Grooms deserve spotlight, too

Since I am in full force wedding mode, I am constantly dwelling on the next task to conquer. Many of the major decisions such as our venue, invitations and flowers have been made as a couple. However, a few weeks ago, I learned that not all details on the massive wedding checklist require both parties. In fact, believe it or not, there are certain things that are beyond bridal territory.

Here are a few examples, all of which I learned the hard way… 

Tux Shopping

I’ve always believed in the classic rule that the groom should not see the bride’s dress until their wedding day. Although there are often exceptions made on Kleinfeld’s famous show, I favor the traditional reveal. About two weeks ago, JB went on his excursion to find the perfect tux. Apparently I was equally as prepared for the outing, since I jumped in the car and began to brainstorm his potential look. Although I would consider myself a fashionista, I know very little about a gentleman’s evening attire, and cannot explain the difference between a notched lapel and a peak lapel. Those words are certainly not in my bridal vocabulary. And so, when we finally entered the store, I decided to browse the ladies section and let the men circle around JB to discuss fashion, tailoring and custom fit. Later on in the process, JB asked my opinion on certain accessories such as the color and pattern of his bow tie. If I could do it all over again I would have stayed home for this special episode of “Say Yes to the Tux”.


Let your handsome groom prepare for his own big reveal! (look how happy he is!) 

Bachelor Banter

After planning our wedding for over a year, I have learned that bridesmaids and groomsmen speak in very different languages. A few nights ago I found JB enjoying a good laugh while reading a wedding themed e-mail. His best man had apparently listed an array of options for the bachelor party, from those of least risk to those with the highest risk (thanks, Eric). Alarm bells immediately went off in my head when I realized that my bachelorette at the spa would probably be comparable to his groomsmen skydiving. When I asked JB to list the possible locations, particularly those with the highest “risks,” he politely told me to focus on my own party. Ouch.


Apparently, bro time does not involve the bride.

Man Bands

Throughout the wedding band shopping process, I had my heart set on an eternity style to match my engagement ring. I also mistakenly voiced my opinion regarding JB’s forever band. In my mind his band was gold, not realizing that this color would clash with his watch and everyday style. Ultimately, after JB explored options at multiple jewelers, he was so excited to choose a simple, yet masculine band.

Before wedding planning began I never thought tuxedos and jewelry would be of any concern to my groom. Once again, I was very wrong. I advise brides to let their grooms try on and select the wedding band of their choice. At the end of the day, as long as JB is wearing a ring (which means he is absolutely taken), I will remain impartial to the style and color.


Brides-to-be, save your opinions for engraving! I’m a fan of the saying, “put me back on!”

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After learning the hard way regarding JB’s tuxedo, crazy bachelor plans and preferred wedding band, I understand why brides are often labeled bridezillas by their future spouses. Since every wedding involves a tremendous amount of work, I advise that brides-to-be allow their future hubbies to handle the three details outlined above. After all, every groom deserves a little bit of spotlight and pampering without sight or sound of their beloved bride.

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Engaged in 2013, Married in 2015!

As New Year’s Eve approached this past Wednesday, I knew sparkly moments were in full force. Two sets of close friends became engaged. Bonus- one of the newly engaged men will be in JB’s wedding party!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, particularly for bride and grooms-to-be.

Since 2015 is the year I will marry my love, I have decided to declare two New Year’s resolutions as they relate to my ongoing dialogue with Posh Petal and Pearl readers. Since my engagement, I have made some difficult geographical and bridal decisions. Here’s to a fresh start for all brides-to-be just in time to say “I Do.”


Kissing 2013 and 2014 goodbye as a fiancé…also, here’s to no more bridezilla.

Resolution One: Embrace the possibility that “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

I never realized the challenges of planning a New Jersey wedding from the South. As a newly engaged gal, I packed up my belongings and journeyed with my fiancé to Georgia in search of a new home, job and community while simultaneously planning our wedding. Multitasking is hard enough when you’re in one place.

At first the flights and fourteen hour car rides home seemed impossible. I was used to hopping on a thirty minute train to my parents home without much thought. Now, with only a handful of months left until the big day I have finally learned to let the distance work in my favor. I countdown to homecoming hugs and bridal appointments with my amazing mother, who also happens to be the most posh wedding planner. I have booked numerous flights home before the big day, and in the New Year I promise to make each one memorable, adventurous and worth the recap.

Resolution Two: As hard as it may seem, “Let the petals fall where they may.”

2014 was filled with far too much analyzing and not enough trust in those who eat, sleep and breathe weddings. Over the holidays, I called Kleinfeld Bridal’s customer service hoping my dress would miraculously arrive early from Israel. Although I chose the winning dress, I was no expert on the bridal timeline considering my gown is scheduled to arrive in March, not December.

Also, in preparation for my makeup trial this coming February I began to gather a handful of old pictures in an attempt to highlight my most memorable makeup mistakes. In honor of the New Year, I have decided to focus on what I admire most from other brides who have mastered the natural look, rather than play fashion police with myself. Every bride-to-be should know that negativity does not carry over well into the New Year.

In 2015, although quite reluctantly, I have decided to let the pilot take the steering wheel, at least until my feet hit the ground. My time in between the clouds will be reserved for dreaming of my walk down the aisle and losing my restless thoughts in the pretty pages of bridal magazines. I know the distance between myself and my family is temporary, and I look forward to June 20, 2015 when all of our loved ones can share in the happiness of the wedding day. As much as I would love to place every petal down the aisle toward my groom to ensure perfection, I know the best planning comes with a little bit of faith and excitement in the unknown. Some petals will wander. In the meantime, I can focus on the one promise that 2015 has in store: Marriage!

~Written with a heartfelt congratulations to two newly engaged couples, Liz and Mike and Erika and Eric. Let the planning begin!

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Are you ready?!!

Are you ready?!! We sure are!! We hope everyone has a fun time celebrating the last night of 2014. We hope to hear about all sorts of proposals that take place tonight!! Cheers to a fabulous 2015!!


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Proposals and Penguins

In last Sunday’s issue of The New York Times, I instinctively turned to Vows, a bride-to-be’s most coveted section. I admired the title of their latest category, “Proposals That Aren’t Prosaic.” In this section the writer prompted the reader with a progressive question: “Why do the on-bended-knee thing when you can personalize the big question?”

I half agree.

The proposal that excited me the most occurred between Whitney Fishman and Ron Zember, two strangers whom I met in the Sunday paper. Basically, Mr. Zember proposed on his birthday during a day trip to the Long Island Aquarium where he arranged a private viewing with penguins, his girlfriend’s favorite animal. During the tour a penguin waddled out with a sign it its mouth reading, “Whit, will you marry me?” Whitney cheerfully said “yes!”

Speaking of clever proposals, this past December 8th was the one-year anniversary of my engagement. I’ll submit my story to Posh Petal and Pearl readers:

We met on a brunch date during a weekend spent visiting my brother. I was in town at the University of Pennsylvania, where both my brother and future hubby attended dental school. JB decided to join on a last minute brunch at the historical Reading Terminal Market. We exchanged very few words over the course of the meal and I was actually courted by another man, Anthony Riley, a rising street performer who had come to the market to sing. The choice of song was “Stand By Me.”

Here’s a fun fact about me: I will never turn down an opportunity to dance, even in the middle of a crowded marketplace.

A little over one year later, on a snowy morning, JB asked me if we could meet some dear friends from the beach who were in town at Reading Terminal. I politely reminded him that we had not returned to this location since the day we met. “How very special” I thought, although JB seemed unmoved by the memory.

When I finally ordered my meal and sat down, JB was noticeably restless in his seat “looking for his friends.” Moments later, Anthony Riley set up stage close to our table and began to sing. In one of only a few blonde moments in my life, I looked up at JB and said, “Wow, he must be here every week! Maybe he remembers us.” The truth was, Anthony had been flown in by JB from Los Angeles to perform our song, which was playing on the day we met. When Anthony began to sing I had a feeling my transition from serious girlfriend to future wife was about to come to fruition. After a few moments of dancing together I saw JB pat down his pocket for what I knew was bling.


It’s hard to top this feeling in life.

Shortly after my engagement I started following a bridal account on instagram known as @HowHeAsked. This social media account features creative proposals captured during the moment and submitted with memorable captions. Although my engagement day has come and gone, it is a moment I will always be able to replay.

I am forever grateful for the friends who participated in the big surprise and I know “Stand By Me” will be our wedding song.

Now back to The New York Times. Clearly there are endless creative ways to propose and I look forward to reading many more in the Sunday paper. Regarding the writer’s question, I believe there is something traditionally charming about proposing on-bended-knee, even if you are in the presence of penguins.

Thoughts on bending the knee?

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Wedding Inspiration from Mr. and Mrs. Clooney

Here’s the obvious: The Clooney wedding was nothing short of a fashion fairytale for celebrity brides like Amal Alamuddin. As I took a closer look at certain details of the world famous affair, I found three particular points of inspiration that are applicable to every posh bride. Even if brides sincerely tone down the Clooney wedding, there is plenty of potential to capture the elegance of the grand affair on a realistic and affordable scale.

  • The Royal Entrance and Exit.

After a civil ceremony, Clooney and his bride were pictured aboard a taxi boat named “Amore.” Though nothing short of extreme, the lovebirds’ shuttle service on the romantic waters of Venice is every bride’s most coveted getaway.


Unless the bride is susceptible to seasickness, who would complain?

Photo credit:

Although unquestionably romantic, for most brides, this particular service is highly impractical. Surely, there are dramatic ways of entering and exiting a wedding ceremony without motoring along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.

What are bride’s thoughts about entering their ceremony via horse and carriage? After living in Savannah for nearly four months, I have become accustomed to the Southern charm of beautiful horses who elegantly strut around my neighborhood. If the horses receive proper care and grooming, and the wedding gown is safely tucked inside the carriage, I happen to think this particular entrance is extremely romantic.


A horse and carriage entrance is arguably more dramatic than Clooney’s water taxi.

Photo credit:

  • Hire a Photographer and an Artist.

Although the ravishing couple received non-stop press and photography, the coolest Clooney wedding portrait was the creation of the bride and groom as Simpson characters. Along with top fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel, and Anna Wintour, Clooney and his bride, Amal, are officially stylish renditions of the renowned cartoon series. Contemporary artist and activist, AleXsandro Palombo is responsible for adding the newlyweds to his current collection, proving that even cartoon characters can wear couture.


How about a Simpson’s wedding caricature to frame?

Photo credit:

Inspired by the transformation of Amal to Marge, I plan to have an artist at my wedding to capture the details of my dress, the backdrop of our ceremony, and of course the embrace between myself and my groom.


A caricature of the bride and groom is a creative addition to the standard wedding portfolio.

Photo credit:

  • Consider Dainty Wedding Bands.

Most of the Clooney wedding buzz revolved around Amal’s series of designer garments which she wore over the course of three glamorous days in Venice. My favorite of the bunch was a lace long-sleeved Giambattista Valli dress embellished with bright flowers. Amal has inspired my rehearsal dinner dress. Hint: I might have replaced the flowers with beads, stones, and possibly pearls.

I am one of many brides-to-be who have fallen in love with Amal’s elegant wedding band. The sparkly ring shown below generated considerable chatter from those in the jewelry business. Her band was perceived as fairly understated addition to her engagement ring, which is estimated at seven-plus carats. Amal wore the band on her left finger, allowing the diamonds to shine independent of her rock. Since I’ve learned to never exclude the groom from bridal blogging, I must comment on Clooney’s band. It was sharp and classic, which is only fitting for a man who has been named the “Sexiest Man Alive.”


A closer look at the power couple’s wedding bands.

Photo credit:

Father of the bride, Ramzi Alamuddin, made a very interesting remark after the affair, referring to his daughters wedding as “grand” but “simple.” Grand is most definitely a fitting description, although I’m still wrapping my head around the simplicity of the affair. Regardless of differing opinions, brides around the world have fallen in love with the elegant style of the Clooney wedding. Although I didn’t make the invite list, I can certainly draw inspiration from Mr. and Mrs. Clooney’s wedding in preparation for my June nuptials.

I still can’t get over Amal as a Simpson character… simply fabulous.

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Here comes the bride...Here comes her bling!!

This past Saturday was double date night with Rachel and Ryan, a fabulous couple in Savannah. We spent the majority of dinner chatting about our upcoming weddings, exchanging pictures, and laughing at our men across the table who remain clueless about our gowns. Rachel and Ryan are set to marry in a romantic Savannah square this December. Later that night, while exchanging texts about our enjoyable evening together, I received an unexpected picture of Rachel’s gorgeous bling…#engaged on November 8, 2014.

After that night’s dinner I started to think about engagement rings and the hype over cut, color, clarity, and carats, better known as the 4C’s. Although receiving a ring upon saying “yes” is certainly traditional, who says that the ring should come before planning? I love the thought of planning a wedding with your significant other and simultaneously anticipating the bling. Although the stone is certainly not the center of the marriage, it does reveal a lot about the bride and groom-to-be.

Like most brides-to-be, inspiration for my ring started months before my engagement. Although it makes me cringe, I do remember a six-month anniversary poster that I made for JB with pictures of wedding rings glued next to pink bubble letters, which read “Future Mrs. Peterman” (crazy, I know). Obviously, my heart was set on marrying JB very early on in our relationship. With that said, I never knew whether or not I would have a say in the bling.

Here’s a question I still ponder: If the bride is expected to wear her ring everyday as a symbol of her marriage, should she have a say in the style?

Today I’m sharing some sparkly thoughts as a bride-to-be whose ring was the most successful surprise…

Don’t let trends trump tradition. 

Initially, much of my inspiration for an engagement ring came from dazzling celebrities and a few too many hours watching the E! network. I went through a phase where I was confident in my adoration for a rose gold engagement ring. I thought the ring would compliment my pale complexion and light hair. JB didn’t quite agree that there was a correlation between beauty and bling.

Even before receiving an engagement ring, I purchased a ring for the sister finger. Have brides seen the renowned “love” ring that exploded in popularity only after Lauren Conrad posted the instagram below? Apparently, it’s trendy to wear a ring right next to the rock.


…and that’s how trendy invaded my vision of classic. @LaurenConrad 

My “love” ring is one I still have but rarely wear. Ironically, I was wearing it on the day I said “yes,” which also happened to be the day when Lauren Conrad’s engagement no longer influenced my style.

But how about Blake Lively’s ravishing rock set in rose gold? In my opinion it’s a perfectly pink engagement ring. Despite my celebrity crush, JB remained unconvinced that rose gold was the right choice for his bride-to-be.


The ring is gorgeous, but then again what’s not gorgeous about Blake Lively?

Photo credit:

Although both celebrity rings are stunning, neither have that perfect shimmer, the kind that only comes from the man behind the bling. So, while trends like rose gold might swoop in and tempt your thoughts, be careful what you wish for.

Don’t let hints hinder the groom. 

I am a strong believer in the elegance of subtlety (lesson learned after creating a six month “marry me” anniversary poster). While brides are entitled to express their preferences, there are consequences for becoming too involved and losing sight of what being engaged really means. One of my friends actually printed out a photo of the exact ring she desired, only to “drop” it in her boyfriends office. Ultimately, she received the ring of her dreams without every discussing the mystery of the misplaced paper. Some men flourish with very specific direction. Others choose to take on the mission solo.

There is no right or wrong way to acquire an engagement ring. If a couples trip to the diamond store is mutually agreed upon, then why not? Aside from a puppy, I can’t think of a more exciting treasure to shop for as a team.


Some hints are harmless. Others detract from the sparkle of it all.

Photo credit:

Don’t Compromise the Surprise.

Even if you personally select every aspect of your engagement ring, let your boyfriend dictate where and when he will pop the question. On the day of my proposal, I was so shocked, that when JB got down on one knee, I forgot he was holding a diamond ring. While smiling, crying, and laughing, JB slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger, one that I could never have picked out for myself. I was far too busy looking at rings on other brides to realize the potential of my own bling.

JB proudly designed my engagement ring entirely on his own. One year later, and six months closer to saying “I Do,” I’m thankful that my rosy gold obsessions were not taken to heart.

12-8-2013 12-22-43 PM

It’s easy to get caught up in the bling. When the moment comes, just remember it’s who, not what you say, “yes” to!

~Written with inspiration from my dear friend Rachel, whose nontraditional engagement was exceptionally memorable~

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