando. Apparently, VS also sells “tape” to ensure that everything pretty is in the proper place. Alterations can do quite a bit, and then there’s gravity.

Tip 3: Patience is a necessary virtue for every bride.

I clearly fixated on all the wrong thoughts for my first fitting. The most challenging aspect, by far, was standing still for over one hour while being pinned from every possible angle. A bridal fitting is the first time I have ever broken a sweat while standing in the same place. Thankfully the MOTB refreshed me with sips of water as the tailor worked her way from the straps of my dress to the intricate bustle. After fifty plus pins, my mom excused herself for a much needed coffee break. Mothers of the bride, please note: any liquids aside from water are banned from the bridal premise. Thankfully, the alterations department played dual roles during my appointment, as both the tailors and protectors of my Pnina.

My next fitting is scheduled for early April. Do not leave the first fitting without scheduling the second. Since I commute to my wedding planner, I tend to fit multiple appointments into one-week visits. Next month I will be attending fitting two, a follow-up with my hometown florist and finally meeting the band. At the end of the week I will have the opportunity to sit back, refrain from decision-making and relax during both my bachelorette and shower!


Check out that gorgeous, elaborate veil in the Kleinfeld window!

~Thank you Mom for yet another memorable week of wedding bliss. It’s a great feeling to be productive while having a ball!~

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