You're Engaged! Now What?

The moment you had been waiting for finally arrived when on that special night your man got down on one knee and asked you to marry him. Ecstatically you said yes. Hooray, you’re engaged! You must be thinking, now what? Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming, but Posh Petals and Pearls is here to give their best advice and expertise on where to start first in the planning process.



Celebrate your engagement! Call all your loved ones and share the big news. Don’t worry about diving into planning your wedding the second he pops the question. Take the time to revel in the fact that you are newly engaged, pop the bubbly, and throw yourself an engagement party to share your excitement with your closest friends and family.


TWO | 12+ months before

Sit down with your hubby-to-be and talk details just to get an idea of what you two would like. Talk about colors, food you love, if you want something traditional or rather something funky. Take this time to set a budget, as this will determine all of your other decisions. Go out and take engagement photos to commemorate this memory. Pick a venue, select a date, and then research vendors. If you are finding it stressful to make decisions on which vendor works best, then hire a wedding planner!


THREE | 9-12 months before

Nail down the little details. Make a list of what is most important for you to have on your wedding day, and navigate where you will spend more or decide to save. Here’s where you are going to want to book your photographer/videographer, band or DJ, and meet with caterers. Once you’ve booked your venue, go out and find your dress for the big day. If you need a break from the planning process plan a stress free day, and go out and start your wedding registry!


FOUR | 6-9 months before

Meet with a print shop or find a calligrapher to create your invitations, and then send out your save the dates. Plan a day to spend with your girlfriends, and help them find their bridesmaid dresses. Book your florist. Start researching where you’d like to spend your honeymoon too. Don’t forget to plan a date night to with your man to talk about something other than wedding details to reconnect!


FIVE | 4-6 months before

Help your groom plan a day to spend with the guys to get their attire figured out. Plan your rehearsal dinner and decide where you’d like to host it. Confirm all of your vendors at this time. Meet with your caterer for final tastings, and meet with a baker for tastings and designing your cake. If you don’t plan on doing your own hair and makeup start looking for a vendor, and start hair and makeup trials. Research some looks, so that you can give this to your stylist, so she can have a better idea of the look you want for your wedding day.


SIX | 3 months before

Send out your wedding invitations! Websites like Paperless Post has a dedicated wedding invitations page. If you, your bridal party, or family will need transportation confirm it at this time. Start planning what music you’d like to hear at the wedding, write your vows, and ask who you’d like to make a toast.


SEVEN | 2 months before

Go for your final dress fitting. Decide on which gifts you’d like to give to your parents and bridal party. At this point you should be working on finalizing all your wedding details.


EIGHT |1 month before

There’s no rule to when you can have your bachelorette party – just find a date that works for everyone in your bridal party. Apply for your marriage license, so you don’t get to your wedding day and forget this important detail!


NINE | 3 weeks before

Go through your RSVPs and confirm your final guest count to give to your caterer. Arrange for the rehearsal, so that the day of there is no confusion to where people walk in and stand for the wedding. Make a timeline to send out to all vendors and bridal party, so everyone is on time.


TEN | Day of

Get married and live happily ever after! Relax and enjoy your special day.



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So You're Engaged

Engagement season is upon us belles, one of our favorite times of the year! There must be something about the holidays that makes folks want to get hitched. We see if every year, November and December roll around and all of a sudden everyone is engaged.

If you are among those newly engaged brides out there we bet your head is just spinning with to-do lists and your coffee table is littered with wedding magazine. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed and that is perfectly okay. Your life is about to change in a really awesome way and we are here with you every step of the way.

After the rose petals have settled and the champagne has been popped you might be wondering what to do next. To help you navigate the next few weeks here is a list of some things to act on, think about and celebrate:

  • Share the news! Call friends, family and loved ones and tell them personally that you’re engaged. We recommend telling those closest to you individually before anything is posted on social media. You also might want to tell those you share with first to not spread the news until you and your groom go public.
  • Make it FBO (Facebook official). Let’s face it ladies, we all know that you’re dying to put that ring of yours on social media just make sure you’ve told all the important people in your lives before you go social.
  • Get your bling insured. Your groom has spent a very pretty penny to give you the ring of your dreams and you certainly want to protect it.  Many times you can add it on to your home or renters insurance so call your insurance agent asap!
  • Let the fun begin! Brainstorm with your groom some very very preliminary details such as time of year you want to get hitched, if you’re eloping, and possibly a general location. Grab some bridal magazines and turn the channel to TLC and let your inner bride sing. But, seriously, know when to stop. Take it easy and go slow. Rome wasn’t built in a day and certainly no wedding was planned in a day either!
  • Have some important conversations with some important people. After you and your groom have a better idea of what you are wanting for your wedding it is time to talk money with all contributing parties. We know this isn’t fun but it is definitely necessary. Think about who will have a hand in contributing to the wedding; will it be only you and your groom, your family, his family, other friends or relatives? Sit down with all those people and talk numbers up front so that no one is left blindsided or upset later on down the road.
  • Spend time with your groom! The best part about wedding planning is that at the very end of it you have yourself a husband! With your head always occupied with guest counts and meal choices it is easy to forget to go on a date. Take some time away from planning, days even, and just be present with your groom. Go on a picnic, a run or another fun date. Chances are that wedding planning doesn’t excite him the way it does you so make sure to turn the wedding brain off sometimes.
  • Call Posh Petals and Pearls! An obvious but serious step, make sure to chat with us and see what we can do for you. We are thrilled to be a part of your big day and we can’t wait to meet you!
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My Best Friends Wedding

I have this friend. She’s practically a walking Barbie Doll, platinum blonde and her favorite color is glitter. Our whole lives we have basically done everything together. Shared jobs, clothes, tears and countless memories. She is every bit indicative of my adolescence. She remembers things I wish she didn’t (like that awful hairstyle I had for years), she never fails to say the perfect thing to me when I’m feeling down, she is always a great time.

Naturally, doing everything together since we were practically babies, it would make sense to get married together (ie: Bride Wars without the actual war). I remember picking out our engagement rings together, talking about color schemes before we even had any bling. When I got engaged I knew she would follow days or weeks later. I could barely contain my excitement when she called and told me that her beau finally popped the question.

And on our planning marathon went. We both had 18 month engagements, we swapped online vendors and Pintrest boards, gushed about the new registry item we just added. We both dreamed of our fairy tale moments side by side, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

So now that my big day has come and gone (and was the most magical day I could have ever dreamed of) I can now solely focus on the wedding fever plaguing my best friend. We live thousands of miles apart and this week that we have spent together has been needed and appreciated. I was there with her for her bachelorette, we both helped each other out of our Mexicoma’s, and together with our third Mustateer threw her the most darling tea party bridal shower.

But to be totally honest, I am a little sad. I don’t know if my friends felt this way on my wedding but I feel like I am saying goodbye, and goodbye’s really really stink. It feels like the end of an era. I feel so grown up and want to catapult myself back to junior year of high school (who EVER says that!?). I feel my life is a walking Vitamin-C song. I feel like we are packing up and leaving for college all over again. The distance seems too real. And I’m not all that surprised with these emotions of mine. I know some of our other lifelong friends feel that same little lump in their throats every time we hear her say her new last name. It’s all so bittersweet. However I guess I am grateful for feelings like this. Because I know I feel this way because I care for my best friend so much. Her happiness is sometimes paramount to my own. Her sadness is my sadness. Her tears are my tears, her celebrations are mine too.

In just two short days I will stand beside Lauren as she marries her best friend. I can guarantee there will be tears, lots of them. But I can also guarantee that it will be one of the best days ever. My heart is exploding with excitement for her, for all the love and gratitude coming her way. My dress is steamed and my dancing shoes are awaiting their big performance. My nails are prepped to be pained and my spray tan is scheduled. And as I check all these items off my list I am reminded of how completely lucky I am to have a friend like this. A friend who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, a friend who truly gets me and makes me want to be a better human and friend. And though she will always be LoJo to me I could not be happier for her as she starts her forever.

So to you Ryan and Lauren, I love you both immensely, cheers to your happily ever after.

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