Amber Bethune Biggs

Ashley and Tara with Posh Petals and Pearls are two wonderful, professional women that MADE my wedding a success! I cannot express how their efficiency, fluency among my family and friends, forethought to detail, and comprehensive approach to the beautiful as well as the necessary, gave my husband and I the most wonderful wedding day imaginable. The value they gave for the cost is simply staggering! I urge any bride and groom to retain the services of Posh Petals and Pearls in planning and executing their wedding event. The number of complex pieces that must fit together to achieve your wedding dreams are so tough to juggle while happily interacting with even a small group of your family and friends. While there is no doubt couples can execute their own wedding, oftentimes it is at the cost of not enjoying the day for yourselves! With PPP, you can rest assured that your family and friends will have a wonderful experience that is a reflection of you. A celebration unique to your love! You can EXPERIENCE your joyful event without sacrificing any attention to detail! My husband says it best when he praises all of the details PPP looked after to make our wedding day uniquely ours to enjoy! “The decision to hire Ashley and Tara was the best gift we could have received on our wedding day. They gave us the opportunity to focus only on each other as our wedding day joyfully unfolded around us!” Wedding and event planning are the pride and specialty of this company. Ashley and Tara demonstrate a calm, proficient manner in all things including vendor communications, guest assistance, etiquette, and of course, coordination of your ceremony itself. PPP has a respected relationship with key Savannah vendors that work beautifully when designing your unique day. Their thoughtful tips and execution of your rehearsal alone will guarantee you will be hiring their services again in 20 years at your anniversary celebration! Congratulations and enjoy your experience!


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