The South's Best Cities of 2017

Southern Living announced the South’s best cities for 2017 naming Charleston as #1 and Savannah as #2. Did you know that we are lucky enough to have offices in each city?! We love where we work, and we want to share with you a few reasons why.

C H A R L E S T O N, S C

There aren’t enough good things I can say about Charleston. If you haven’t visited the Holy City yet, now is the time to put it on your list for your next vacation spot! Downtown Charleston offers plenty to do from shopping on King Street, dining at a local restaurant with some of the best Southern cuisine you’ll ever taste, or simply strolling around the city to take in the rich history it was built upon.


King Street

King Street offers anything from a plethora of shops and boutiques to an abundance of food options, as well as where the best bars and nightlife scene is. The street leads all the way down to the historic Battery and Waterfront Park. Every second Sunday of the month the street closes off traffic, so you can walk freely through the streets and enjoy a meal outside.

One of my go to shops right off of King St. that I must visit any time I am in Charleston is Candlefish. It’s a candle shop that has their own library of over 100 unique scents, and they even offer classes, so you can learn the art of candle making!

Candlefish | Kelli Boyd Photography 

Lavin Label

Charleston Food

You can’t go wrong with any place you choose to eat in Charleston. The city is known for having some of the best cuisine of the South with new restaurants popping up on the daily. A classic and one of my favorite places to eat is Hominy Grill. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you go for breakfast order the Charleston Nasty with a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice on the side – you won’t regret it!

Wedding Venues

Charleston is one of the most popular destinations for a wedding these days. We think you’ll agree after viewing some of our favorite venues featured below.

Boone Hall Plantation | Aaron & Jillian

Lowndes Grove | Rach Loves Troy

Cannon Green | Jenna Marie Photography

Magnolia Plantation | Jo Photo

S A V A N N A H, G A

The city of Savannah has plenty of activities and places to see for anyone to enjoy. Explore Savannah’s downtown scene, take a stroll through the Historic District, visit a museum, or grab your friends and try some of the best cuisine classic to the South.

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is located in the Historic District, and a popular place for locals and tourists alike. It’s a wonderful place to sit and relax, and just take in the beautiful views known to Savannah. The fountain is the most known feature in the park, and is located in the north end of the park.

Naomi Chokr Photography

Collins Quarter

Perfect for brunch, dinner, and all your coffee needs. Collins Quarter offers a unique café experience paired with a local, fresh, farm-to-table menu.

Kelli Boyd Photography

River Street

Visit River Street to shop around in boutiques converted from the old buildings and warehouses it once was. A highlight of the river is seeing all the cargo ships come by!

Rach Loves Troy

Wedding Venues

We love Savannah for its romantic charm, and because of it it is a popular destination for weddings and the ideal spot for taking engagement pictures.

Bethesda Home for the Boys | Rach Loves Troy

Wormsloe Historic Site | Jeff & Mollie Weddings

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist | Kelli Boyd Photography

Jepson Center for the Arts | Amy Anaiz

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Sarah + Laurence | Savannah, GA

Happy first day of Spring! I don’t know about you, but we’re ready to put all this cold weather behind us and bring on warm sunny days and flowers blooming all around . We’re throwing it back to Sarah and Laurence’s wedding held last spring to provide some inspiration to get us through these last cold weeks. We love the pops of lilac details and the all the fresh flowers used as decor, as well as the garden the couple got married and took pictures in – the more flowers the better, right?! To see the full feature of this wedding, grab your copy of the current issue of Savannah Soiree….on stands now!!

Savannah Wedding Vendors: PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Williams Studio | WEDDING PLANNER Posh Petals and Pearls | CEREMONY & RECEPTION VENUE Ships of the Sea Museum | OFFICIANT Friend | FLORALS Mark Williams Studio | HAIR Salon Eleven 84| WEDDING GOWN The Bride Room | CEREMONY & COCKTAIL HOUR MUSIC Michael Houston | BAND Loose Chain Band Reggie Ware | CAKE Lowcountry Confections | CATERING J Thomas Catering | RENTALS Amazing Event Rentals | LIGHTING JLK Events

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Fancy Meeting You, Tara!

We are thrilled to have you meet Tara, the second half of our fearless leader duo! Tara calls Savannah home and her husband Nathan and her are raising their two adorable children Jackson and Emerson. Their house is constantly buzzing with the two kiddos and two fur babies Brodie and Bailey.

Tara’s favorite thing about Savannah is that it‘s the perfect mix of everything you could want… the beach and marsh for summer fun, farm land with dirt roads and cotton fields in the fall, gorgeous moss draped parks and squares blooming with all kinds of pretty flowers for spring and tons of local activities and events to get you in the holiday spirit for the winter months. Our city really does have it all! She could never just pick one thing.

Tara’s ideal date night in the hostess city: My husband and I have been going to Garibaldi’s every year for our anniversary since we started dating 12 years ago:) I would say I am kind of biased that this is my favorite date night since it is pretty sentimental to us. The food is AMAZING! We also LOVE Lulu’s chocolate bar for a post dinner drink and dessert:)

In a different life Tara would be: Carrie Underwood (My current girl crush)… I mean… what’s not to love about her?!?! She’s GORGEOUS and can make any song sound good!

If Tara were a flavor at Leopold’s she would be: butter pecan because it reminds me of growing up and eating ice cream with my mimi and papa… they always LOVED butter pecan and got me hooked on it!

Tara’s favorite part of weddings: Seeing the Bride’s reaction after she finally see the months of planning and preparation all come together

Tara’s advice for the engaged couple: ENJOY the planning period… This is the fun time! Hire a planner and leave your worries to them;)

A day in the life of Tara: Weekdays I am up around 6am to hop in the shower, get dressed and ready for the day. I first let both dogs outside and then fill their food and water bowls. Next, I get both kids (Jackson, age 5 and Emerson, age 1) dressed, fed breakfast and loaded in the car to take Jackson to Pre-K. After drop-off, I come back to the house, lay Emerson day for her morning nap and then settle down at my computer for a little office work (returning emails, making phone calls, creating inspiration boards, updating social media, etc). Emerson wakes up from her nap around 11am, I feed her a quick snack before loading her back in the car to wait in carpool line to pick her brother up at noon. While in carpool line I make a few work phone calls to kill the time. After pick-up I head back to the house and feed both kids lunch. Most days, my mom or babysitter (depends on which day of the week) come over after lunch and watch my kids while I head out for afternoon meetings. Some days I have meetings all day so my mom takes over with carpool duty earlier in the day (I definitely couldn’t do it without her help)!! Once I get home from meetings we eat dinner as a family and get the kids in bed. Some days, though, I don’t end with meetings until 8-9pm and in that case my hubby is on his own for dinner and bedtime routine (he’s a trooper)! After getting home I sit back down to the computer and return more emails and do a little more work while watching my soap opera on DVR (yes… I watch a soap opera… General hospital 😉 ) I head to bed around midnight and then wake back up the next morning to start all over again! Owning a business is a never ending cycle but such a rewarding one! Yes, I can never turn work off but it does allow me the freedom to attend school plays, field trips and to stay home with my children for the most part. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!

All weddings should have…: Personal details that reflect the couple! One of my favorite weddings was when one of my couples chose to have the caterer incorporate family recipes into the menu throughout the night. They gave each of their guests mini cookbooks of the recipes served throughout the night and told which family member each of the recipes were from and what it meant to the bride and groom. Personal details are what set your wedding apart from the next!

Shrimp and grits or fried chicken: Fried chicken!

Photo credit Erin Rene Photography

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Bridal Beauty: Hair

One of the most fun times during a wedding planning journey has got to be your hair and makeup trial. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love being pampered and getting all dolled up? This is usually one of the last things on your big to do list but it is certainly a crucial one.

When brainstorming ideas on what you want your bridal hair to look like I would definately recommend thinking about a few things before deciding. Some brides immediately know whether or not they want their up or down but if you are on the fence consider this; if you are tying the knot in full Savannah heat you might want to opt for an up-do so that your tresses will be stress free all day. You could also play around with fun half-dos or full down-dos if you aren’t worried about your curls falling throughout the day.

Some other things to consider are where your veil will go, if you are going to play with a fun flower crown or use a family heirloom to accent your style. I defiantly recommend putting together a Pinterest board, like ours below, and showing it to your hairstylist before your trial. This way they can see what you are envisioning and ensure you are happy. Whatever you choose, we know it will be beautiful!

  Follow Posh Petals & Pearls’s board Hair! on Pinterest.

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A Day at BleuBelle

There is NO greater joy than trying on wedding dresses, y’all. Seriously. I don’t care if you are 8 or 80, when you slip on a fancy white gown your heart just skips a couple beats. Last week, Tara and I spent some time at BleuBell Bridal Boutique to try on a few dresses for an upcoming editorial shoot we have.  Let’s just say that thankfully we had a a few dresses in mind otherwise we would have been there the entire day!

BleuBelle Bridal is nestled into the Twelve Oaks shopping center in Savannah, GA. One side is full of jaw dropping bridal gowns and one side is stocked just about any party gown you would ever need. The boutique has an amazing selection of bridal gowns whether you are looking for a tulle ballgown or a sexy silk fit and flare. They simply have it all!

Carrying designers from Hayley Paige and Watters, Lazaro and Jenny Packham, BleuBelle most certainly has your gown. Their team of bridal consultants are seasoned and poised and will help you find the dress of your dreams. They also carry an array of mother of the bride or groom gowns and bridesmaids dresses to help your favorite ladies find their perfect dress.

Make sure to stop by BleuBell to say YES to the dress! And also make sure to tune in to our next blog post where we will discuss everything you need to know before you try on dresses.

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Table Etiquette

In the world of weddings, seating arrangements are taken seriously. At this point, most if not all RSVP’s are in, and it’s time to seat parents, cousins, friends, friends of friends and everyone in between. For the upcoming Drew/Peterman wedding, we have over two hundred and fifty guests to successfully seat.

Thankfully mom, my wedding planner, is extremely organized and has a thoughtful process for accomplishing every task. The clever MOTB used paper plates and an enlarged version of our wedding list to help place guests. After all names were cut, the slips of paper were clipped to each plate based on tables of ten. Apparently, there are methods to certain aspects of wedding madness.

I’m a bride from the generation of Mean Girls. Don’t misunderstand me- I’ve never been and will never become a mean girl; it’s far from a coveted title. It is, however, a famous movie. If brides-to-be haven’t seen this film by now, don’t bother. However, there’s one line that remains popular and is consistently modified to fit just about every trend.

“You can’t sit with us.”

For example, at Pure Barre some say, “You can’t tuck with us.”

I must admit, although terrible, this phrase applies to weddings. Table etiquette is today’s discussion.

Some seating thoughts for consideration…

Can the bride and groom mix friends with family?

Absolutely. It’s challenging to make separate tables of ten for every category of loved ones attending. We have friends from different walks of life such as high school, college, work and Savannah! Some have met my cousins throughout the years, while others wouldn’t know Betty from Barbara if they guessed.

Just remember: weddings are happy occasions where mingling is encouraged. Making new friends by the end of the evening is a plus.


my feelings exactly.

How strict are seating cards anyway? Is it acceptable for guests to switch tables?

Aside from the ceremony, weddings are loud, wild and unpredictable! Table cards simply help the rush from cocktail hour to the ballroom appear organized. Seating assignments should not be enforced. I encourage our friends and family members to table-hop. Guests who spend too much time sitting, miss the life of the party on the dance floor.

At our wedding, guests can and will sit with us. In fact, I will be

seated with my groom at a big table of friends instead of waving from a far off sweetheart table.

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Just How Sweet is a Sweetheart Table?

There are so many details to consider when preparing the seating chart for your wedding. Who should be seated closest to the dance floor? Is it okay to mix colleagues and college friends at the same table? Although all of these questions are legitimate, I have learned that there is no perfect formula for assigning seats.

In fact, a wedding that my friend attended a few months ago made use of bar stools, rather than the traditional round tables to avoid structured seating. Seating was determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Apparently, the wedding felt like a fancy game of musical chairs. Guests simply swapped stools with those who visited the buffet or hit the dance floor. Interesting idea, right?

At the moment, the most important discussion related to seating is whether or not the groom and I will make use of a sweetheart table. If not, will we sit with our wedding party, or just with our parents and siblings? Every group seems to have their own opinion. But, what will the sweethearts decide?

Here are my current pros and cons of sitting pretty as a couple:

PRO: the sweetheart table will truly compliment the purpose of the affair…

to celebrate the bride and groom!

At my cousins wedding, a few years back, I loved how the bride and groom shared a sweetheart table at the edge of the dance floor. Side note: They barely sat during the wedding. The Drew family takes dancing very seriously. However, when my cousin Lisa and her lovely groom, Todd, sat down to enjoy their champagne and heartfelt speeches, every guest could see their emotional faces.


Lisa and Todd embracing the sweetness.

The sweetheart table definitely enhances the spotlight for the bride and groom. It is certainly wonderful to highlight the happy couple in the presence of their family and friends.


A beautiful sweetheart table courtesy of Posh Petal and Pearls

CON: I’ve heard it’s possible to feel disconnected from your guests…

What couple would volunteer to be isolated at their wedding?

Plenty of people have said it: you have your entire married life to spend in the company of your spouse. Why invite three hundred guests if you plan to sit far from them?

With that said, I believe a sweetheart table can work well and look quite charming in an intimate dinner setting. Our wedding, however, may prove too big to make use of this seating arrangement. On the other hand, if the room is grand and the guests are plentiful, wouldn’t it make sense to have a special area for the bride and groom? We can be easily located for a congratulatory hug!

Here are some questions to consider before deciding whether to sit sweetly or not:

  • How big is your wedding?
  • What shape and size is the dance floor?
  • Are you planning to sit pretty for multiple speeches?

In conclusion, here’s a thoughtful compromise to a sweetheart table: my future mother-in-law recently purchased antique “Mr.” and “Mrs.” hand-painted signs that are intended to hang behind our chairs. We will be able to make a statement as the bride and groom of the party while still sitting nice and close to our loved ones.

For now, these beauties separate my side of the closet from his…


Soon, however, they will be placed on the back of our chairs at the wedding!

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Real Wedding~Savannah, GA: Amy & Zach

We were thrilled when A Lowcountry Wedding picked up Amy & Zach’s wedding for the first issue of their magazine. It was such a gorgeous wedding, and the couple could not have been any sweeter!! Check out the spread below to see some of the gorgeous images that Mark Williams Studio captured. You can also go to A Lowcountry Wedding’s website to see the feature!!

AmyZachFINAL Page 001AmyZachFINAL Page 002AmyZachFINAL Page 003AmyZachFINAL Page 004

Photography: Mark Williams Studio  Planning & Design: Posh Petals & Pearls  Florist: Mark Williams Studio  DJ: DJ Geebo  Bridal Shop: Modern Bridal Shop (Orlando, FL)  Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid  (Jacksonville, FL)  Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse  Bar & Catering: Cape Creations Catering  Rentals: Savannah Special Events by Ranco  Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas  Cake: Publix  Hair & Makeup: Savannah Make-Up and Skincare Professionals by Lynn & Co.  Officiant: Rev. Joe Wadas  Rehearsal Dinner: 45 Bistro  Rings: International Diamond Center


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Real Wedding~Savannah, GA: Amanda & Bryan

Small+Intimate+Family Focused…..these are the three words that come to mind when we think back to Amanda & Bryan’s wedding in Lafayette Square. Dream Weaver did a fantastic job of capturing so many fun images with Amanda, Bryan and their families. Here are some images from the ceremony & the Savannah Riverboat Cruise that the guests were able to enjoy after the couple exchanged their “I Do’s” in Lafayette Square. I loved that the couple walked over from the Hamilton-Turner Inn together, and before getting to the altar, they tossed pennies into the fountain!!

DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4598 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-3973DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-4033 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-4038    DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4613 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4704 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4710 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_2small-4075DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4929DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-4737 DreamweaverPhotos_AB_small-5033

Photographer & Photo Booth: Dream Weaver Photos

Ceremony: Lafayette Square

Officiant: Tybee Jack

Rentals: Beachview Event Rentals

Hair & Make-Up: Salon Aqua

Accommodations: Hamilton-Turner Inn

Reception: Savannah Riverboat Cruises

Flowers: A to Zinnias

Wedding Cake: Lulucakes

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Dancing with the Stars- bridal edition.

I did a pirouette this past Christmas when JB’s mother presented us with dancing lessons. There is something enchanting and timeless about watching couples waltz together. Before opening our gift, I viewed ballroom dancing as an elegant treasure of the past.

I never imagined that my spear fishing, hunter hubby-to-be would choose to rumba with me in a classroom setting (and enjoy it)! From the bias perspective of the bride, I believe we stole the floor and may have a future on Dancing with the Stars- but first, allow us to master our slow dance.

So far we have attended two, thirty-minute sessions with the energetic team at Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio. Meet our peppy personal instructors: JaeLynn Fulks and Gabriel Alexander.


The dream team.

When we entered the studio, the team at Savannah Ballroom instantaneously calmed our nerves by playing “Stand by Me,” which was the song that solidified our proposal.

12-8-2013 12-21-23 PM

12/8/13: At that moment, I had no idea we would be dancing to this song at our wedding!

For our first lesson we focused on learning the box step, a routine which appears effortless after memorizing the mechanics. Since I come from a ballerina background, I entered the studio with camera-ready confidence. Although the posture of a ballerina does mirror that of a ballroom dancer, the steps, rhythm and mindset are considerably different. The first half of our lesson was spent missing the floor and instead, stepping on each other’s toes. I definitely regret wearing my snakeskin heels. Luckily our instructors are painfully patient and love to laugh just as much as they love to dance. It’s also probable that they’ve seen worse…


When all else fails…just laugh.

This past Friday we waltzed into our second class with increased confidence. During the week we had practiced our steps in the hallway of our apartment, on the sidewalks of Savannah’s whimsical streets and of course, in our heads.

For our second class I showed up in far more casual attire. Although I believed yoga pants would be most fitting for moving with freedom, my instructor handed me a floor length skirt that felt less like a breeze and more like a bag of sand. The purpose was to simulate the weight of my wedding dress. In reality, my gown has incredible volume and intricate details, which will make it challenging for JB to latch on and lead with ease. I was thankful to dance with the imagination of wearing my own dress.


“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.” ~Faith Whittlesey

After two entertaining classes, the need to extend our package proved obvious. Hopefully, the additional classes will allow us to master our first dance. Here’s the good news: our instructors believe that we will waltz with wonder on the big day. As a bridal blogger, I highly recommend the Savannah Ballroom Dance Studio for couples at any and every dance level.

Brides- rumba while remembering: the lady always leads with her right foot, because she is always right (sorry, JB).

~Thank you Mama Peterman for encouraging me to dance with my star!~

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Posh Petals and Pearls: Instagram

Have you followed us on Instagram yet?!! Be sure to click the link & follow us so that you can see all the fun pictures we are posting!! We LOVE social media, and Instagram is another way to keep up with Posh Petals and Pearls!!



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Lindsey's Bridal Portraits: Savannah, Georgia

Back in October, we had the privilege of planning Lindsey & Justin’s wedding at the Savannah Yacht Club. Prior to the wedding, Erin Rene Photography took some stunning bridal portraits of Lindsey. Lindsey decided to step outside of her comfort zone and do something different with her hair for part of the session. Let’s just say that she was stunning!! We will let the images speak for themselves….

DQ2A6856 DQ2A6860 DQ2A6876 DQ2A6885 DQ2A6894 DQ2A7044 DQ2A7156 DQ2A7316 DQ2A7334 DQ2A7366 DQ2A7391 DQ2A7412 DQ2A7439bw DQ2A7556 DQ2A7566

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Age is just a number.

I always treasure trips to JB’s warm, welcoming childhood home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Each time we stay over I learn more about the younger, sometimes rebellious and always adorable version of John Benner Peterman III.


The future of the Unites States Military! (I guess he always knew)

On our last visit home, JB’s mother handed me a timeline that she had saved from one of his precious assignments during freshman year of high school. As expected, he scored 15/15. Aside from his A+ grade JB had perfectly projected his future, or at least thus far. For one of JB’s major milestones, he predicted that he would be a married man by the age of thirty. Remarkably, three days after our wedding, on June 23, 2015, my groom will turn the big three zero.


JB’s milestones- so far, so good.

My future mother-in-law allowed me take home this piece of paper as a reminder of her son’s goals. Although I certainly cherish JB’s life predictions, I do hope he will “be happy with family” before the age of fifty as documented on the lifeline. As of matter of fact, I will make sure he is.

I revisited JB’s lifeline earlier this week as I began to think about age and the modern day perception of when couples should marry. When I look back on my grandparents weddings, I almost cannot believe that they were wed in their early twenties, if not before. I will be a bride at twenty-four, which seems to be very young compared to the current trend of marrying and starting a family well after college, building a career and years of living together.

As I fall more in love with JB everyday and smile over the excitement of exchanging vows with my best friend, I have learned to tune out comments about age as they are insignificant to our story. As a young bride-to-be I can attest that age is truly just a number. Some of the happiest couples like my mother and father found each other in their early years of junior high school. Others, find true love in their later years of life. It doesn’t matter when, it hardly matters where, and it only matters WHO you marry.

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Pnina Tornai, please.

My love for Pnina Tornai wedding gowns began over five years ago when my cousin Bryan married Jamie, one of my favorite gals. As the years progress, more people say we look alike, without realizing that Jamie is actually married into the Drew clan.


Meet Jamie: she’s a beauty inside and out!

Regardless of our potentially similar features, we definitely share a love of high fashion. Most importantly, as a bride and a bride-to-be, we have both sewn a special place in our hearts for Pnina Tornai and her incredible collection of wedding wear. My wedding gown is inspired by Jamie’s couture dress which is impossible to forget. Take a look at two images of her gown below which stole the evening and most definitely stole the heart of her groom!


A gorgeous Pnina bride…everything about this dress is grand, including the groom’s emotional reaction at the big reveal!

Exclusive to Kleinfeld Bridal, Pnina Tornai is often seen on the famous television program, “Say Yes to the Dress.” After watching countless marathons of each season, I have come to realize a trend when searching for the perfect Pnina. Most brides-to-be enter the store with the burden of their own expectations. Take myself for example: before I even tried on the first white dress, I was convinced that my body would look best in a mermaid style with minimal jewels, patterns or embellishments. The one and only Pnina gown I put on with hesitation was flawless and ironically the complete opposite of my “dream” dress. When I tried on the dress that satisfied my initial requirements, I felt like a young bride-to-be wearing a matronly nightgown. Thankfully, my mom was with me at every boutique to play the brutally honest, yet necessary, role of fashion police.

With the help of my mom, the staff at Kleinfeld Bridal and Pnina’s outrageous collection, almost a full year later, I remain obsessed with my dress. Pnina’s designs and fashion forward style for modern day brides have influenced other details in my planning process. On a daily basis I find myself returning to the hidden picture of my dress. Pnina has motivated me to hit the gym with realistic goals. Since my dress accentuates certain body parts more than others, I have concentrated on toning the target areas that will show both down the aisle and on the dance floor.

I encourage all future brides to follow Pnina Tornai for wedding inspiration: (@pninatornai). Although the big reveal is most special between the bride and groom, I can’t wait for my cousin to lay eyes on my dress! I am sure Jamie will recognize certain features of her own gown and realize that she has been both a role model and a fashion icon in my life. Not only did we both say “yes” to the dress, but we absolutely said “yes” to Pnina!


Dedicated to my stunning cousin who has always felt more like a sister. Jamie- even though you’re already married, it’s never too late to consider modeling Pnina!

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Real Wedding: Katherine & Chip

Back in September, we had the honor of bringing Katherine & Chip’s wedding dreams to reality. Katherine, Chip, & their entire families were so much fun to work with during the wedding planning process. Every time they would come to town for vendor meetings, we would have the best time. There was never a shortage on smiles and laughter during all of the meetings!! Hopkins Studios was there to capture the entire day and give the couple gorgeous photographs that they will be able to look back on with their grandchildren one day.


How awesome is this shot of Katherine relaxing with her bridesmaids before the ceremony?!! This is exactly what we love to see….a bride relaxed and enjoying the day to the fullest.


Katherine got ready with all of her girls by her side at the Mansion on Forsyth Park.

057 035 033 023 014067

The couple exchanged their vows in the gorgeous Trinity United Methodist, held the cocktail hour in Telfair Square below the gorgeous live oaks, and then moved their guests inside Telfair Academy.

166 167 208213222

Once everyone was inside the Telfair, guests were able to enjoy the beautiful floral arrangements that the very talented ladies over at A to Zinnias created. Chef Nick Mueller & Co. went above & beyond as usual with his delicious menu, and the yummy cake by Delectable Designs was the perfect ending to the delicious meal. With such an amazing group of vendors, Katherine & Chip could not have asked for a better wedding day, and we were honored to be a part of it.

323 320 317 315319  076  074321326333355

After a night of dancing, guests sent Katherine & Chip away through a sparkler lit path!!

506 509

We absolutely loved working with the entire family on this wedding!! A special thanks to Hopkins Studios for the gorgeous images. It was so much fun living the wedding day again as we browsed through them all!!

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Caroline & Charlie's Engagement Session


We are so excited to share Caroline & Charlie’s gorgeous engagement photos by the super talented Hopkins Studios. Caroline & Charlie are so much fun, and we cannot wait for their May 2015 wedding. The ceremony will take place at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist with the reception following at the Charles H. Morris Center. We are busy finalizing invitations with Emily McCarthy and wrapping up all of the little details. May will be here before we know it, and we cannot wait to see it all come together. Enjoy a sample of the photos, and we will be sure to fill you in on the wedding!!

007-Caroline-and-Charlie 026-Caroline-and-Charlie 031-Caroline-and-Charlie 037-Caroline-and-Charlie 044-Caroline-and-Charlie 045-Caroline-and-Charlie

A special thanks to Hopkins Studios for sharing these gorgeous images with us!!

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Ease Her Nerves On The Wedding Day

Since my engagement, I have vowed to travel with Bridal Magazines. I always look for new titles in different airports, and have purchased some helpful wedding resources over the past few months. Despite all the variations, I tend to favor the classic covers. On my latest trip home from holiday festivities I read Brides Magazine while in flight.

I found one section (pictured below) particularly inspiring and wondered what a different perspective might offer. On the top of the page there is a circular display of vibrant boutonnieres in an effort to “spruce up his lapel.” On the bottom, Jeff Brown, an L.A. planner attempts to help brides “ease his nerves on the wedding day,” with short, insightful tips for avoiding a disaster.


December 2014/January 2015 issue with cover (left) and clever section (right, page 244)

Jeff presents straightforward advice in the face of four potential scenarios. Considering I am on the other side of the altar, I have provided suggestions for Posh Petal and Pearl grooms who may need to calm down their beautiful brides on the bustling day.

Inspired by Jeff’s dilemmas…here’s to calming the bride!

She’s stumped on writing her own vows:

Jeff suggested jotting down a love letter as a point of reference. As a frequent recipient of love notes, I happen to adore anything romantic written with pen and paper. I recommend opening up old letters that you two may have written over the course of dating, or possibly retelling the story of an enchanting evening that friends and family might enjoy. Is there a song you two share? Perhaps the bride can tap into lyrics for a musical start or conclusion to her vows.

She’s afraid to do the first dance in front of everyone:

Jeff recommended having the hubby dance with the bride for a few minutes before bringing the rest of the party on the floor. As a bride-to-be, I know quite well that there is plenty of stress just playing the role of the bride for one evening. If the bride has stage fright, I believe the groom should hit the dance floor with his handsome groomsmen.

Here’s a visual of exactly what I have in mind…

(JB, don’t worry, I love to dance and would voluntarily do this for you) 

Her Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid is too drunk to deliver her toast:

Jeff advises the bride to have the groomsmen rapidly escorted out of the ballroom. If the maid of honor of bridesmaid cannot contain her liquor, I suggest passing the microphone to another eligible lady. Chances are, there are plenty of gals willing to steal the spotlight. With that said, if the intoxicated guest of honor is persistent on speaking, you can always wait an hour to see if she is sober enough to sing your praises.

She has stage fright over delivering her own speech:

Jeff presents the idea of a couple’s speech. Although I am an avid believer in the independent woman, wedding days are truly about the union of two people. In this instance, I am in agreement with Jeff; the bride and groom should stand in front of friends and family as one team. However, if the bride is uncomfortable with speaking in front of large crowds, she should be encouraged to keep it brief. If you happen to have read one of my previous posts titled, “Tone Down the Toasts,” you know how I feel about dragging down the festivities with one too many speeches.

As the newly married Mrs. Peterman, I plan on reserving most words for singing on the dance floor!

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Here’s to a glass that’s always half full

During my childhood and early teenage years I would always cherish time with my Great Aunt Jenny and Uncle Irving. Every time we would sit down for a meal, whether we were eating vegetables or pizza, Irving would look at me and say, “It looks good enough to eat!”

As a young girl, I frequently left scraps of food on my plate, refusing to take the last bites. I never understood the meaning of my Great Uncle’s relentless phrase and the way in which he worshiped food until I sat down and learned his amazing story of strength and love.

Irving survived the Holocaust as a barber for the Nazis. Out of necessity, he chose a trade of value. When the war was coming to a close, the Nazis frantically transported Irving and all other prisoners on cattle cars from the concentration camp to the mountains. They had every intention of exterminating the remaining Jews and disposing of any evidence that they had been running death camps. Luckily, American troops intercepted this plan, freeing Irving and his fellow inmates from years of torture and immense suffering.

As soon as Irving was liberated, he yearned for a familiar face, desiring any sign of someone in his immediate family, like his baby sister who he had never met. Tragically, Irving had lost every living relative. However, as the cattle cars were being emptied, he did recognize a family from his tiny farming hometown known as Szczercow, Poland. My grandmother, and her two sisters, Jenny and Sally, were standing with this particular family when Irving was reunited.

It was not long before Irving fell deeply in love with my Great Aunt Jenny. Jenny, still very sick and malnourished from the camps, was rushed to an unknown hospital. This was the very first time that my grandmother, Jenny and Sally had been separated since the start of the war.

After Jenny received enough treatment to feel somewhat replenished, she escaped the hospital and ran into the forest in desperate search of her love, Irving, and her two sisters. A man passing by on motorcycle spotted Jenny and agreed to give her a ride back to the displaced persons camp. This man, Elliott, would eventually marry Sally.

Shortly after reuniting, Irving, Jenny, Elliott and Sally shared a double wedding in Germany. My favorite part of this incredibly woven love story has yet to come. At this point, Irving was working for the American Military Police and decided to spend every dime of his savings to feed his friends in honor of surviving the war and finding love. Irving and Elliott invited everyone from the displaced persons camp, marking the beginning of their new lives as free, happily married men.

Jen & Irv Wedding 1

Jenny and Irving at their wedding ceremony in Starnberg, Germany (1946).

This past Wednesday, January 7th was my Great Uncle Irving’s 95th birthday.

Although his age is certainly a milestone, Irving’s biggest celebration is his marriage to Jenny, a union of remarkable strength and longevity that many couples do not have the fortune of experiencing. Jenny and Irving will be married 69 years on March 26th. When I asked my Great Uncle how long he’s been married, he replied, “68 going on 69, and I wish the very same for you and JB.”

Irving’s life and love stories represent extraordinary examples for all married couples. Marriage, although beautiful, does carry with it the promise of hardships. Irving has taught me that the best quality in a marriage is perseverance to live and love to one’s fullest potential. As I have grown up, every interaction with my Great Uncle has been a celebration of family. His profound appreciation for the gift of life is a constant reminder to keep my personal challenges in perspective. And so, on days when I see the glass half empty, I look to Irving who lives as if his glass is always half full.

Happy Birthday to a groom like no other, who has proven that the key ingredients to a prosperous life are love, nourishment and celebration.

Irv- I’m saving a dance for us on June 20th, 2015.


Cheers to an amazing man, my Great Uncle Irving- 95 looks quite handsome on you!

Most of all, thanks for teaching me that every bite of food I share with my groom-to-be, “looks good enough to eat!” I can’t wait to share our wedding cake with you!

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Say No to the Uni-Moon

While browsing The Huffington Post’s Wedding articles online, I stumbled upon a very odd option for honeymooning known as the uni-moon. Author Bill Powers defined the solo vacation as “one of those terrible modern trends of taking individual honeymoons attached to work trips.” Basically, in this situation, the newlyweds work schedules did not coincide, leaving Mr. Powers in Paris and the Mrs. in the Dominican Republic.

Here’s the full article, with an important moral at the end: the uni-moon was a major wake-up call for the newly married couple.

Truthfully, I can’t wrap my head around the possibility of anything solo regarding weddings. I am on board with other modern wedding trends such as dance classes, and creating a hashtag for the guests of honor so that all instagram pictures can be located in one happy place. (Every wedding must be documented on social media, right?)

Of course, my negativity regarding the uni-moon is long-lived. It all started in a previous Posh Petals and Pearls post where I voted for a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Months later, I have come to terms with the benefits of separate parties for the bride and groom-to-be, and have begun planning an epic girl’s night out with my bridesmaids and close friends.

Although my mind has changed regarding premarital celebrations, a honeymoon without my honey remains unfathomable.

I was particularly appalled by the uni-moon trend since I learned of it while planning our romantic getaway. However, for the first few conversations with my groom-to-be it seemed as though JB might opt to travel separately, considering our visions of the ideal honeymoon left us on different continents. JB would be perfectly content spearfishing on an exotic island, while I imagine us touring museums and taking selfies among the ancient ruins of somewhere stunning with an entertaining tour guide.


JB would like to be tree level, while I prefer sea level.

And so, as of right now, we are looking into a possible destination in Italy that combines adventure, touring and relaxation with the potential for water sports. Although we are still in the process of finalizing the location and activities, one thing is for certain- there will be no uni-mooning of any kind!

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Happy New Year!!

Wow, where did 2014 go?!! It was an amazing year for Posh Petals and Pearls. We are beyond thankful to all of our clients that entrusted us with their wedding day. We are looking forward to 2015 and doing great things in Savannah & Charleston!! Looking back at the year, here are a few of the weddings we were blessed to be a part of!!


2014 blog review

Photography Provided By:

Becca Price Photography, By the Robinsons, Christine Hall Photography, Erin Rene Photography, Hopkins Studios, & Kelli Boyd Photography

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Are you ready?!!

Are you ready?!! We sure are!! We hope everyone has a fun time celebrating the last night of 2014. We hope to hear about all sorts of proposals that take place tonight!! Cheers to a fabulous 2015!!


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There’s no “MY” in Wedding.

I thought it might be wise to kick off the week with some genuine advice from     one bride to another. With six months left until the big day, I am constantly in planning mode. So where does all of this leave my sweet groom, who often comes home to messy mood boards, wedding magazines and that “virus” called Pinterest consuming his computer screen?

Although I know we are both equally ecstatic about the wedding, I remain considerably more intense about each detail. Unfortunately, Bridezilla reared her blonde head quite early in the planning process. Here are two mistakes every bride must avoid:

#1) When speaking about the wedding, I would repeatedly say, “my wedding” to which JB would respond, “wait, am I invited?” Correction: It’s always “our” wedding.

#2) I once, very dramatically, told JB his main role in the planning process consisted of showing up on the big day. It’s a fairly simple responsibility, unless of course your groom is Mr. Big from Sex and the City.


Every Brides Worst Nightmare.

Photo credit:

Luckily, my groom does not share Mr. Big’s cold feet and commitment issues. In fact, if JB was any movie character he would certainly be Noah from The Notebook.

unnamed copy 2

Noah would never leave Allie at the altar. Who knew Halloween costumes could inspire weddings?

While at Officer’s Development School this past summer, JB would sneak his phone to make sure he was up-to-date on meetings with the florist and the venue. Month’s later JB’s desire to remain included in wedding planning has not wavered. Take note of an e-mail received just last week with the subject line “cake.”


Seriously, Sarah? This bride has to be more in tune with her groom!

If only I had showed JB the entire mood board dedicated to cake options, cake toppers, and potential ingredients. Last week I spotted a cake in The Knot Magazine made entirely of crepes and fresh berries! He just might love this idea.

unnamed copy

Check out 

Obviously, both the bride and groom play crucial roles in preparation for the big day. Since there truly is no “I” in team, and no “me” in wedding, I advise all brides to kick bridezilla to the curb before it’s too late.

Last week when JB returned home from work, the mood boards and wedding magazines were out of sight. I also created a file on our laptop dedicated to bridal pinning so that Pinterest no longer invaded the desktop. When JB opened the door he found a very personal invitation to participate in our wedding plans with His and Hers vow books.


Etsy is a Brides Best Friend. (These beautiful vow books are made by The Paper Walrus)

As a bride-to-be I have learned that the best planning is accomplished when the other half of the ceremony is on board. Although one person may spend more time planning than the other, it takes two to say “I Do.” This week I am taking a break from outside sources to draw my own inspiration for the special words I will share with my groom on OUR wedding day.

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Every Bride Needs "Something Blue"

In the process of wedding planning, I constantly reference the famous English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” This catchy rhyme unites brides in their search to accessorize with meaning. The trends have surely changed since the days when a bride would wear a sixpence in her shoe as dowry for the groom. As a bride-to-be, in an especially fashionable time, it has come to my attention that “something blue” can easily become something outrageous. Let’s take a look at a few trending bridal blues, some of which are subtle, and all of which are sensational.

Are French nails out this bridal season?

Brides are most often seen with French manicures and light pink pedicures. However, I wonder whether some posh brides would consider painting their nails, toes or possibly both a shade of blue? (Mother of the bride, if you are reading this, please don’t panic!) If brides prefer to leave their nails a light pink, perhaps adding a touch of blue sparkles would fulfill “something blue?”


I call this a subtle dusting of “something blue”

Photo credit:

SomeBLING blue.

Over the past few weeks, JB has been talking about what type of wedding band he may want. I think he’s beginning to crave a ring on his finger too (glad he finally understands the feeling)! I was of course thrilled to escort my groom on the hunt for his and hers wedding bands.

We had a particularly memorable experience in Savannah’s famous Levy Jewelers, where we tried on various styles of engagement bands. While JB was busy debating the width of a 4mm verses a 5mm band, I wandered over to a more shiny display case. I have always admired wedding bands with delicate diamonds circling the finger. While browsing, I remembered an antique sapphire wedding band that my grandmother frequently wears. Although my first inclination was to choose a band with diamonds, I am now considering the beauty and significance of blue stones.


Wedding bands are supposed to be worn closest to the heart. Dare to dazzle with blue stones?

Photo credit:

The bluest bridesmaid of them all.

I love spotting wedding parties where each bridesmaid wears a different shade of blue down the aisle. If brides are still in the process of choosing a color scheme, perhaps consider “something blue” as a token of love from the bridesmaids. A blue bridal party is a clever way to represent the principles of marriage referenced in the rhyme. After all, bridesmaids are selected because they are the most loving and loyal of them all!



This elegant wedding offers more than a little “something blue.” (the shoes are my favorite!)

Photo credit:

Always save the best for last… 

Once I found the dress of my dreams (stay tuned for more details), I was determined to find a classic, flat shoe that would essentially hide under the “wow” of my dress. That plan didn’t last very long. Even though my dress is fashion forward, and very much the opposite of simplistic, I plan to let my shoes make a statement of their own.

And so my bridal shoe search began…and still continues.

How high is too high?

Depending on the height of your groom and how dainty you feel walking in heels, I recommend settling on the conservative end of the stiletto spectrum. Why not save the shortest dress and highest heels for the bachelorette party? It might be the only occasion where a bride can fall with little shame.

A tumble down the aisle, however, is something this bride is unwilling to risk. I am grateful that my father, who will be walking me down the aisle, is one of the strongest men I know. And so, regardless of which heels I choose, I will be gripping my dads arm as he escorts me to my groom. Brides should feel confident that their shoes will help them gracefully walk down the aisle, stand still for “I Do’s” and dance the night away! They must be both fashionable and functional.

If the shoe fits…consider them in blue.

As my search continues, I remain open minded to the possibility of a white or ivory shoe with crystals, feathers or other specifically blue accents. At this very moment, I am eyeing one pair with just the right touch of blue. Here’s my dilemma: will I ever wear these beauties again? If brides decide to invest in a glamorous shoe, make sure they are a smart addition to the current collection. Unless you are Keira Knightley (pictured below), most brides do not recycle their wedding dresses. Luckily, no such rule applies to shoes.393e123d50b96af34d99511c55194955

Even if your dress was Chanel would you wear it again… and again? #ShouldBridesRecycle?

Photo credit:

Here’s a posh idea: Pick a bridal shoe that is over the top special with a heel, sole, or sparkly detail to capture “something blue.” After the big day, wear these shoes on each wedding anniversary to relive your walk down the aisle, and the many hours spent dancing with confidence and style. If you are a particularly traditional bride, don’t forget to remove the sixpence from your left shoe. (Fun Fact: although no longer the seventeenth century, brides can still purchase a sixpence for the big day!)

In honor of the most famous bridal rhyme, how do posh brides plan to maximize “something blue?”

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A Future, Forever Posh Petals and Pearls Bride

The moment when all this bridal blogging began…#engaged


I am thrilled to introduce myself to the Posh Petals and Pearls blog. As a contributor and a bride, I promise to spread the bridal fever to those Posh Southern Belles who are also in planning mode. After my engagement, my identity quickly changed from the blonde queen emoji to that of the brunette bride. Don’t worry blondes, I have written Apple several times with the hope that they might add a blonde bride to the world of emojis. Perhaps they think I’m bridezilla?

The magic date is set for June 20, 2015 back in New Jersey. That leaves me with 253 days to continue planning, jet back and forth between Savannah and York City, all in an effort to eventually relax and let the pretty petals fall where they may. In the meantime, you will be hearing from me quite a bit. Before relocating to Savannah, I worked for Vanity Fair Magazine in both the Editorial and Creative Services departments. Since fashion has always been a love of mine, I thought it fitting to introduce myself with a few of my most stylish accessories, all of which are bridal themed.

Catch the Bling!

Within a week of my engagement I received one ring holder after another. As all brides know, forgetfulness is unacceptable when it comes to the diamond ring. Therefore, I made sure to place an assortment of ring holders throughout my apartment. My favorite of the bunch was a gift from the MOTB (Mother of the Bride). I keep this sparkly dish right beside my bed in case I ever feel inclined to remove my diamond. With that said, I encourage all brides to keep their bling right on their pretty fingers.


Stop your bling from wandering!

Personalize your love story:

Does your future mother-in-law enjoy the art of sewing? If so, she might be able to craft a shirt like mine to remind the world that you plan to marry prince charming. I am proudly engaged to John Benner Peterman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Why not monogram the man of your dreams? I am still convincing my fiancé to sport his own version of this shirt around Savannah, perhaps something like “Engaged to Princess Sarah Helen from Jersey.” Let’s just say I’ve had better luck discussing the color scheme of our flower arrangements. I’ll take what I can get!


Wear it with pride ladies!

Bedazzle your phone:

My current phone case depicts a bride and groom walking down the aisle (I have yet to find the blonde version). The butterfly tiara shown in the picture below will of course be replaced with pearls and jewels on the big day. Posh brides, what are your thoughts on wearing a tiara down the aisle? I am still debating this bridal accessory.


The Kate Spade Bridal Collection is fabulous!

Since brides are always prepared for the next step, I have already purchased my “Mr. and Mrs.” Phone case, which will be used on route to my honeymoon, as Mrs. Peterman (location to be announced in an upcoming post).


Say “I Do” with Kate Spade accessories!

One more Kate Spade Necessity: the “Yes” necklace! (modeled at my engagement party)


Something Old:

While antiquing back in New York City the amazing MOTB (who also happens to be my wedding planner) spotted a beautiful charm of a bride and groom. Every posh bride should find something special that can be cherished throughout the planning process, and eventually passed down to a future beloved bride.


My bridal pendant after some polishing.

The lovely, cheerful team at Posh Petals and Pearls works hard to make every bride feel glamorous, elegant, and perfectly prepped for their big day. I hope my first post encourages fellow brides to create their own collection of wedding accessories (old and new) as a constant reminder that being a bride, although not without challenges, is truly a fairytale.

Follow me on Posh Petals and Pearls as I share my journey toward the aisle with the chicest wedding planners in the South. Keep checking the blog every week as I continue to share my latest thoughts and talk through some big decisions such as securing the dream venue, searching for the perfect dress, falling in love with flower arrangements, scheduling multiple dress fittings, planning the first dance, preparing for the big reveal, bridesmaid drama, and so much more. Should I have a DJ or band? Should I wear ballet flats or risk tripping in sparkly heels? Although the questions are endless, I’m here to talk through the options!


…the craziness begins!

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Destination Weddings

Thinking of hosting a destination wedding outside of the states?!! Posh Petals and Pearls had the privilege to plan a Caribbean destination wedding in June. Puerto Rico was the destination chosen, and it did not disappoint!! There are so many reasons people have for deciding to just hop on a plan and have their wedding in a tropical location. Chasity & John chose to invite their immediate family so it was an intimate affair. Guests arrived on Friday and were able to relax and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings at the El Conquistador Resort on Friday & Saturday. Saturday night, they had a small rehearsal and enjoyed a delicious rehearsal dinner waterside at the resort. The wedding was on Sunday, and Becca Price Photography captured the day beautifully. Calu Events enhanced the already gorgeous venue with coral & white flowers. No detail was overlooked!! If you are thinking of hosting a destination wedding, Posh Petals and Pearls would be honored to help you plan the perfect event that your guests are sure to remember for years to come. Enjoy some photos from our iPhone until we get the images back from the photographer.

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