Showering Sarah

A few months back, if readers remember, I mentioned the idea of a couple’s bachelor(ette). After attending my own parties this past weekend, I will admit that I have grown immeasurably from the mindset of that post. I have transformed from a young (22), naïve fiancé to a still quite young (24) yet capable bride. My bridesmaids proved that although I will make a perfect Peterman, the solo Sarah will never lose her spunk:


Since I am still pre-wedding, I can freely shout my feelings from the rooftops of Trump Soho (where I slumbered with my bridesmaids): I had the best two days of a bride-to-be’s life!

Here’s a peek into the festivities that taught me why every bride needs bridesmaids, both before and well after the wedding:

There’s no man who can replace the bond between women!

Every moment of this past weekend was filled with constant love and laughter (far too much to capture in words and pictures alone). Below, I have attempted to summarize a few of the most unforgettable highlights. These memories may serve as a guide for bridesmaids who are in the process of planning a celebratory weekend for their beloved bride. With that said, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the mother of the bride, the bridesmaids or the bride-to-be herself- the bachelorette and shower are happy occasions for all.

Here’s what you should do to make the most of each moment…

Laugh harder than you ever thought possible.

After checking into our chic downtown hotel, I was escorted to a workout class of sorts. Since I live in leggings, I was appropriately dressed for my first surprise adventure. I assumed I was attending a girly tuck session known as Pure Barre or perhaps a trendy hour of Bikram yoga. Truth be told, I was actually enrolled in a “twerk” class more commonly known as pole dancing.


Posing amongst the poles with my girls during an incredibly silly hour of nonstop laughter and quite a bit of blushing!

The giggles were clearly contagious. One day later, at my shower, I found myself plucking undies off a clothing line right in front of my mother-in-law. Based on style and rhyming clues I was asked to guess the giver.


This game is a must for every bride at her shower! I love all my panties and the clever clues!

Make new memories and savor the old.

At the start of my shower I was presented with a gift that made my mascara run. One of my bridesmaids, Shonna, had asked each friend and family member to submit photos and a letter or note of love via e-mail. She spent countless hours creating a masterpiece.


Each page was carefully crafted.

(surrounded by two of my bridesmaids, Mallory and Alexa)

The book of memories is titled, “Showering Sarah with Love,” and is unquestionably my favorite treasure from the weekend.


The gorgeous heart behind my book of love- Shonna, my bridesmaid.

Take a moment to pause and look around.

Nearly one week later I can be found floating around my apartment in Savannah wearing my bridal sash and tiara. I can still very vividly feel the warmth and see the smiles from the women who shared in my happiness. Although I was absolutely showered in gifts, I have yet to start cooking with my food processor, blender, roasting dish and baking pan. Despite inching two months closer to the big day, I remain the same Sarah that my family and friends know too well; I’d rather use the kitchen for storage than cooking!


Embrace the truth.

Dedicated to three incredible women who fill my life with beauty.


Aunt Diane– Thank you from the bottom of my heart for planning the most magnificent bridal shower. Every detail was sparkling with love. I will never forget the pretzels you put on each table from the location of my engagement, Reading Terminal Market…wow!

Shonna– Thank you for putting so much time, affection and energy into a book I will adore forever.

Lisa– Thank you for showering me with sweetness, tiara’s and activities throughout the weekend. We shared some of our best laughs during these two days.

I love you all, endlessly!

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Birthday Bride!

Yesterday, I spent my twenty-fourth birthday wearing two tiaras. After all, birthday hats never go out of style.


a timeless accessory and a forever friend.

Bridal tiaras, however, are treasured because they are ephemeral. This was my last birthday as a single Sarah.

Aside from waking up to two-dozen pink roses on my doorstep, I opened a very special wedding themed birthday gift; My Pnina Tornai gown arrived in the mail just in time for fitting two.

My birthday was celebrated at Kleinfeld Bridal with my amazing mom and happy grandmother. Although I felt honored to return to the beloved home of Say Yes to the Dress, my appointment took more time and work than expected. Every bride-to-be approaches their second fitting with high hopes and expectations: will the dress fit a little better? How close to perfect will everything fall? Is there enough time to make dramatic changes such as adding or removing straps?

I advise brides to bring mom, bridesmaid, grandma or friend(s) to the fitting. A support team helps suppress bridezilla.


my team.

Truthfully, ever since I stepped off the plane from Savannah to New York City, this past weekend, I have been glued to mom. Thankfully, the MOTB keeps me organized, focused and seriously busy! Although I continue to smile in every bridal picture, posh readers should be forewarned: the steps leading to the dreamy walk down the aisle are far from glamorous. Planning takes patience. Patience takes practice for every bride.

This weekend, however, I will be excused from all wedding duties; Saturday and Sunday are solely dedicated to bachelorette and shower festivities planned by my thoughtful bridesmaids. For the very first Saturday since my engagement, I will have zero decisions to contemplate.

But the pins always precede the party. My team spotted a few minor details that still require tweaking.


Don’t peak behind the curtain…my dress is there!

(extra perk: I was placed in room 9- a lucky coincidence on my birthday, April 9th!)

Here’s my advice for fellow brides who may fear their next fitting:

  • Bring wedding shoes (make sure they are the right heel length before the tailor starts to hem!)
  • Wear Commando (visible panty lines do not flatter brides.)
  • Contemplate face coverage (finalize the length and design of your veil/headpiece, if you decide to wear one at all!)
  • Back away from the dress (after fitting two, remove everything bridal. Take a stroll around the boutique before leaving. Brides should avoid rash decisions regarding alterations.)


Inside the box: a jeweled memory from my second fitting.

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Brides Who Bachelorette

A few nights ago I was talking with my handsome groom when the conversation turned from bouquet to bachelor party. Although JB was painfully patient while reviewing color schemes for napkins and tablecloths, I could tell the wedding wheels were spinning in a different direction. He had started brainstorming bachelor party destinations, all of which sounded less like a party and more like a friendly episode of Survivor. As I began to discuss the recovery I would need from a potential glamping trip, JB politely reminded me that I was not invited.

Call me crazy, but I briefly contemplated being that couple, the one that just can’t resist a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. I have never been a believer in the tradition of setting the bride and groom free for one “last night of freedom.” Why not combine the celebrations? Regardless of my perspective, the couples party was politely vetoed both by my fiancé and my bridesmaids.

unnamed-1 copy

Remember this couple from Bridesmaids? Kevin and Becca went on a “sweetheart honeymoon.” I bet they also combined the bachelor and bachelorette. #MostAnnoyingCouple

And so, after coming to terms with the reality of my bachelorette, my own wheels started to spin. Perhaps, while all of JB’s favorite buddies shivered somewhere with tents and a campfire, the ladies could sunbathe somewhere with poolside chairs and a jacuzzi? Suddenly, the theme of my bachelorette began to feel more like Prada and less like Patagonia.

Below are a few tips for brides who are beginning to brainstorm for their bachelorette in the midst of wedding planning…

Get your top gals on the map.

Start by creating your ideal list of female attendees. Although less daunting than the wedding list, there are a few factors to keep in mind such as travel. I will need to help select a destination for friends and family to meet since they are all over the map: Nashville, New York City, California, Washington DC, and New Jersey (not to mention the bride in Savannah). If your girlfriends, like mine, are near and far, I suggest making a list of each pretty face with their contact information. After you invite a few more than you anticipate will commit, set the final list into the hands of your trusted bridesmaids. Your work is almost complete.

Brainstorm potential activities.

I recently watched a short clip on The Knot where two editors discussed various bachelorette activities. One woman brought up the possibility of running a 5K with the bride and her crew. Another suggested arranging an acrobatic class to tighten and tone those muscles that just might show in the bride’s wedding dress.


In the spirit of the Kardashian sisters, perhaps my bachelorette buddies could help me “get it tight” before the wedding?

Although there are a few impressively athletic gals in my circle, I have decided to reserve all cardio for purposes of couture.


Set some boundaries or the bride could be running a marathon.

Photo credit:

Let the Ladies know your limits.

My ideal bachelorette party would take place in a warm, sun filled location such as Miami with plenty of tanning, spa treatments, shopping, and delicious food. Clearly there are a few traditional aspects of the party missing from my vision. If certain brides wish to attend a PG bachelorette party, make sure to speak up.

With that said, what bride wants to police their own party? #DontBeTooLame

Definitely, leave your other half at home.

Since the days of college, I have learned how extremely challenging it can be to gather your favorite girlfriends for a weekend of laughter and memories. Let your bachelorette facilitate a girls reunion. Don’t complicate the plan with your main man, or any men for that matter. I can already picture my girlfriends bundled in hotel robes, laughing, snacking and blushing in embarrassment over a few rounds of “never have I ever.”

Eventually, stop ruining all the fun.

Here’s the biggest piece of advice for brides: devote your energy to the wedding, allowing all events leading up to the big day to unfold as they may. Bask in the excitement of an unknown bachelorette itinerary, with the confidence that you are in the hands of your best friends. Also, in case brides were wondering, that Vegas rule applies to any bachelorette location.


.stays in Miami, even when the bride returns to Savannah.

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