Real Wedding~Savannah, GA: Amy & Zach

We were thrilled when A Lowcountry Wedding picked up Amy & Zach’s wedding for the first issue of their magazine. It was such a gorgeous wedding, and the couple could not have been any sweeter!! Check out the spread below to see some of the gorgeous images that Mark Williams Studio captured. You can also go to A Lowcountry Wedding’s website to see the feature!!

AmyZachFINAL Page 001AmyZachFINAL Page 002AmyZachFINAL Page 003AmyZachFINAL Page 004

Photography: Mark Williams Studio  Planning & Design: Posh Petals & Pearls  Florist: Mark Williams Studio  DJ: DJ Geebo  Bridal Shop: Modern Bridal Shop (Orlando, FL)  Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid  (Jacksonville, FL)  Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse  Bar & Catering: Cape Creations Catering  Rentals: Savannah Special Events by Ranco  Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas  Cake: Publix  Hair & Makeup: Savannah Make-Up and Skincare Professionals by Lynn & Co.  Officiant: Rev. Joe Wadas  Rehearsal Dinner: 45 Bistro  Rings: International Diamond Center


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The Magic of Makeup…and Kathy!

On Wednesday morning, Kathy Genchi, an award winning makeup artist rang my doorbell. I immediately noticed Kathy’s rolling suitcase filled with magic, better known to brides as makeup. Kathy is a previous salon owner who now works with Bobbi Brown. She also applies makeup at the Julien Farel salon in New York City.

When first asked to describe my ideal wedding “look,” I was indecisive and a little lost between blushes. Most days I wear minimal makeup; my two-minute routine includes bronzer, mascara and a bright lip, if the occasion warrants a pop. After Kathy studied the style of my dress and wedding colors, she began the posh process of bridal beautification.

Brides-to-be have one job during the trial: follow directions. For example, I lifted and lowered my head when asked, avoided too much blinking and remained painfully patient.


A patient bride is often the prettiest.

At the end of the one-hour trial, Kathy described my look as polished, pretty and romantic. Since I plan on wearing my hair like Rapunzel’s, Kathy chose a soft pink lip to compliment whimsical curls and a possible side braid. When my makeup was finished, I was surprised to learn that my lips were the most subdued feature. I have seen pictures of brides who chose striking red lips to match the brightest color in their bouquets. Although I love this idea, I have decided to wear neutral tones.

Since I do everything bridal with my fabulous wedding planner, my Mom also received a full makeup trial. The MOTB’s look was feminine, yet bold. Compared to my makeup, Kathy applied a sharper eye and a stronger lip. She looked flawless, as usual.


Post makeup trial with the MOTB.

Kathy will also be dolling up my four bridesmaids for the big day. Their makeup plan is best described as fresh, clean and modern with a smoky, memorable eye. I wondered whether or not the bridesmaids would prefer to wear different shades of color. Perhaps matching dresses, bouquets and makeup is too much? Kathy explained that the unique features of each bridesmaid would naturally create contrast when walking down the aisle. Makeup simply enhances and accentuates the obvious beauty of each bridesmaid.

When I mentioned using my glittery eye shadow on all four lovely ladies, Kathy smiled while shaking her head. She said, “The bride requires subtle differences from the rest of the wedding party.” Kathy, I am impressed by your eye for makeup and your thought process behind each stroke of color!

Not long after the trial, I stopped by the Bobbi Brown counter in my hometown mall as a walking advertisement for Kathy’s work and bubbly Bobbi brides. Every bride-to-be should purchase her favorite products from the trial such as blush and lipstick.

Even if brides are heading to the grocery store post trial, I recommend keeping all makeup on as long as possible. A few hours after the trial I was able to take note of certain areas which require tweaking. I also realized the importance of refreshing lipstick. Speaking of lip color…

Depending on the occasion, a nude lip is often preferred. For example: on the day of JB’s graduation from Officer Development School I innocently kissed his crisp white uniform while wearing a bright pink gloss. Unfortunately, the Navy recognized my mark of love as an unacceptable stain. Luckily, JB will be sporting a black tuxedo on our wedding day.


While in uniform, let your groom do the smooching!

Here’s the most important trick of the trial: check to see if your preferred makeup and hair artists are willing to stay until the reception. Even if you have waterproof makeup and heavy hair spray, after the big reveal, emotional vows, and endless photos, imperfections prove inevitable. I want to maintain the warmth, freshness and color of my look as I enter the ballroom with my groom. However, after hours of dancing, eating, singing and happy tears, I will gladly ignore my fading makeup.

When I began to summarize the details of my trial I realized it was the right time to remove all glitter. Brides-to-be should be forewarned: wedding makeup requires an equal amount of patience for both application and removal. Before leaving, Kathy reminded me that even the best makeup trial does not compare to the beauty of the bride on her big day. There’s no shade of makeup as special as the bridal glow.

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Engaged in 2013, Married in 2015!

As New Year’s Eve approached this past Wednesday, I knew sparkly moments were in full force. Two sets of close friends became engaged. Bonus- one of the newly engaged men will be in JB’s wedding party!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, particularly for bride and grooms-to-be.

Since 2015 is the year I will marry my love, I have decided to declare two New Year’s resolutions as they relate to my ongoing dialogue with Posh Petal and Pearl readers. Since my engagement, I have made some difficult geographical and bridal decisions. Here’s to a fresh start for all brides-to-be just in time to say “I Do.”


Kissing 2013 and 2014 goodbye as a fiancé…also, here’s to no more bridezilla.

Resolution One: Embrace the possibility that “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

I never realized the challenges of planning a New Jersey wedding from the South. As a newly engaged gal, I packed up my belongings and journeyed with my fiancé to Georgia in search of a new home, job and community while simultaneously planning our wedding. Multitasking is hard enough when you’re in one place.

At first the flights and fourteen hour car rides home seemed impossible. I was used to hopping on a thirty minute train to my parents home without much thought. Now, with only a handful of months left until the big day I have finally learned to let the distance work in my favor. I countdown to homecoming hugs and bridal appointments with my amazing mother, who also happens to be the most posh wedding planner. I have booked numerous flights home before the big day, and in the New Year I promise to make each one memorable, adventurous and worth the recap.

Resolution Two: As hard as it may seem, “Let the petals fall where they may.”

2014 was filled with far too much analyzing and not enough trust in those who eat, sleep and breathe weddings. Over the holidays, I called Kleinfeld Bridal’s customer service hoping my dress would miraculously arrive early from Israel. Although I chose the winning dress, I was no expert on the bridal timeline considering my gown is scheduled to arrive in March, not December.

Also, in preparation for my makeup trial this coming February I began to gather a handful of old pictures in an attempt to highlight my most memorable makeup mistakes. In honor of the New Year, I have decided to focus on what I admire most from other brides who have mastered the natural look, rather than play fashion police with myself. Every bride-to-be should know that negativity does not carry over well into the New Year.

In 2015, although quite reluctantly, I have decided to let the pilot take the steering wheel, at least until my feet hit the ground. My time in between the clouds will be reserved for dreaming of my walk down the aisle and losing my restless thoughts in the pretty pages of bridal magazines. I know the distance between myself and my family is temporary, and I look forward to June 20, 2015 when all of our loved ones can share in the happiness of the wedding day. As much as I would love to place every petal down the aisle toward my groom to ensure perfection, I know the best planning comes with a little bit of faith and excitement in the unknown. Some petals will wander. In the meantime, I can focus on the one promise that 2015 has in store: Marriage!

~Written with a heartfelt congratulations to two newly engaged couples, Liz and Mike and Erika and Eric. Let the planning begin!

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Happy New Year!!

Wow, where did 2014 go?!! It was an amazing year for Posh Petals and Pearls. We are beyond thankful to all of our clients that entrusted us with their wedding day. We are looking forward to 2015 and doing great things in Savannah & Charleston!! Looking back at the year, here are a few of the weddings we were blessed to be a part of!!


2014 blog review

Photography Provided By:

Becca Price Photography, By the Robinsons, Christine Hall Photography, Erin Rene Photography, Hopkins Studios, & Kelli Boyd Photography

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Brides Who Bachelorette

A few nights ago I was talking with my handsome groom when the conversation turned from bouquet to bachelor party. Although JB was painfully patient while reviewing color schemes for napkins and tablecloths, I could tell the wedding wheels were spinning in a different direction. He had started brainstorming bachelor party destinations, all of which sounded less like a party and more like a friendly episode of Survivor. As I began to discuss the recovery I would need from a potential glamping trip, JB politely reminded me that I was not invited.

Call me crazy, but I briefly contemplated being that couple, the one that just can’t resist a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. I have never been a believer in the tradition of setting the bride and groom free for one “last night of freedom.” Why not combine the celebrations? Regardless of my perspective, the couples party was politely vetoed both by my fiancé and my bridesmaids.

unnamed-1 copy

Remember this couple from Bridesmaids? Kevin and Becca went on a “sweetheart honeymoon.” I bet they also combined the bachelor and bachelorette. #MostAnnoyingCouple

And so, after coming to terms with the reality of my bachelorette, my own wheels started to spin. Perhaps, while all of JB’s favorite buddies shivered somewhere with tents and a campfire, the ladies could sunbathe somewhere with poolside chairs and a jacuzzi? Suddenly, the theme of my bachelorette began to feel more like Prada and less like Patagonia.

Below are a few tips for brides who are beginning to brainstorm for their bachelorette in the midst of wedding planning…

Get your top gals on the map.

Start by creating your ideal list of female attendees. Although less daunting than the wedding list, there are a few factors to keep in mind such as travel. I will need to help select a destination for friends and family to meet since they are all over the map: Nashville, New York City, California, Washington DC, and New Jersey (not to mention the bride in Savannah). If your girlfriends, like mine, are near and far, I suggest making a list of each pretty face with their contact information. After you invite a few more than you anticipate will commit, set the final list into the hands of your trusted bridesmaids. Your work is almost complete.

Brainstorm potential activities.

I recently watched a short clip on The Knot where two editors discussed various bachelorette activities. One woman brought up the possibility of running a 5K with the bride and her crew. Another suggested arranging an acrobatic class to tighten and tone those muscles that just might show in the bride’s wedding dress.


In the spirit of the Kardashian sisters, perhaps my bachelorette buddies could help me “get it tight” before the wedding?

Although there are a few impressively athletic gals in my circle, I have decided to reserve all cardio for purposes of couture.


Set some boundaries or the bride could be running a marathon.

Photo credit:

Let the Ladies know your limits.

My ideal bachelorette party would take place in a warm, sun filled location such as Miami with plenty of tanning, spa treatments, shopping, and delicious food. Clearly there are a few traditional aspects of the party missing from my vision. If certain brides wish to attend a PG bachelorette party, make sure to speak up.

With that said, what bride wants to police their own party? #DontBeTooLame

Definitely, leave your other half at home.

Since the days of college, I have learned how extremely challenging it can be to gather your favorite girlfriends for a weekend of laughter and memories. Let your bachelorette facilitate a girls reunion. Don’t complicate the plan with your main man, or any men for that matter. I can already picture my girlfriends bundled in hotel robes, laughing, snacking and blushing in embarrassment over a few rounds of “never have I ever.”

Eventually, stop ruining all the fun.

Here’s the biggest piece of advice for brides: devote your energy to the wedding, allowing all events leading up to the big day to unfold as they may. Bask in the excitement of an unknown bachelorette itinerary, with the confidence that you are in the hands of your best friends. Also, in case brides were wondering, that Vegas rule applies to any bachelorette location.


.stays in Miami, even when the bride returns to Savannah.

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There’s no “MY” in Wedding.

I thought it might be wise to kick off the week with some genuine advice from     one bride to another. With six months left until the big day, I am constantly in planning mode. So where does all of this leave my sweet groom, who often comes home to messy mood boards, wedding magazines and that “virus” called Pinterest consuming his computer screen?

Although I know we are both equally ecstatic about the wedding, I remain considerably more intense about each detail. Unfortunately, Bridezilla reared her blonde head quite early in the planning process. Here are two mistakes every bride must avoid:

#1) When speaking about the wedding, I would repeatedly say, “my wedding” to which JB would respond, “wait, am I invited?” Correction: It’s always “our” wedding.

#2) I once, very dramatically, told JB his main role in the planning process consisted of showing up on the big day. It’s a fairly simple responsibility, unless of course your groom is Mr. Big from Sex and the City.


Every Brides Worst Nightmare.

Photo credit:

Luckily, my groom does not share Mr. Big’s cold feet and commitment issues. In fact, if JB was any movie character he would certainly be Noah from The Notebook.

unnamed copy 2

Noah would never leave Allie at the altar. Who knew Halloween costumes could inspire weddings?

While at Officer’s Development School this past summer, JB would sneak his phone to make sure he was up-to-date on meetings with the florist and the venue. Month’s later JB’s desire to remain included in wedding planning has not wavered. Take note of an e-mail received just last week with the subject line “cake.”


Seriously, Sarah? This bride has to be more in tune with her groom!

If only I had showed JB the entire mood board dedicated to cake options, cake toppers, and potential ingredients. Last week I spotted a cake in The Knot Magazine made entirely of crepes and fresh berries! He just might love this idea.

unnamed copy

Check out 

Obviously, both the bride and groom play crucial roles in preparation for the big day. Since there truly is no “I” in team, and no “me” in wedding, I advise all brides to kick bridezilla to the curb before it’s too late.

Last week when JB returned home from work, the mood boards and wedding magazines were out of sight. I also created a file on our laptop dedicated to bridal pinning so that Pinterest no longer invaded the desktop. When JB opened the door he found a very personal invitation to participate in our wedding plans with His and Hers vow books.


Etsy is a Brides Best Friend. (These beautiful vow books are made by The Paper Walrus)

As a bride-to-be I have learned that the best planning is accomplished when the other half of the ceremony is on board. Although one person may spend more time planning than the other, it takes two to say “I Do.” This week I am taking a break from outside sources to draw my own inspiration for the special words I will share with my groom on OUR wedding day.

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Every Bride Needs "Something Blue"

In the process of wedding planning, I constantly reference the famous English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” This catchy rhyme unites brides in their search to accessorize with meaning. The trends have surely changed since the days when a bride would wear a sixpence in her shoe as dowry for the groom. As a bride-to-be, in an especially fashionable time, it has come to my attention that “something blue” can easily become something outrageous. Let’s take a look at a few trending bridal blues, some of which are subtle, and all of which are sensational.

Are French nails out this bridal season?

Brides are most often seen with French manicures and light pink pedicures. However, I wonder whether some posh brides would consider painting their nails, toes or possibly both a shade of blue? (Mother of the bride, if you are reading this, please don’t panic!) If brides prefer to leave their nails a light pink, perhaps adding a touch of blue sparkles would fulfill “something blue?”


I call this a subtle dusting of “something blue”

Photo credit:

SomeBLING blue.

Over the past few weeks, JB has been talking about what type of wedding band he may want. I think he’s beginning to crave a ring on his finger too (glad he finally understands the feeling)! I was of course thrilled to escort my groom on the hunt for his and hers wedding bands.

We had a particularly memorable experience in Savannah’s famous Levy Jewelers, where we tried on various styles of engagement bands. While JB was busy debating the width of a 4mm verses a 5mm band, I wandered over to a more shiny display case. I have always admired wedding bands with delicate diamonds circling the finger. While browsing, I remembered an antique sapphire wedding band that my grandmother frequently wears. Although my first inclination was to choose a band with diamonds, I am now considering the beauty and significance of blue stones.


Wedding bands are supposed to be worn closest to the heart. Dare to dazzle with blue stones?

Photo credit:

The bluest bridesmaid of them all.

I love spotting wedding parties where each bridesmaid wears a different shade of blue down the aisle. If brides are still in the process of choosing a color scheme, perhaps consider “something blue” as a token of love from the bridesmaids. A blue bridal party is a clever way to represent the principles of marriage referenced in the rhyme. After all, bridesmaids are selected because they are the most loving and loyal of them all!



This elegant wedding offers more than a little “something blue.” (the shoes are my favorite!)

Photo credit:

Always save the best for last… 

Once I found the dress of my dreams (stay tuned for more details), I was determined to find a classic, flat shoe that would essentially hide under the “wow” of my dress. That plan didn’t last very long. Even though my dress is fashion forward, and very much the opposite of simplistic, I plan to let my shoes make a statement of their own.

And so my bridal shoe search began…and still continues.

How high is too high?

Depending on the height of your groom and how dainty you feel walking in heels, I recommend settling on the conservative end of the stiletto spectrum. Why not save the shortest dress and highest heels for the bachelorette party? It might be the only occasion where a bride can fall with little shame.

A tumble down the aisle, however, is something this bride is unwilling to risk. I am grateful that my father, who will be walking me down the aisle, is one of the strongest men I know. And so, regardless of which heels I choose, I will be gripping my dads arm as he escorts me to my groom. Brides should feel confident that their shoes will help them gracefully walk down the aisle, stand still for “I Do’s” and dance the night away! They must be both fashionable and functional.

If the shoe fits…consider them in blue.

As my search continues, I remain open minded to the possibility of a white or ivory shoe with crystals, feathers or other specifically blue accents. At this very moment, I am eyeing one pair with just the right touch of blue. Here’s my dilemma: will I ever wear these beauties again? If brides decide to invest in a glamorous shoe, make sure they are a smart addition to the current collection. Unless you are Keira Knightley (pictured below), most brides do not recycle their wedding dresses. Luckily, no such rule applies to shoes.393e123d50b96af34d99511c55194955

Even if your dress was Chanel would you wear it again… and again? #ShouldBridesRecycle?

Photo credit:

Here’s a posh idea: Pick a bridal shoe that is over the top special with a heel, sole, or sparkly detail to capture “something blue.” After the big day, wear these shoes on each wedding anniversary to relive your walk down the aisle, and the many hours spent dancing with confidence and style. If you are a particularly traditional bride, don’t forget to remove the sixpence from your left shoe. (Fun Fact: although no longer the seventeenth century, brides can still purchase a sixpence for the big day!)

In honor of the most famous bridal rhyme, how do posh brides plan to maximize “something blue?”

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Destination Weddings

Thinking of hosting a destination wedding outside of the states?!! Posh Petals and Pearls had the privilege to plan a Caribbean destination wedding in June. Puerto Rico was the destination chosen, and it did not disappoint!! There are so many reasons people have for deciding to just hop on a plan and have their wedding in a tropical location. Chasity & John chose to invite their immediate family so it was an intimate affair. Guests arrived on Friday and were able to relax and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings at the El Conquistador Resort on Friday & Saturday. Saturday night, they had a small rehearsal and enjoyed a delicious rehearsal dinner waterside at the resort. The wedding was on Sunday, and Becca Price Photography captured the day beautifully. Calu Events enhanced the already gorgeous venue with coral & white flowers. No detail was overlooked!! If you are thinking of hosting a destination wedding, Posh Petals and Pearls would be honored to help you plan the perfect event that your guests are sure to remember for years to come. Enjoy some photos from our iPhone until we get the images back from the photographer.

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