Honeymoon Registry

Since our wedding is just forty days away, I haven’t had the time to daydream about our honeymoon. However, just one day after the chaos comes to a bittersweet close, our first adventure as newlyweds will begin. This seven-day affair requires little makeup and far less people. I will leave my ball gown at home.




We will be honeymooning in the Bahamas. Good news: At our resort, with the luxury of a quick shuttle, we can access the waterslides at the Atlantis without any babysitting commitments.

When we revealed our sunny location, a few family members and friends mentioned two honeymoon sites that provide guests with an alternative option for wedding gifts. Both websites titled Wanderable and Honeyfund allow the bride and groom to customize a list of desired activities such as spa treatments, scuba diving, dinner with an ocean view and even a night at a preferred hotel.

At first, I was very hesitant to create a website that essentially asks for vacation perks. With that said, it’s nice to provide guests with another option aside from the traditional wedding registries. I’ve received so many wonderful cooking supplies that I am beginning to feel guilty for completely avoiding the kitchen. Aside from my cookbook titled I Don’t Know How to Cook, I am finally motivated to learn the dials on our oven. Luckily, JB enjoys playing with many of our new gadgets such as the food processor and high tech mixer, while I keep busy arranging our incoming collection of frames.

I suppose, in some ways, I am already prepared for our honeymoon. At my bridal shower, just a few weeks ago, I unwrapped a collection of beachwear from my fashion forward cousins. I received an adorable crop top, fringe shorts and a beach hat. Packing will be easy.


honeymoon shopping from Topshop.

While I don’t believe creating a honeyfund of sorts is a necessity, I do like the concept.

Below are two sites for honeymooning with a little help:



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Is a Mini Bridezilla for the Best?

My last few posts have been covered in sparkles, flowing hair and adventurous dress fittings. This week, however, the hard decisions such as sixteen inch extensions verses twenty have been replaced with a dose of bridal reality: I am a mere three months away from the wedding day with plenty of decisions left to make aside from those concerning beauty. It’s time to shift focus from bridal bliss to bridal business.

So, as I write this post, I can’t help but contemplate whether an itty-bitty bridezilla could be perceived as beneficial? Hear me out on this one before knocking the mini monster down…

Thank goodness for mom, my wedding planner, who keeps me on track with the perfect balance of all things bridal, most of which are incredibly memorable (gown shopping, florist appointments, makeup trials, etc.). It is especially helpful when mom is more organized than the bride.

This weekend, while sitting at a late night dinner with friends, I was ironically sandwiched in between two playful bachelorette parties. The brides were wearing white dresses and costume veils of sorts. While lost in the thought of my upcoming party, my phone buzzed with an e-mail from Mama Drew. The subject was titled: outstanding tasks with corresponding due dates. The comments were comical.

A few of the many bullet points included:

  • Finalize wedding list- by the end of the weekend!
  • Select ring bearer attire- tuxedo or a cute suit with shorts?
  • What stamps are you using on invitations- keep it simple.
  • Have all of your bridesmaids ordered their dresses?- gosh, I hope so!
  • Did JB send the e-mail about the change in bow tie?
  • Your registry is looking bleak and you have a shower in less than a month!- Consider switching to Crate & Barrel?


I didn’t look my best this past weekend…but I’m a bride on a mission.

Also, I’m a little obsessed with this picture and the blog post:


Give brides a break: receiving an e-mail half like the one above is overwhelming. Our wedding list alone has almost three hundred people. Who would be in the mood to go through each person and confirm the title of his or her name and address? And then there’s the follow-up question: are they still even invited?

I hope my readers are starting to sympathize with an emerging bridezilla. This weekend was spent running through the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond with my new best friend, the scanner.


if this doesn’t scream crazy, what does?

Instead of perching on the couch and browsing through the latest issue of The Knot, I was burning battery on my computer in an effort to edit our invite list. Have brides ever visited zazzle.com? They have plenty of wedding-themed stamp options. In fact, I think they have too many to choose from. I still haven’t found the winner.

In conclusion, I have realized that brides are subject to major mood swings. Sometimes the task at hand is relaxing, exciting and low-key. Other times, bridezilla is lurking close by. Either way, the story is always memorable and I will be on my best behavior come June 20th!

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