Destination Honeymoon

Hon·ey·moon ˈhənēˌmo͞on/ noun: a vacation spent together by a newly married couple, otherwise known as the calm after the storm!

If you and your groom have chosen to go on a honeymoon you may now be wondering where to spend it. There are millions of options for a vacation and I feel that a honeymoon needs to be exactly what you want it to be. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with all of the choices out there and really the honeymoon should be the fun part of the planning process, but sometimes it can bring more stress than relaxation.

When thinking of your dream honeymoon it is important for your groom and you to get on the same page. Ask yourselves some questions: beach or mountains, adventure or relaxation, city or rural. Some of these may seem silly but it is really important to talk through these.

Beach vs. mountains- obvious pros to each, a beach vacation being the more popular type of honeymoon we see. Think secluded islands and beaches for miles. But do you and your groom love to hike, ski and do outdoorsy things? A mountain vacay may be right for you! Think the French Alps or the Great Smoky Mountains.

Adventure vs. relaxation- are you two ready to not lift a finger for seven days or are your boots packed and you are ready to explore? Some folks (including my hubby and I) did not want to do a single thing but lay on the beach the entire time so when booking a resort the pool and the beach location were key to us. For adventure seekers ask about activity packages or even check Groupon.

City vs. rural- want to hit the town and party the night away? Maybe a city would be right for you. Think Honolulu, you get the beach and the city! For those who could go to an island population 2 look for something secluded and research relaxation packages.

All inclusive? This is critical to decide early on as it will impact the type of property you will book. Some pro’s to all inclusive are that you never really have to take your wallet or purse with you. You pay everything up front and generally stay within the property to reap the all inclusive benefits. Forgoing all inclusive allows you and your new hubby to explore the town, eat off property and maybe even save a little money. Both are great options!

Whatever you two decide make sure there is something for each of you. If he wants a round of golf and you want a mani/pedi make sure to make those happen- this is the time for you two to enjoy each other and bask in newly-wedded bliss!

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Bridal Beauty

When I was a bride I remember spending hours looking on Pintrest and in wedding magazines about what I wanted my ‘wedding day look’ to be. I had had my dress for months, had already started practicing walking in my shoes and my jewelry picked out. I was a few weeks out from my makeup trial and I was just panicking about what I wanted my makeup to look like.

On a day to day basis I don’t wear too much makeup. I’ve worn false eyelashes once before (my senior prom!) and my only true makeup staple is lipstick. I knew I wanted to look natural but I still wanted to look more beautiful than I did everyday. I also knew that with the Savannah heat and humidity I needed something to really stay on my face. No one wants a melty bride!

A couple things I considered when choosing my look:

Airbrush foundation was a must. Again, with the Savannah heat I wanted my look to last all night.

Lips were crucial! I love lipstick. Lipstick of all colors. I own probably 30+ tubes. BUT- my groom hates it. So I knew I had to choose something subtle yet feminine and that wouldn’t completely rub off on him during our first kiss.

I wanted a little drama with my eyes. Not a black smokey eye but something to really pop!

All of these things I shared with my makeup artist during my trial. And what she created was absolutely amazing! I could not have been more happy with how my trial and my day of makeup looked. And let me tell you, that airbrush foundation is bullet proof! The morning after I hopped out of bed and was immediately ready to go because I still had make up on. Win!

Here are a few style boards I created to help our brides out there conceptualize their own wedding day look. Enjoy!


pink bridal beauty

dramatic bridal beautfy

nude bridal makeup

Burberry nail polish

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics toiletry kit
$53 –

Nars cosmetic

Nars cosmetic

Shu uemura fake eyelash
$22 –

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Let's Get Real

Real weddings are near and dear and close to our hearts. As planners, we are honored to be charged with planning the most important day of your life. We pride ourselves on being up to date on the newest trends, knowing the best vendors in our area and assembling a rock star team. We meet with brides and they give us their list of questions, pour out their ideas and enlist their trust in us. Bring a bride is tough business and that is why we are here, prepared to answer all your questions, make [most] of your dreams come true and send you down the aisle.

One thing that makes working with brides so rewarding is helping alleviate necessary stress, and boy do brides have a wealth of that! It is one of our biggest joys to take the reigns and leave you feeling calm. After planning countless weddings it is pretty safe to say that we have experienced our fair share of pitfalls and triumphs. We learn from both, and go forward even more prepared.

I remember when I was a bride, my vision clouded with peonies and paper goods, my ring still sparkly and practicing my new signature. I remember I was beyond excited. I also remember one of the first meetings I had with our planner, and all the insane questions I flooded her with. Most brides sit in the same chair I sat, a huge looming to do list before them and no clue what to do next. And that’s where we come in!

Helping not only plan but also keep brides and grooms happy and calm it is important that we keep some key factors in mind when beginning the planning process. Here are some examples of some of the most important real life issues and topics we deal with-

  • Have the money talk early. Don’t write a single check or wait for any time to pass by before having “the talk” with all contributing parties. I know it is uncomfortable, but it is so incredibly necessary. After this is done you can move forward knowing exactly where you stand without breaking your budget. Remember, no budget is right or wrong, it’s just important that it fits your needs.
  • Enlist help! This is where we come in, the professionals. Whether you want to plan the entire day yourself and just want help along the way and on the day of or you want to hand everything over at the beginning, hire a professional! We are here to be your advocate, your expert and your worker bee.
  • Make time to not plan. While you are engaged you will be engrossed with all things wedding and it is important to know when to step away and spend some time with your hubby to be. Designate one night per week where you and your groom talk about anything but the upcoming wedding. This will help keep stress levels down and lighten the mood.
  • Exercise! In the immortal words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Exercise not to lose weight but to feel happier and less stressed. Find a fun workout class like TRX or Barre and make it a priority to go.
  • Remember that weddings are emotional. You and your groom may be the ones saying the “I do’s” but don’t forget that family and close friends can, and will, get super emotional during the planning process. You might not understand why mom and dad insist on inviting their neighbors from 1983 but try to remember that this is the day they have been waiting for too, and they still want to have an input.
  • Get extra cooks out of the kitchen. We all know the saying and we all have been in situations where there are just too many opinions flying around. Prepare to make decisions on who will be involved with what. Have 15 bridesmaids? It might not be the best decision to take them all bridesmaid dress shopping at the same time, holy drama! Staff your crew with the people who’s opinion you value most but never forget that this is your day and you and your groom have the final say.

Wedding planning is enjoyable but at times stressful. Remember not to forget why you are getting married in the first place, because you found love! Enjoy the ride and savor all the moments.

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Falling for Fall

Oh belles, I cannot tell you how much I love fall. The smells, the colors, the pumpkins on front porches. Absolutely everything about fall screams cups of hot cocoa and big blanket scarves. However living in Savannah, we rarely see fall peak it’s head out until December, even January. What is a girl, and numerous brides, to do when she wants to bring the colorful season to the low country?

Being a guest at four weddings this fall, and working many more, I have seen a ton of different ways to weave in the spirit of fall to a big day. From using miniature pumpkins and heirloom gourds, to candlelit chandeliers and family style seating. There are so many ways to subtly and tastefully give a nod to the cooling temperatures and changing colors. Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate the season:

  • Do an oyster roast for your rehearsal or even the reception! Oysters are synonymous with the fall months, didn’t your mama ever tell you to only eat oysters in months with an “r”?
  • Serve spiked apple cider or hot toddy’s as a signature cocktail- recipe here
  • Throw an outdoor celebration and set out warm blankets or shawls for guests to curl up in as your favor.
  • Use the season’s colors as your backdrop; play with deep purples, grays, and romantic reds. Even better, dress your gals in plum or wine shade.
  • For floral, incorporate seasonal blooms like dahlias, thistles, and gum tree leaves.
  • Use vintage barn tables to create a chic rustic look.
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Shopping on Etsy

I love me some Etsy, let me just put it out there. While planning my own wedding I used Etsy a ton, it was almost humorous how much I trolled that site. As a lover of details I think Etsy is a great place to find unique pieces that add character to your big day. You can find anything from monogrammed cuff links to invitation templates, veils to flower girl dresses. However I must encourage brides to shop thoughtfully. Below are some tips to get the best experience and the product you desire.

Define your search: Looking for a super specific item like a 1902 postage stamp or rose gold glitter table numbers? Type exactly what you are looking for into your search. Be as specific as you can so that your search results give you what you want.

Look at production time: On a time crunch? Make sure you look at production time on each item. Some items can ship same or next day and others take days, even weeks to ship. If you fell in love with an item but the production time doesn’t quite fit your timeline message the seller and ask if they can make any adjustments to get you the product on time.

Also, look at shipping: The one thing I learned on Etsy, and learned quickly, is that many items (and usually the cheapest) are produced and shipped overseas. One item I ordered took almost two, yes two, months to arrive. Originally I was super nervous when purchasing from international merchants but I was always pleased when my items arrived. Don’t be afraid to embark in international business!

Use notes to the seller: This is where you add all the great nuggets of information that pertain to your item. Check your monograms twice, be clear with what you are asking and always reply back to a sellers question.

Shop around: Not finding your item as quickly as you hoped? Come back in a few days and search again. Many times you will find new products and some of them might be exactly what you are looking for.

Request a custom order: See something you love but one thing isn’t quite right? Lots of times sellers add the option to request a custom order so use the ‘ask a question’ option to chat with the seller about what you are looking for. They will usually create a custom product just for you!

Alright blushing brides, get searching and get shopping! Let us know some of your favorite finds! xxoo

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Fashion Friday: Attending a Summer Wedding

I don’t know about y’all but my summer has been jam packed full of weddings. While I am not complaining one darn bit I must say I always struggle with what to wear. I am always worried that my outfit has too much white it in or that my choice of heels might be a little too dressy. Personally I usually choose to go a little bit on the dressier side- you can never be over dressed, right? But none the less a gal needs a go-to summer wedding outfit, or a few, depending on the dress code. Check out a few inspiration boards I’m loving right now to get your fashion Friday fix.

If you are attending a dressier wedding opt for a knee length dress with a bold print. Even though it’s summer, don’t be afraid to play with darker colors like this red floral dress. Pair with a classic nude pump and simple clutch. For the gents a navy suit will do but if the occasion is black tie make sure he breaks out his tux.

fashion friday

For more casual nuptials choose a fun bright dress like this Lilly Pulitzer yellow shift. Wear sandals that compliment your shape and play around with fun sun glasses and jewelry- I am loving these over-sized Chloe sunnies and how darling are these pineapple studs!? For your date recommend a seersucker jacket that will keep him cool and since the occasion is more laid back he could skate by without a tie.

summer wedding

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Choosing a Wedding Band: Groom Edition

I think it is fair to say that grooms are much less picky and concerned with all things weddings than their brides. During my own wedding planning process I was baffled at how laid back my groom was. He rarely chimed in on the plans and graciously let me take the reins and run the show. He was involved in some of our big decisions like choosing our venue and our photographer but other than that I think he was happy to be more or less out of the loop.

During our engagement I asked him many times what kind of wedding he wanted. I remember at first he told me to buy it at Walmart (HA!) because he would probably end up scratching or losing it. He didn’t want anything nice, no diamonds, nothing flashy. But that was all the direction he gave me. Before we were even engaged I remember both of us trying on rings. Nothing caught his eye for his own band, he simply didn’t care all that much. He kept on saying that he was marrying me and that was all that mattered, he would wear whatever I picked out for him.

Knowing that my groom is a classic Southern gent I couldn’t get my brain off of him in a plain gold band. There is something so beautifully simplistic about them. Understated yet masculine. Professional and versatile. So that’s what I chose. I found one in the width I liked from a jeweler in town and bought it right away. I giggled when it came in and was so big! It fit on none of my fingers. But I was so excited to finally have it. I kept it in my boudoir and peeked at it daily, most days I tried it on. I prayed over it, over what it meant, that our marriage would be blessed and centered on Christ.

Need some inspiration for your beau? Check out a few of these rings and see if any strike your fancy. Happy ring shopping!


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Celebrity Wedding Wednesday: Cameran Eubanks

Who out there is as obsessed with Bravo’s Southern Charm as I am? I must admit I am such a sucker for that show, I love the unnecessary drama, the outrageous wealth and of course the fashion. One of my favorite characters, Cameran Eubanks, has been on my radar for quite some time. Do you remember her from The Real World: San Diego!?

There she is, front and center- RealWorld14-san-diego-400x243

I knew that when she finally tied the knot it would be nothing short of spectacular, oozing southern charm (no pun intended) and grace. I love how she kept their engagement somewhat under wraps. I have always admired her steadfast practice in keeping her personal life quiet. Nevertheless I was very excited when I stumbled upon her wedding photos a few months ago.

The whole affair happened at a classic Charleston plantation, Cameran and Jason said “I do” under spanning oak trees and Spanish moss. The guest list boasted some of our favorite Southern Charm stars, like Shep Rose and Craig Conover. I was a little sad I didn’t see my buddy Thomas Ravenel and his new baby in any photos. The bride chose orchids for the bouquets and a stunning silk column gown. The groom wore a classic tux and the bridesmaids wore a warm grey. And of course, her hair. Her hair! I have always coveted her hair and of course it was absolutely perfectly soft and coiffed for her big day. While there aren’t too many photos out there of their special day, keep scrolling to see my favorites.

PPP wishes Cameran and Jason and lifetime of wedded bliss! xxoo

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My Best Friends Wedding

I have this friend. She’s practically a walking Barbie Doll, platinum blonde and her favorite color is glitter. Our whole lives we have basically done everything together. Shared jobs, clothes, tears and countless memories. She is every bit indicative of my adolescence. She remembers things I wish she didn’t (like that awful hairstyle I had for years), she never fails to say the perfect thing to me when I’m feeling down, she is always a great time.

Naturally, doing everything together since we were practically babies, it would make sense to get married together (ie: Bride Wars without the actual war). I remember picking out our engagement rings together, talking about color schemes before we even had any bling. When I got engaged I knew she would follow days or weeks later. I could barely contain my excitement when she called and told me that her beau finally popped the question.

And on our planning marathon went. We both had 18 month engagements, we swapped online vendors and Pintrest boards, gushed about the new registry item we just added. We both dreamed of our fairy tale moments side by side, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

So now that my big day has come and gone (and was the most magical day I could have ever dreamed of) I can now solely focus on the wedding fever plaguing my best friend. We live thousands of miles apart and this week that we have spent together has been needed and appreciated. I was there with her for her bachelorette, we both helped each other out of our Mexicoma’s, and together with our third Mustateer threw her the most darling tea party bridal shower.

But to be totally honest, I am a little sad. I don’t know if my friends felt this way on my wedding but I feel like I am saying goodbye, and goodbye’s really really stink. It feels like the end of an era. I feel so grown up and want to catapult myself back to junior year of high school (who EVER says that!?). I feel my life is a walking Vitamin-C song. I feel like we are packing up and leaving for college all over again. The distance seems too real. And I’m not all that surprised with these emotions of mine. I know some of our other lifelong friends feel that same little lump in their throats every time we hear her say her new last name. It’s all so bittersweet. However I guess I am grateful for feelings like this. Because I know I feel this way because I care for my best friend so much. Her happiness is sometimes paramount to my own. Her sadness is my sadness. Her tears are my tears, her celebrations are mine too.

In just two short days I will stand beside Lauren as she marries her best friend. I can guarantee there will be tears, lots of them. But I can also guarantee that it will be one of the best days ever. My heart is exploding with excitement for her, for all the love and gratitude coming her way. My dress is steamed and my dancing shoes are awaiting their big performance. My nails are prepped to be pained and my spray tan is scheduled. And as I check all these items off my list I am reminded of how completely lucky I am to have a friend like this. A friend who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, a friend who truly gets me and makes me want to be a better human and friend. And though she will always be LoJo to me I could not be happier for her as she starts her forever.

So to you Ryan and Lauren, I love you both immensely, cheers to your happily ever after.

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Celebrity Wedding Wednesday

Over the weekend I attended two weddings and both were absolutely splendid. The food was excellent, the decor was romantic and love was certainly in the air. While I was cutting a rug at the Yacht club over the pond an American household name tied the knot to her beau.

Nicky Hilton and James’ Rothschild tied the knot this weekend and I have been trolling Instagram ever since. I am not necessarily a follow of Nicky or her wild sister but I will say that I am enthralled with all of the photos from the affair.  Am I the only one who had to pick their jaw up off the floor after catching a glimpse of Nicky Hilton’s wedding dress? I was just captivated by it’s dramatic beauty; the elegant lace, high neck and cathedral train. I must say this wasn’t what I was expecting from her but nevertheless I thought she looked radiant.


I am also head over heels, pun intended, with her custom Louboutin’s. I have never seen anything like this before but just love them. How cool would it be to have Mr. Louboutin create something so special and unique for you on your big day!?



The famed Hilton wedding lived up to all the glamour that I expected. Here are a few more of my favorites from Nicky and James’ big day





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A Sweetheart Honeymoon

What’s the best way to describe my first week of sunshine as Mrs. Peterman? I suppose I could refer to a scene from Bridesmaids most of us know too well. It’s that moment in the film when a completely over the top couple smooch (nose to nose) while sharing their newlywed story with Annie, a single bridesmaid.

“We went on a sweetheart honeymoon!”

Even though Disneyworld was not our destination, the One & Only Ocean Club in Nassau, Bahamas was equally picturesque. Imagine rose petals on the bed, in the bathtub and an in ice bucket filled with overflowing champagne. The kissing swans made of towels even matched the ice sculptures at our wedding venue.


Swans with shrimp in New Jersey and petals in the Bahamas.

I know, I know, it’s all too much! But, I can’t stop, just yet.

Aside from the tangible reminders of having just married, my favorite part of the honeymoon was losing track of time. Don’t be fooled- it takes a few days of hard work for the bride and groom to unwind and successfully disconnect. For the first day or two, I caught myself checking social media and responding to an inbox full of wedding wishes. I suggest locking technology in the safe along with wedding bands. Phones and diamonds do not belong on the beach.

Waking up to the sun, collision of calm waves and the taste of fresh fruit with warm croissants is true honeymoon living. When I finally let go of the noise from back home, I was able to experience the luxury of being alone on a gorgeous island with my best friend.

Eat too much.

I remember our incredibly rich appetites while on the honeymoon. Everything within reach was simply a delight to eat. One night we went to an authentic barbeque on the deck of the hotel, overlooking the ocean. Buffets are best for honeymooners. The excessive menu included local dishes such as fresh conch, rice and peas, sweet lobster, savory clam chowder and every kind of bread. Have you ever tried a pretzel bun? It’s pictured below on JB’s packed plate.

unnamed-1 (1)

Hungry yet? On our third plate I remember looking at my husband and wondering if we would find the room and courage to tackle the desert display. Not only did we conquer the cotton candy, but we also managed to sneak a piece of key lime pie back to the room, guilt-free.

Seek adventure.


Although our resort was definitely calm and quiet, we managed to make our own scene. We avoided the crowded casino over at the Atlantis and instead marched to our own beat. We parked our toes in the sand and watched the sunset from the beach almost every night. It was entertaining to pretend we were extras from one of the famous James Bond movies, Casino Royale, which happened to be filmed at our resort!

Spa just because.

Although it’s nice to clean pores, does anybody really need an “ice goddess facial?” How about the sunglow ritual? Avoid asking too many questions about the spa menu. I left the Bahamas with a perfectly, semi-fake, sun kissed glow. My sparkle started at the wedding and was definitely enhanced by Elemis products from the honeymoon spa.

Take my advice: even if the bride chooses a different treatment from the groom, insist on being pampered in the same room! It’s entertaining to look over and see your husband with cucumbers on his eyes. Of course, that’s one picture I just can’t share.


Instead, I’ll share the love!

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June 20th, 2015


June 20th, 2015 was enchanting, slightly rainy, blurry and completely unforgettable. Naturally, I didn’t sleep the night before. Shuteye was nearly impossible; every attempt to slumber was disrupted by my restless imagination.

People say the wedding day passes at lightning speed. One moment the bride steps into the dress, while the next she’s waiting patiently for a bustle and touching up for the reception. Before too long she extends goodnight gestures with slightly torn tool and neglected blisters. As a recent Posh Petal and Pearls bride-to-be turned wife, I want to share a few unexpected suggestions for those who may soon fill my sparkly shoes.

Take a morning moment.

One of my best friends, a wife of three years, shared the same piece of advice every time we talked wedding. On the morning of my day, she encouraged me to sneak to a nearby window, alone, to gaze outside. I should take a moment to reflect as a sort of calm before the storm.

Quite literally, I starred at the dark clouds. At first, I prayed for sun and minimal humidity. After a few moments, I sighed at the sky and realized that the weather was insignificant. Thank you Jamie for insisting on a moment of tranquility and thank you Grandma Gladys for constantly reminding me that rain on a wedding day is lucky.

Prepare to be pampered.

Although challenging, a bride should do as little as possible on her day. As soon as I stepped into my bridal suite, my shoes, jewelry and dress were escorted to safety (for fear of red wine). I received my bridal robe and imaginary tiara. My pedestal for the day was the glamorous makeup chair.


Some of my favorite moments from June 20th took place in the pink suite of the Pleasantdale Chateau with team bride. The laughter, squeals and pictures distracted my nervous jitters

The magnificent team bride.


Book a dresser, right now.

At my last fitting I remember looking at my mother and asking, “Will you be able to bustle this complicated flowery dress?” Apparently, that’s the job of a dresser.

Every bride and her entourage need Edna.

What does a dresser do, one might ask? Edna is a one-woman team. She’s the fashion police, tailor and magician. She comes equipped with the most unexpected bells and whistles. Who knew my shoulders would need protective padding to ease the burden of my intricate straps? Tea tree spray was applied to my feet before putting on my heels to create a numbing sensation. My veil was steamed (more than once). Occasionally Edna wandered over to the groom’s wing to assist with tux ironing, bow ties and pocket square symmetry. When it was finally show time, all four groomsmen needed fashion help as much as they needed direction. The only chaotic moments of the day happened when Edna temporarily ditched the bridal party for the boys.

Let the Petals fall.

Although meaningful, flower arrangements rarely last. When I receive a beautiful vase of flowers from my groom I hold onto each petal for one too many days, overwatering and eventually destroying my own gift. Thankfully, our wedding flowers were put together on-site without the help of the bride.

Thank you Jerry Rose for creating art with each petal. I loved how my bridal bouquet dripped flowers. The border of white petals on each side of the aisle was a soft, romantic touch.

At the end of the evening when guests sneak out the door leaving trails of petals behind them, the florist has clearly done something right.

Standing underneath my dream Chuppah.


Pretend it’s just two.

Although June 20th is still a big, blissful blur, I do remember one moment with precise detail. I was seconds away from walking down the aisle when I looked up into the eyes of my dad. Since I started as I star in his eye, my dad knew exactly what I needed; as the doors opened to the ceremony he held my arm tightly and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not letting you go.” Although, moments later he would “give me away,” my father was right beside me, our arms intertwined, lifting me down the aisle.

Brides- let your father, mother or special guardian guide you until the aisle is no longer. At that point, take the hand of your groom and zoom in on just you two.

Dance and then Dance.

Maximize time on the dance floor! If a bride hears her favorite song, she should excuse herself from the obligatory family photo. As much as I love to move, shake and join the happy Hora at weddings, I regretfully missed a few beats from my own evening. Don’t let the band act as background noise.


Typically I end my pieces with words of bridal wisdom. However, for this post, I have decided to conclude with select, sweet images from the evening, courtesy of the talented Teri Slotkin:



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America the Beautiful

There is something about the 4th of July that just gets me every single year. Now, while I will proudly admit that it is by far my most favorite day I have a harder time broadcasting how deeply this celebration touches my soul. As the wife of a veteran, I need no excuse to celebrate America and when the 4th rolls around every year I break out my best red, white and blue and bask in all my patriotic glory.

This 4th is special for many reasons. It is my husband’s first year out of the service, so it will be an emotional day for both of us. We are so humbly grateful for his safety and pray night and day for those who still fight, tirelessly, for our freedom. It is also special because I get to be part of someones else’s special day; we will celebrate the new bride and groom under the fireworks that The Holy City boasts and send them off on a romantic sailboat getaway.

As I prepare to wish America the happiest of birthday’s (239 looks good on you!) I am eagerly breaking out my favorite and most patriotic apparel. Each year as my collection grows I have a harder time deciding what I will wear for the big firework display. I usually choose to extend the holiday and don my red, white and blue all weekend long. Here is a look at some of my favorites this year:



Are you attending a holiday wedding or celebration, or even throwing one yourself? Incorporate America’s colors into your tablescapes and appetizers. Red, white and blue desserts are rampantly taking over Pintrest and magazines. Find an easy recipe or talk to your caterer and see what they can work in. Create mood lighting with tealights and globe lanterns, add plush pillows to a porch swing and set out blankets for guests to cozy up in. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on sparklers!

Whatever your holiday plans may entail I hope they are celebratory and safe! I thank the brave men and women who fight each and every day to keep me and my family protected. I sure do love you America, happy birthday!



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Choosing a Wedding Band: Bride Edition

To do lists. To do lists are my absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world. There is something about the smell of the new sticky note pad I often use to make these lists. When I check off an item I feel a rush of accomplishment. I feel productive and confident. My own to do list while planning my own recent wedding constantly grew larger day by day. I followed the timelines of so many different wedding bibles I loved.  I made sure I had checked off every big box and when I did I felt totally in control. As the months wore down and my big day inched closer my to do list seemed to shrink and this I completely welcomed. It wasn’t until I was chatting with a close friend over coffee one day that I realized I had forgotten something. A BIG thing. A really super duper important thing.

I didn’t have a wedding band.

And oh boy did panic ensue. I immediately called my calm, cool, collected fiance and word vomited this huge oversight. I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth fast enough. We needed to get my wedding band immediately, like yesterday. I was out of town at the time and begged him to go down to the local jewelry store to look. While he indulged my panicky plea I still felt unaccomplished. My control freak self wanted to be there to pick out the perfect addition to my engagement ring. What if what he picked didn’t match? What if the diamonds were too big (yes, I feared that!)? What if the band took away from the beauty of my engagement ring? So naturally, when I got back in town a few days later I took us on a mission to find my wedding band.

Now I would love to say that this shopping trip was one of the highlights of the wedding planning process but, sadly, it was not. We went from store to store, each time a little more disappointed. Nothing quite fit. Nothing really matched my setting, or personality. They weren’t what I envisioned myself wearing for the rest of my life. By the time we left the fifth store I was completely defeated. My poor sweet fiance felt helpless as he knew I would not rest until we (I) found the one. I felt annoyed and annoying. Why was this such a big deal to me? I should just pick one and call it a day. We decided to take reprieve and go grab a diet coke. While we were driving out of the parking lot I suddenly shouted, “wait, let’s try over there!” A jewelry store we hadn’t tried yet? I thought we looked everywhere.

Walking into the store with a massive chip on my shoulder I immediately asked the saleswoman two questions: 1) how long do wedding bands take to size (mind you this shopping trip was only weeks before our big day) and 2) do they carry platinum bands in the store (both my fiance and I had a hard fast rule that we only wanted one metal for both of my rings). Her answers were music to my ears. With a smile growing across my face I looked up to my fiance with a new found sparkle in my eye and exclaimed, “let’s look!” I showed the saleswoman my engagement ring so that she could show us some wedding bands that would coordinate. As she pulled out the first band and I slipped it on my finger I instantly knew. I had finally (at the sixth store) found my wedding band.

As you make your journey to find your perfect band remember these little nuggets of wisdom:

  • Shop around. Now while I wouldn’t recommend hitting up six jewelry stores in one afternoon, getting to try on different styles is important. This is the ring you will wear for the rest of your forever. Get a feel for what you truly want and kindly tell your fiance your preferences.
  • Planning on wearing a family heirloom? Make sure to get it properly sized well before the big day.
  • Don’t forget about the groom! Shop around for styles for him as well and make sure you know his ring size. Will the groom not wear a ring? See if he would like another piece of jewelry or memento to remember your union by.
  • Store both rings in a safe place until the big day arrives. Slip them into your boudoir or a safe if you have one. Give both rings a little cleaning a few days before the ceremony so both are in tip top condition.
  • Once the big day arrives place both rings in the safe keeping of a trusted friend, relative or member of the bridal party.

Here are a few bands that I love for all different types of brides


As we wrapped up our purchase at the store I felt a rush of adrenaline knowing that we were one step (one big step) closer to officially being married. It donned on me that I wasn’t being picky, I wasn’t being unruly or over demanding. I simply wanted the ring that I would wear, the symbol that legally and spiritually tied me to my husband, to be mine. When I finally found my ring I knew that it was not only an expression of the woman I am but also of the marriage we were going to build. It was the reminder of the covenant we were about to enter into. And that, I took very seriously.

With love and wedding bands,



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Real Wedding~Puerto Rico: Chasity & John

When Chasity contacted us to help plan her wedding, we had no idea that it would end up in Puerto Rico. We were originally planning for a wedding at their family home, but the couple realized that they would rather have a once in a lifetime trip to celebrate their wedding with family!! We love to travel and we love our jobs so when she asked if we could continue planning, we answered with an excited YES!! What better combo than to get to travel to an exotic location to plan a gorgeous wedding?!! Posh Petals and Pearls planned the intimate affair at the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico. The couple flew all of their guests down to enjoy a few days at the resort and celebrate with them on their wedding day. We LOVED getting to plan this wedding and traveling to Puerto Rico to see it come to life. Becca Price Photography did an amazing job capturing the wedding!! Can we go back?!! Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Chasity & John!! Check out our Facebook Album to see more of the gorgeous images!!

34 38 40 44 48 49 50  53 54  60  63 66 67 69  71 73 74 75 77 79

Wedding Planning: Posh Petals and Pearls Photography: Becca Price Photography Ceremony & Reception Venue: El Conquistador Resort Florals: Calu Events & Floral Designs  Hair/Make: I Love Make Up & Hair, Too Ceremony Music: Allied Music Solutions Bridal Gown: Bleu Belle Bridal Travel Agent: Four Seasons Travel Savannah

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Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride is the closest guest to my heart.

Within weeks of my engagement my mom took on a multiple roles- mother of the bride (by birth), best friend (by choice) and stellar wedding planner (by love). The last role has been a challenge. While I do not exactly fit the criteria of a bridezilla, I am not the easiest, walk in the park type of bride. I am sometimes indecisive, lovingly laid back and quick to lose focus between all the embellished possibilities. There are too many options for invitation fonts, bridesmaids’ dresses, flower choices and bridal beauty styles. I needed mom!

To be honest, during most of my mom’s perfectly posh planning I was stuck in a bridal daydream.

Enter Ina. My mom is focused, ultra organized and incredibly invested in every detail. Since there were hearts on the programs, the MOTB ordered matching hearts for the cocktail napkins and menus. My mother knew that a flute makes all the difference during the procession. Apparently, the hospitality bags need to be packed with proper nutrition and a timeline for guests. Everything was planned with an extra touch of love and effort.

Brides often babble about bringing their bridesmaids for dress shopping, trials and various appointments. If possible, I suggest bringing along mom and cherishing the time you two have together. A mother knows her bride best.

Of course, there will be laughter, moments of stress and sporadic yet very happy tears.

Mom, remember when we picked dramatically different flowers on our first trip to the florist? Thankfully, I took your advice for the final arrangements.


A stunning MOTB with impressive taste.

Remember when we left bridal boutique six out of seven feeling defeated? Would I ever find my dream dress?


Despite minor frustrations, we always managed to capture the moment!

Of course, you must remember when I tried on the one? We both lit up. We had found the perfect Pnina.


We said “Yes” to the dress!

With the big day just moments away, I will soon focus on meeting my groom at the end of the aisle. With that said, when I look back on my wedding, months and years down the road, I will remember the elegant belle behind every bow, pearl and sparkle. Thank you to my sweet mom for planning a beyond fairytale wedding. Thank you for devoting your time, heart and endless energy into our special day. Although we have shared many memories together throughout the years, wedding planning with you has been a very vivid reminder of why a mother is a girl’s best friend.


I love you endlessly mom!

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A summer, timeless bride

On my latest trip home to the in-laws in Lancaster, PA, I had the opportunity to travel back in time as a 1920’s bride.

My journey began just beside the horse and carriages of the Amish country.


helping me in, like a true gentlemen.

JB’s maternal grandmother surprised us with a romantic ride alongside rolling hills. I was swept off my feet and shuttled with my groom as if we had just exchanged vows. Despite my tee shirt, sneakers and messy hair, I felt the breeze and royalty of a 1920’s bride. We made a mock getaway in a “just married” all original Model T. Our speed was slow, our kisses sweet and our engine just bearable. I cherished the characteristics of the car such as the wooden floorboards and its antique, fragile structure- a crank to start.


just like this Model T– marriage takes work!


always, always kiss the bride!

A few hours later, I was surprised yet again by another family treasure. JB’s sweet Aunt Jane handed me a copy of The Bride’s Magazine from 1945 that belonged to her mother and was read in the summer months leading up to her big day. As a writer and a bride this gift is incredibly precious and educational. On a more sentimental note, the bride behind this magazine reminds me that I am following 68-years of marriage and sacred love. Like JB’s Mommom, I am a true summer bride.

At first glance, the magazine reads as a distant, pretty feature of the past. Weddings have certainly changed. For example, a beautiful, ruffled dress at Saks Fifth Avenue sold for approximately $250.00. Although a similar, conservative style most likely exists in the bridal department at Saks, I know the price tag comes with additional zeros.


pages 80-81.

Price aside, the value of this magazine remains intact. As I carefully flipped through the sturdy pages of this treasure, I noticed that many of the articles address me, a June bride. Every year, before and well after 1945, summer brides take a leap of love down the aisle.

I was particularly excited about one article in the issue titled, “To you Bride of summer 1945.” Three paragraphs in, George Platt Lynes writes,

“To you —the girl who’s lost her heart but still has a head for romance… and uses it charmingly with one of the engagingly new bridal headdresses, like the ones sketched below, that outstanding American milliners are creating especially for you. None of them are bridal headdresses in the conventional sense of the word…but tempting, delicious little hats that after the wedding you’ll wear happily again minus the veil.”

Despite my quick judgments of brides from this era, I found the author’s writing edgy, flavorful and fashion forward. Apparently, women in 1945 considered headdresses that transitioned from a summer wedding to a summer soiree- “just pleasantly peasant enough to look delicious at a summer wedding, and after the wedding… pouff! it becomes a baby straw bonnet to work wonders atop a dark town sheer.”

Who would have thought that Mommom, a 1945 summer bride might recycle her wedding headdress for a night out in town?


pages 78-79.

As much as this issue pushed barriers and pressed buttons, the conversation regarding headdresses and lingerie advertisements did not mask the domestic perception of brides. I’m glad summer brides of 2015 are encouraged to venture well beyond the kitchen.


I suppose our current Bridal magazines still include recipes. Page 109.

I wish I could take that Model T, hop on a time traveling highway and head back to 1945. With that said, based my cooking skills, or lack thereof, I would have been a single gal. Nonetheless, I imagine a blonde, sans apron, Sarah blogging from a completely different perspective. I would incorporate poetry, fashion and wisdom from each and every decade in between Mommom’s and mine. I would mimic the charisma and charm of this 1945 bridal magazine, which promises a rosy future for all summer brides.



Thank you Grandma Yost for an unforgettable ride.


Thank you Aunt Jane for taking me back in time to meet bridal writers, editors and elegant summer brides.

Thank you Mommom for sharing a beautiful bridal treasure. I will be thinking of you this weekend, on the warm summer night of June 20th.

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Packing for Two

I know certain women who always pack for their better half. They count socks, underwear and fold collared shirts with care. It just so happens that my groom has immaculate suitcase skills, while I frequently forget items and tend to take too much. Nonetheless, the title of this article reflects packing for two days, rather than two people.

Brides should fully prepare for the big day before the getaway. There’s no such thing as waltzing into a wedding. Typically, a bride will enter her suite with a week’s worth of preparation, bustling bridesmaids and some A plus assistance.

Wedding Day

Over the course of wedding planning I have accumulated a closet worth of bridal items. My everyday wardrobe has become wrinkled and cluttered, as a wedding sacrifice of sorts, while everything for the big day remains in pristine shape. It’s helpful to designate a closet or storage space where brides can congregate all items. Below is a quick look into my bridal closet. Exclamation points indicate urgency!

  1. Gown!
  2. Marriage License!
  3. Wedding bands!
  4. Ketubah/marriage contract!
  5. Garter
  6. Ring Bearer pillow
  7. Bridesmaid gifts
  8. Bridal flats/heels
  9. Bridal jewels
  10. Tiara/hair accessories
  11. Proper undergarments
  12. Something old
  13. Something new
  14. Something borrowed
  15. Something blue

As readers probably imagine my closet has been temporarily seized for the big day. Although I have done most of the collecting on my own, I did inform one lucky lady about my bridal treasures. Even the best bridal packer must have a backup plan, better known as a reliable bridesmaid. It’s likely that I will forget something of necessity just hours before the ceremony. I can already imagine my mid-makeup shriek as I remember exactly what was buried back in my bridal closet.


If brides are jet setting immediately after “I Do’s,” most packing should be done in advance. I have been told that the bride is absolutely exhausted after the reception with a happy hangover. Here’s a numerical look inside my beach suitcase- a work in progress. If brides are heading somewhere less lazy and more adventurous than my island getaway, disregard the beach items listed below.

  1. Passport!
  2. Obligatory wifey tee
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Sundresses
  6. Beach reading
  7. Waterproof camera
  8. Flip flops
  9. Sun hat
  10. Something with lace
  11. Bathing Suit (x a few)!
  12. Cover Up


My shower outfit and a honeymoon hat.

Considering the several suitcases a bride may have to pack, I suggest letting the groom grab his tux and swimsuit. With less than ten days to go, this bride is busy!

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Married to your Maiden name

Since I am just days away from becoming a “Mrs.” I’ve had to answer two questions like a broken record:

  1. Are you ready?
  2. Will you change your name?

In my mind, the first question is worthy of a quick and cheerful “yes!” I’ve been engaged for over a year. As much as I adore wedding planning, and documenting each decision, I’m completely ready to walk down the aisle. I’m even more excited and ready to reverse the runway as a married woman. The walk back with my groom means our marriage is official!

The second question, however, has required more thought and reflection. I’ve always loved being a “Drew.” I am forever proud of my grandparents who arrived at Ellis Island from Poland and courageously accepted a revised surname with the hope for a bright future. Diereczinski was far too long and complicated. From 1946 forward, my family embraced Drew as a way of life, rather than just a new name.

On June 20th, the Peterman’s will be smiling from the other side of the chuppah. Not long after I met the parents of my prince, John Benner Peterman II let me in on a little family memo. The Peterman’s are perfect and perfection is intimidating!


Pretty soon I will be sharing everything with my groom.

But, will I choose to share his last name?

So what to do?

  1. Remain married to my maiden name…I do love Drew.
  2. Hyphenate?…Sarah Helen Drew-Peterman (a long, yet wholesome choice).
  3. Drop Drew?…The most common, conservative option, I suppose.

With nine days left and three options calling my name, I have realized that this question is worth careful consideration. Since writing is my passion, line of work and pride, I have considered the possibility of keeping Sarah Drew as my pen name. I know several women who maintain their maiden title for professional reasons, personal preferences, or a little bit of both. A last name does not define a strong, fruitful marriage.

Here’s my final thought: Don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision. Names can change, but hopefully the husband sticks.

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Learning to love last minute.

In most circumstances I avoid working up until the very last minute. I write well in advance of due dates, edit to no end and embrace excess time to make a change or two, if necessary.

Wedding planners, however, often work best up until the very last minute. With less than three weeks before our guests #meetthepetermans, I have learned to offset bridal busyness with excitement. Yet as hard as I try, I just can’t seem to dash the last minute madness. I have accepted that until our special weekend comes and goes I cannot escape e-mails from my wedding planner, modifications to the venue, flowers and procession. In order to maintain sanity, I’ve decided to embrace the rush with a plan.

A couple of last minute necessities…

Finalize songs with the band.

Two to three weeks before the wedding, the bride and groom should compile a lengthy list of songs for the band to practice. Our choices are certainly eclectic. Basically, we wouldn’t mind if Flo Rida and Frank Sinatra decided to duet. This bride-to-be believes that diverse song choice makes for an interesting night on the dance floor.

Confirm all glam appointments… 

and reconfirm.

Brides who are counting down like me should confirm all appointments at least two weeks out. Make sure both the makeup artist and hair stylist are aware of numbers. How many women need beautification? There is a big difference between four and nine. Also, check with your bridesmaids regarding preferences for hairstyles. Although beautiful, intricate updos are time consuming. Lastly, I suggest introducing your stylists in advance. The big day requires collaboration from every direction.


Meet Carolos, the man behind my mane.

PS) it helps when your hair stylist is also a wedding guest.

Discuss the procession in great detail.

Review all aspects of the aisle well before the big day. Don’t wait for the rehearsal dinner to reveal the lineup. Some bridesmaids may have preferences regarding escorts. Grandmothers like to know the scoop before hitting the runway. It’s also important to run sweet additions such as flower girls and four legged creatures by your wedding planner.

Some may prefer an aisle sans paws.


the real best man.

Ultimately, the aisle needs to be well thought out from flutes to timing. Although surprising, the procession has been one of the bigger bridal pains.

~Last minute bridal madness is inevitable. Learn to love it!~

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License to Wed

About one week ago, I headed to Town Hall with my fiancé to apply for our marriage license. While I’m used to renewing my driver’s license and updating my passport, I was completely clueless about the process. To make matters worse, the lady executing our paperwork did not share my wedding jitters and casual humor. When she asked whether or not the groom was also my cousin, I could hardly keep it together.

A Polish bride and Pennsylvania Dutch groom? We were surely far from family.

Rule 1: however ridiculous, answer each question with composure. Brides, bring your serious, commitment face.

Documents to say “I Do.”

Naturally, out of pure excitement, I failed to bring all of the necessary papers to our appointment. Although hard to admit, I just may need my wedding planner for everything bridal (mom knows best)!

I advise brides to read all rules specific to their Town Hall/City Hall before skipping through the doors. The bride and groom will most likely need to gather birth certificates, passports and proof of residency, among other obscure papers. These are the types of documents usually buried deep in safekeeping.

Timing is essential. 

Pay close attention to the timeline for applying and obtaining a marriage license. For example, my town requires registering no more than thirty days before the wedding date and no less than seven.

A basic bridal equation:

No marriage license= no marriage.

Bring a buddy- AKA the witness.

Pick a witness to oversee the process, initial several forms and take an oath. I suggest choosing someone of significance. After all, acknowledging a marriage is an honor. We asked my grandmother, Gladys, to sign our papers and act as the witness. While I laughed over a few of the questions, she cried tears of joy. We struck the perfect balance.


a necessary selfie.

Brides, don’t forget to snap a quick picture with your memorable marriage receipt. It’s certainly the best $28 I have ever spent!

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Guest before Bride

I spent Sunday evening of Memorial Day Weekend attending my cousin’s fabulous wedding. Ashley and Keith became husband and wife at the very same venue where I will marry JB in just a few short weeks. My one night role reversal from bride to guest was surprisingly liberating. It was a much-needed break from wedding planning.

Since my hair will soon be flowing like the brides, with a sparkling veil, I decided to throw it up in the highest pony possible. I wanted to rock the farthest look from that of the bride.


Mission accomplished with a slight Mohawk.

If at all possible, I suggest brides attend at least one wedding before tying the knot. On that note, it’s better to be just another guest so that you can observe the affair with zero responsibilities. Bridesmaids are busy.

Below are a few observations from the perspective of a guest, rather than that of a bride-to-be.

Cocktail hour is social hour!

The ceremony is intimate. The reception is where family and friends surround the happy couple with song, dance and champagne filled cheers. I recently learned that the cocktail hour, however, is intended for the pleasure of the guests. It’s roughly one hour where couples, families and the string of singles begin an evening of indulgence. From this hour forward they will be eating, drinking and mingling well past midnight.

At first, I was surprised to observe that the bride and groom were out of sight for most of cocktail hour. Apparently, I will be intentionally hidden too. Perhaps someone was busy helping Ashley bustle her dress. The bride and groom most likely snacked before greeting their guests. I’ve learned that newly married couples rarely enjoy their delicious cocktail hour. They are far too busy receiving congratulatory hugs and snapping pictures. Starring in your own show is hard work.

Solidify the details of special dances.

I’m not the type of bride who can cry on cue. Although moved, I kept dry eyes throughout Keith and Ashley’s beautiful ceremony. It was during the father/daughter dance, however, where I became emotional. While a familiar version of Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You Lately” belted from the band, I looked over at my dad and imagined our dance together.

My father has always been my dancing partner. Whether we are at a family party, wedding, work dinner or just at home in the company of two rambunctious Chihuahuas, we never waste an opportunity to share a dance.


It’s hard to make us sit still at events.

Direct the band before your big day.

The ride home from Ashley and Keith’s wedding was spent discussing music. JB contemplated a few songs for the dance he will share with his mom; he is currently deciding between the iconic Billy Joel and the adorable Jason Mraz. The band at my cousin’s wedding drew a joyful, energetic crowd to the dance floor. The beats were popular, playful and catered perfectly to both the friends of the bride and groom and those from a (dare I say) slightly older generation.



Dedicated to the magnificent bride Ashley and my sweet cousin Keith. You two make a magical couple. Although I will soon swap places with the bride, I know we will both share the dance floor for the entire evening!

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Married in a Month!

When reading my monthly bridal magazines, I immediately flip to the timelines. It is on these particular pages where editors advise brides based on the number of months and weeks before the wedding arrives. Six weeks before the big day, Brides Magazine suggests:

  • Confirming delivery of bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Applying for a marriage license
  • Printing the programs, menus, et cetera.

June/July 2015 issue

Instead of discussing outstanding tasks on my one-month countdown, I have decided to take a different approach. Hopefully my advice will help future brides as they inch closer to the daunting four-week mark.

Here are some thoughts that I have gathered along the way. I discussed these with my mom, a few days ago, after leaving my very last dress fitting. Although I’m not one to dwell on the past, it was interesting to note what we would have done differently had we only known.

If I could start all over (please, no) I would…

Tell a tiny bridal lie about my wedding date.

(A white lie seems most fitting for the bride.)

An extra month can go a very long way. For example, if you’re wedding is set for June 20th, tell vendors it is sometime in May. When alterations are involved, it’s better to have too much time than just enough to sew the very last seam. Some brides are golden with just two fittings, while others require four. In certain cases, like mine, veils need to be special ordered.

Ultimately, the potential for multiple alterations is too great to risk the rush. If a bride happens to finish her fittings one month early, she has an extra four weeks to admire her dress. Lucky me!

Proofread everything one too many times. 

As I writer, I never imagined that I would catch multiple errors on our simple wedding program. For example, since my groom’s name is John, I had not considered the alternate spelling of the very same name, for a very different Jon, both in personality and punctuation. Also, since our program represents an interfaith marriage, many traditions are written phonetically. I recommend that two sets of eyes aside from those of the bride and groom proofread all wedding materials such as programs, welcome notes and names of guests.


Catching last minute errors with excitement- perfection is possible!

Send Save the Dates.

Way back when, as a naïve newly engaged gal, I decided to skip save the dates all together. I figured filling in close family and friends on the exact date would suffice. Unfortunately, even the most important people don’t always remember things one year in advance. People appreciate the comforts of a tangible date. I recommend sending guests a playful magnetic reminder to decorate their fridge. I would choose something simple that sticks!

Last but not least, always listen to your wedding planner!

Whether you have the fabulous Posh Petal and Pearls team planning your wedding, or possibly your very own mother, listen up! Although the bride and groom are the stars of the show, the wedding planner sits on the highest pedestal. They provide the brains behind the wedding, while the bride provides her very best smile.


My personal, beautiful wedding planner.

Whether brides have ten months or one month left, wedding planners get the job done!

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Brides who Brunch


The morning after our wedding my parents will be hosting a brunch for family and friends who have stayed the night. Since the Chateau will cater our brunch, we have a very rigid timeline to follow. Guests will be brunching from 9:00AM-11: 30AM, allowing the team ample time to prepare for their next big event. Although hard to admit, saying goodbye to my bridal palace is inevitable. There’s always another bride who needs to get ready!

I am thrilled that we will be concluding our wedding weekend with a brunch. Guests can reminisce on the highlights of the evening, mingle with those they may not have seen during the reception, and savor the energy of the wedding over much needed coffee.

Brunch is the last hurrah of the wedding weekend!

Here are two specific questions that I debated while planning our post-wedding brunch.

Should the entire guest list be invited to brunch?

Depends on the venue. In our case, those who are staying over in the Petit Chateau or the hotel nearby are certainly invited. Guests may wish to grab a bite and snap one last photo before making the trip home. There will be some guests, however, who choose to spend their Sundays recovering and celebrating Father’s Day without a bridal breakfast. Each bride should base her brunch list on the size of venue, guest accommodations, date of wedding weekend and overall budget.

Should the bride brunch casually?

There is only one bride (at a time). Why shouldn’t she approach each affair from the rehearsal dinner to the farewell brunch as if going to the Oscars? I have three very different outfits prepared for the weekend of June 20th. While my brunch attire is nowhere near the level of my gown, it’s playful, put together and vibrant. I’m using brunch as an opportunity to wear something aside from traditional white. Some brides, however, commit to wearing white from beginning to end. Although this isn’t my wardrobe plan, I happen to love the idea!

So brides, how will you brunch?

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“I Do” and I Don’t

Clearly, I know I will be saying “I Do” on the big day. In fact, I can’t wait to voice those two words followed by an epic kiss with my groom. I imagine something like this…


pretty perfect, right?

Despite the definite “I Do’s” to come, it’s time to discuss the big don’ts that creep up before the wedding day. I’ve noticed a few.

Bask in the bridal shade, don’t bask in the sun!

Spoiled by Savannah’s beaches, I am often tempted to spend weekends in the sand, soaking up the southern sun. I only realized the repercussions when sunbathing was followed by dress fitting number two. From the front, I loved everything about the dress including the way it hugged my body. However, my “Say Yes to the Dress” fan club, sitting just behind me, noticed a problem. There was a thick tan line running straight across my backless dress. The tailor and my mother were equally horrified.

Burn your usual calories, don’t be an excessive bride! 

While I am a huge proponent of the bridal pure barre package, I know that every bride-to-be has a personal limit. Working out with goals to feel healthy, toned and energized is blissfully bridal. Pushing your body too far, however, will backfire on any bride. Stick to a workout routine that is challenging without being overbearing.

Be an open-minded bride, don’t be an overly adventurous one!

When I first started planning (way back in 2013) I was jazzed about every and any bridal possibility. Over time, however, I have learned how the beauty and accessory markets cater to vulnerable brides. A bride is a most desirable customer, since her budget tends to fluctuate with ease.

For example, at my initial hair consultation I was quickly convinced to purchase extensions.


hair care is my weakness!

My makeup trial was followed by excess appointments in preparation for the big day such as a “bridal boost” facial. Apparently the vitamins and glowing results are specially crafted for brides. My limit was reached when my esthetician suggested scheduling an arm wax, spray tan, and an exfoliation to ease the “bags” just beneath my eyes.

Ultimately, every bride-to-be should remember that there’s nothing they need to change, add or “fix” before their wedding. While trying new things is exciting, none of the added glam is necessary. I think I’ll keep the blonde hair on my arms and the pale complexion of my skin as is.

As for the bags underneath my eyes, well, I don’t even see those!

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