Kimberly Green Griffin

Truly worth five stars in every category, Ashley & Tara are absolutely the best at what they do. These ladies were on the ball from the first phone call I placed, to the emails I’ve received AFTER my wedding. I love that Tara & Ashley have been friends for years, are both moms, and are the easiest people in the world to talk to. I chose a non-traditional format for my wedding, and they were so supportive and helpful in their execution of my wishes. Planning my wedding in Savannah while living in Brooklyn, I knew I needed a professional to assure the day would run smoothly. As I looked through various vendors, I was discouraged by the prices and unnecessary services other Savannah Planners offered. Enter Posh Petals & Pearls. I found them one day while at work, made a quick phone call, and received a return call within half an hour from Tara, who immediately congratulated me, asked about my event, and told me all about their Packages – designed for brides who are on a tight budget and making all of the arrangements themselves, but who need a hand with the day-of execution. Their price was totally reasonable, included two Planners to be present the day of my wedding, and was tailored to my specific needs. Best of all, they were flexible and went out of their way to keep me reassured when my wedding week finally rolled around. Although I live in Brooklyn, I still wanted a DIY wedding, and because of PP&P I was able to have that. I loved that Tara & Ashley were able to meet with me on my only trip to Savannah to get engagement photos, and that they were always available to answer questions or provide references for other vendors throughout the process.  I was fortunate enough to have both Ashley & Tara at my wedding, and felt so relieved that I could be completely candid with them – I ended up feeling like I had two more girlfriends in my corner. They definitely rolled with the punches when surprises came up (my caterer was unable to bake the pies for desert at the last minute and I had to order them to be picked up by the day of the wedding. Who went? PP&P! AND? They PAID for the pies when the bakery forgot to run the credit card information I’d given them when I placed the order!) The ladies helped out with picking up favors, tables, equipment, and (unexpectedly) pies.  They allowed me to ship decorations and favors to their homes for storage since we don’t live there, and brought all of it to us when we got into town to minimize the amount of running around we had to do. They will accept payment via credit card on PayPal (totally worth the three percent service fee) and did everything in their power to make my wedding the best day of my life so far. Tara even held her hand out to take my gum when I realized I was still chewing it before I headed down the aisle! Embarrassing, but she did it with no judgment, and had a laugh with me about it. They were able to get everyone where they needed to go all night long, with a smile and a great attitude. Oh! And they both dressed appropriately, which may sound silly, but when you’re throwing a semi-formal party it’s nice to have everyone looking their best.  The girls were on time – actually, I think they were a little early, well dressed, kind to everyone (even people who may not have been kind in return due to the stress of the day!), completely flexible, and got things done on their own at a ridiculously fast pace. Things were changing all the time and I never felt as though I was inconveniencing them. They made the day all about me, which was an incredible feeling. They reassured me when I was stressing out the day before the wedding, and helped me to chill out when I thought I was going to have a heart attack right before I walked down the aisle. They helped clean up at the end of the reception, and got tips to all of my vendors. I can’t say enough about my experience with Ashley & Tara! My wedding day truly exceeded my expectations, and they made it all possible. Their prices are completely appropriate for a Bride in this economy, and I hope that they get a ton of business and are able to work their magic for your wedding, too.  I would hire them again in a heartbeat. In fact, maybe I’ll have a destination Baby Shower later this year!!


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