Wedding Dresses: The Shopping

So the time has finally come for your try on appointment, we are so excited for you! We bet you are almost bursting at the seems with anticipation and expectations. We know that with all this excitement also might come some nerves, which is completely normal. We have put together a list of some tried and true tips for you to read before you visit your bridal shop of choice.

  1. Bring some inspiration. Build a Pintrest board, rip out magazine pictures, snap some photos of gowns you like. Make sure to show these all to the consultant you will be working with so that she can pull some gowns that might interest you.
  2. Be adventurous! Just because you try on a gown does not mean you need to buy it, so try on all different styles and fits.
  3. Involve your audience. Ask those you brought along with you what they think of the dresses you are trying on. But remember that at the end of the day you must choose a dress that you love and you are not bound to buy something that everyone loves.
  4. Walk around. Take a stroll through the salon to make sure you can walk in whatever gowns are your front runners. You will be doing a lot of walking on the day of so you want to be positive you can walk in the dress.
  5. Sit down. To go with the previous point, make sure you can sit in the dress. Yes, the sample may feel a bit tight but ensure that you can sit in the darn thing.

Your shopping trip will be one of the most fun things that you do along your wedding planning journey so make the most out of it. If you are not ready to buy at the end of your appointment that is totally okay. Sometimes the best decisions are made after a good nights sleep, so take some time to think about it if you need to. You do not need to shop til’ you drop!

Happy wedding dress shopping belles!

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Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride is the closest guest to my heart.

Within weeks of my engagement my mom took on a multiple roles- mother of the bride (by birth), best friend (by choice) and stellar wedding planner (by love). The last role has been a challenge. While I do not exactly fit the criteria of a bridezilla, I am not the easiest, walk in the park type of bride. I am sometimes indecisive, lovingly laid back and quick to lose focus between all the embellished possibilities. There are too many options for invitation fonts, bridesmaids’ dresses, flower choices and bridal beauty styles. I needed mom!

To be honest, during most of my mom’s perfectly posh planning I was stuck in a bridal daydream.

Enter Ina. My mom is focused, ultra organized and incredibly invested in every detail. Since there were hearts on the programs, the MOTB ordered matching hearts for the cocktail napkins and menus. My mother knew that a flute makes all the difference during the procession. Apparently, the hospitality bags need to be packed with proper nutrition and a timeline for guests. Everything was planned with an extra touch of love and effort.

Brides often babble about bringing their bridesmaids for dress shopping, trials and various appointments. If possible, I suggest bringing along mom and cherishing the time you two have together. A mother knows her bride best.

Of course, there will be laughter, moments of stress and sporadic yet very happy tears.

Mom, remember when we picked dramatically different flowers on our first trip to the florist? Thankfully, I took your advice for the final arrangements.


A stunning MOTB with impressive taste.

Remember when we left bridal boutique six out of seven feeling defeated? Would I ever find my dream dress?


Despite minor frustrations, we always managed to capture the moment!

Of course, you must remember when I tried on the one? We both lit up. We had found the perfect Pnina.


We said “Yes” to the dress!

With the big day just moments away, I will soon focus on meeting my groom at the end of the aisle. With that said, when I look back on my wedding, months and years down the road, I will remember the elegant belle behind every bow, pearl and sparkle. Thank you to my sweet mom for planning a beyond fairytale wedding. Thank you for devoting your time, heart and endless energy into our special day. Although we have shared many memories together throughout the years, wedding planning with you has been a very vivid reminder of why a mother is a girl’s best friend.


I love you endlessly mom!

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The Value of a Veil

The majority of my second dress fitting was spent selecting a veil for the ceremony. The options were plentiful. Aside from choosing the length, I also considered design, fit and sparkle. I ended up ordering a medium length veil with rhinestones that will be woven into the fabric to compliment my dress. Kleinfeld Bridal is the queen of custom.


Lace? Pearls? Sparkles? Kleinfeld has just as many veils as dresses!

The very next day, I had the pleasure of visiting Cantor Lee Coopersmith who will officiate our wedding alongside a Pastor. I have known the Cantor of my congregation for most of my life. In fact, Cantor Lee was my teacher and mentor in preparation for my Bat Mitzvah (the ceremony where I officially entered adulthood).

It was incredibly meaningful to sit down with my Cantor, ten years later, as I prepare to take the vows of marriage. Our meeting was spent exchanging memories, reviewing the program, and discussing the progression of blessings. At one point, Cantor Lee mentioned the veiling ceremony known in the Judaism as Bedeken. Before I walk down the aisle, JB will cover me with the veil as a confirmation that I am the right bride!

In the Biblical story, Jacob unintentionally marries his bride’s sister, Leah, who was wearing a veil. Only after the wedding ceremony was performed, did Jacob notice the gravity of his mistake.

I will gladly participate in the veiling ceremony…

© Casey Fatchett Photography -

After all, I am the one and only bride for JB. No tricks please!

Photo credit:

After meeting with the Cantor, I assigned a new value to my veil that had everything to do with marriage and nothing to do with sparkles.

~Dedicated to Cantor Lee Coopersmith. Thank you for always providing an important perspective to major milestones. Your kind words, vast knowledge of religion, open mind and heart have filled me with a profound appreciation for Judaism and Christianity. I am confident that both faiths will unite us as one.~

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Birthday Bride!

Yesterday, I spent my twenty-fourth birthday wearing two tiaras. After all, birthday hats never go out of style.


a timeless accessory and a forever friend.

Bridal tiaras, however, are treasured because they are ephemeral. This was my last birthday as a single Sarah.

Aside from waking up to two-dozen pink roses on my doorstep, I opened a very special wedding themed birthday gift; My Pnina Tornai gown arrived in the mail just in time for fitting two.

My birthday was celebrated at Kleinfeld Bridal with my amazing mom and happy grandmother. Although I felt honored to return to the beloved home of Say Yes to the Dress, my appointment took more time and work than expected. Every bride-to-be approaches their second fitting with high hopes and expectations: will the dress fit a little better? How close to perfect will everything fall? Is there enough time to make dramatic changes such as adding or removing straps?

I advise brides to bring mom, bridesmaid, grandma or friend(s) to the fitting. A support team helps suppress bridezilla.


my team.

Truthfully, ever since I stepped off the plane from Savannah to New York City, this past weekend, I have been glued to mom. Thankfully, the MOTB keeps me organized, focused and seriously busy! Although I continue to smile in every bridal picture, posh readers should be forewarned: the steps leading to the dreamy walk down the aisle are far from glamorous. Planning takes patience. Patience takes practice for every bride.

This weekend, however, I will be excused from all wedding duties; Saturday and Sunday are solely dedicated to bachelorette and shower festivities planned by my thoughtful bridesmaids. For the very first Saturday since my engagement, I will have zero decisions to contemplate.

But the pins always precede the party. My team spotted a few minor details that still require tweaking.


Don’t peak behind the curtain…my dress is there!

(extra perk: I was placed in room 9- a lucky coincidence on my birthday, April 9th!)

Here’s my advice for fellow brides who may fear their next fitting:

  • Bring wedding shoes (make sure they are the right heel length before the tailor starts to hem!)
  • Wear Commando (visible panty lines do not flatter brides.)
  • Contemplate face coverage (finalize the length and design of your veil/headpiece, if you decide to wear one at all!)
  • Back away from the dress (after fitting two, remove everything bridal. Take a stroll around the boutique before leaving. Brides should avoid rash decisions regarding alterations.)


Inside the box: a jeweled memory from my second fitting.

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Pondering programs.

My parents recently attended a gorgeous wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. From what I could see, my favorite detail was the big bow that cascaded down the back of the bride’s dress. I adore a bold bow! Since mom was both a guest and a wedding planner on a mission, I received a full recap of the dreamy affair with plenty of pictures. Visuals are key when planning.

With three months left until the big day, there’s not much time to spare for new inspiration. With that said, we are still debating the necessity of programs for our short, yet very sweet ceremony. The question of the week is as follows: Are programs just another piece of paper to bejewel before being tossed, or will guests be puzzled without paper?

Below is an image taken by mom just minutes before the ceremony commenced…


Gaze across the aisle…

At first glance the romantic floating candles consumed my attention. If you look closely, however, you will spot a guest in a seafoam gown studying the program rather carefully.

Since our wedding will include an interfaith ceremony, it might be helpful to provide an explanation of blessings and rituals, both Jewish and Protestant.

The Jewish tradition of breaking the glass can definitely alarm guests if caught off guard!


(My cousin Bryan and his beautiful bride Jamie are pictured above)

The program also included a list of people who walked down the aisle. It’s nice to introduce the entire entourage from the proud grandmas to the rambunctious best man. Stella, my two-pound Chihuahua, just might make an appearance down the aisle (escorted by the ring bearer) should I decide to include friends with paws.


Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes.

The program concluded with a small note of love and gratitude from the elated couple. It expressed appreciation for those who watched the ceremony with love from either side of the aisle.

After considering the information guests may wish to know, I am excited to map out a program for our wedding.

Below I have summarized my main reasons to push a program. Hopefully, some of these thoughts resonate with other brides-to-be:

  • If guests arrive early they will have engaging reading material
  • Religious blessings/traditions can be explained
  • Honorable members of the wedding party can be properly introduced
  • Guests will feel included in the intimate moments of the ceremony such as the vows

I am no longer indecisive when it comes to pondering a program.

~Dedicated to Bryan Drew. Thank you for breaking the glass which welcomed a true beauty (inside and out) to the family!~

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Embrace the Mistakes?


On my most recent flight home I spent much of the ride confiding in Leslie, a fellow bride who tied the knot a few months ago. She entertained my to-do list for the takeoff, before providing a piece of advice that no bride ever wants to hear. Apparently, the best thing a bride can do on the big day is maintain a smile, look pretty and “embrace the mistakes.” As my facial expressions suddenly shifted from happiness to horrified, Leslie chuckled and said, “You will thank me come June.”

Hold on posh brides-to-be. I’m the exception, right? I have spent countless hours carefully planning with the mother of the bride to ensure that every plan has a thoughtful back up. The stylists will be on call in case my hair wilts and my eye makeup runs. Even waterproof mascara has its flaws. Also, if the clouds do not cooperate, the ceremony will be moved into the ballroom. I’ve heard that exchanging “I do’s” on a rainy day is lucky. I’d prefer a charm bracelet or something.

Here’s what really happened to my plane buddy. On the day of Leslie’s wedding, one of her bubbly bridesmaids commented on the interesting choice of flower arrangements. A clash was evident. Unfortunately another wedding on the same day, which was already in progress, had swapped flowers. Leslie’s bridesmaids wore  red dresses while carrying bright yellow roses down the aisle. On the upside, the mishap was a conversation starter for guests during the reception!

Flash-forward about one hour: after the big reveal, as the groom approached the bride for intimate pictures, he caught his finger on the corner of a rustic, antique chair. A speck of red landed on the train of Leslie’s dress. Luckily the groom had nine other fingers. The bride made a semi-valid point: there’s just one dress.

As the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing, I gazed across the aisle with envy. A part of me wished I had been seated one row up, next to an adorable elderly lady. I bet she would have loved the video of my proposal and the pictures from my most recent dress fitting. (I find myself sharing photos of gown with complete strangers. Do other brides-to-be do the same?) #bridalproblems


Since I can’t show readers my dress (yet), here’s a picture from the shopping excursion.

Although Leslie had no filter, it was slightly refreshing to hear a dose of bridal reality. Here’s the moral: before, during and after the wedding there will be curveballs thrown at the bride. Imperfections are inevitable. Hopefully my florist will take note of multiple weddings on the same day. Since I am marrying my love on the longest the year, hopefully the sun will shine at its brightest and longest. However, if certain things do not go as planned, I will take Leslie’s advice and embrace the “mistakes.” Despite the trivial flower mishap and barely stained dress, Leslie is happily married and still feels as if she is on her honeymoon.

As I walked off the plane, my new acquaintance bid me farewell with the following thought, “Don’t worry, Sarah. Things could always be worse. Remember when Big left Carrie at the altar?”


I’ll take yellow flowers over this disaster.

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The First Fitting

After almost a full week home I received the text of the trip:


The customer service line at Kleinfeld Bridal is exceptional; after learning that I am an out of state bride, they accommodated a next day fitting without hesitation.

My highly organized wedding planner (otherwise known as mom) was very pleased to see a lengthy e-mail from the Alterations Administrator, just minutes after confirming my appointment. Brides should be forewarned: despite the smooth sailing communication with the Kleinfeld team, there are prerequisites for attending the first fitting. My oversights will hopefully help future brides prepare for their fittings.

Three thoughts and things to keep in mind for fitting one:

  1. Wedding shoes (if you don’t have the shoe, determine the height)
  2. Proper undergarments (bring along the bra and underwear that will be worn on your day)
  3. Patience (Kleinfeld Bridal has a zero tolerance policy for bridezillas)

As I drove into the city with the enthusiastic MOTB, I experienced endless bridal butterflies. Would the gown fit based on measurements taken in July? Would I still adore the design of my dress after nearly six months of separation?

Tip 1: Bring the shoes, or heel height.

At the time of my fitting I had not yet purchased my wedding shoes. If brides are being fitted at Kleinfeld, I suggest stopping by early to browse their selection of shoes, jewelry and elaborate hairpieces. I was excited to learn that the designer of my wedding gown, Pnina Tornai, offers her own line of bridal accessories. Also, true to Kleinfeld’s instagram, they have a gorgeous selection of bridal Jimmy Choo shoes (sparkly flats and a range of heels).



Even though I failed to find the right shoe at Kleinfeld, I did confirm the height of my prospective heel. I ended up purchasing the perfect wedding shoes one day later. Since my fitting was based on a two and a half inch heel, I had plenty of options.


Downstairs at Kleinfeld– sparkly selection of shoes, jewels and bridal accessories.

Tip 2: Consider the role of undergarments.

I’ll spare my posh readers the personal details of this mishap. To keep it brief – wear nude underwear to your fitting and bring any undergarments suggested by your tailor. If your dress is a traditional white, consider visiting Victoria’s Secret to purchase a fabric that feels and looks as if you are commando. Apparently, VS also sells “tape” to ensure that everything pretty is in the proper place. Alterations can do quite a bit, and then there’s gravity.

Tip 3: Patience is a necessary virtue for every bride.

I clearly fixated on all the wrong thoughts for my first fitting. The most challenging aspect, by far, was standing still for over one hour while being pinned from every possible angle. A bridal fitting is the first time I have ever broken a sweat while standing in the same place. Thankfully the MOTB refreshed me with sips of water as the tailor worked her way from the straps of my dress to the intricate bustle. After fifty plus pins, my mom excused herself for a much needed coffee break. Mothers of the bride, please note: any liquids aside from water are banned from the bridal premise. Thankfully, the alterations department played dual roles during my appointment, as both the tailors and protectors of my Pnina.

My next fitting is scheduled for early April. Do not leave the first fitting without scheduling the second. Since I commute to my wedding planner, I tend to fit multiple appointments into one-week visits. Next month I will be attending fitting two, a follow-up with my hometown florist and finally meeting the band. At the end of the week I will have the opportunity to sit back, refrain from decision-making and relax during both my bachelorette and shower!


Check out that gorgeous, elaborate veil in the Kleinfeld window!

~Thank you Mom for yet another memorable week of wedding bliss. It’s a great feeling to be productive while having a ball!~

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The Opulence of Oscar De La Renta

Last week, my passion for all things bridal and fashion collided in a garden of flowers and notorious fabrics. I visited the SCAD Museum of Art with my best friend and bridesmaid, Alexa, who traveled south to grab a hug and step into the Savannah scene. Earlier in the week, I spotted a mention of Oscar de la Renta on the designer’s PR instagram (@oscarprgirl) with an airplane emoji and a caption reading, “Savannah bound.” Who would have thought?


The exquisite work of Oscar de la Renta will be on display from February 4- May 3.

When I entered the exhibit, I felt as if I had stepped into the fashion forward pages of Vogue in exploration of a legendary past.

Apparently Vogue had literally stepped into Savannah. (I walked past that same dress hours before Ms. Wintour)!


This photo was taken from Andre Leon Talley’s instagram, @andreltalley. Mr. Talley is a contributing editor at Vogue, author of Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table and a beloved SCAD trustee. A special thanks to Mr. Talley for curating such an opulent exhibit in the heart of a city that is underrated for its fashion and creative energy.

As a bride-to-be with a continuous appreciation for talented designers, I am ecstatic that the work of Oscar de la Renta has landed in my current city. Although I spent ample time viewing each dress (star struck by signs which read, “worn by Beyoncé”), I was, as expected, most captivated by the bridal collection.

Every Posh Petal and Pearl bride would appreciate the elegance of the exhibit. I was particularly drawn to one dress in the bridal display which reminded me of floating flowers and shares a slight resemblance to my wedding gown. Although similar, I will admit that my gown is a bit more trendy and less, shall we say, timeless.

Here’s a poignant example of Oscar de la Renta’s untouchable vision:


I am still in awe. Posh Petal and Pearl brides: what are your thoughts?

Despite my unquestionable love for Pnina Tornai, I would have gladly switched places with any of the bridal mannequins in this exhibit. Oscar de la Renta’s attention to detail and subtle illusion elevates the fabric from a beautiful wedding gown to a masterpiece, most fitting for a museum.

Aside from the dresses, I was also inspired by the décor of the display, such as the soft white bridal carriage and rosy, delicately dripping flowers which led visitors both in and out of the exhibit.


Thankfully, I toured this exhibit before meeting with my florist! #poshpetals

If brides-to-be are looking for the ideal Valentine’s day activity in Savannah with their fiancé, I highly recommend a visit to this exhibit. I plan on returning at least twice before its conclusion in May. Famous designers and masterminds of fashion rarely display their work with such freedom to the public. Andre Leon Talley’s tribute to Oscar de la Renta has officially influenced my big day.


snapped just outside the SCAD Museum of Art.

~Dedicated to the one and only Alexa- you are a fabulous friend, baller bridesmaid and sensationally stylish. I will always remember our walk through the ODLR showroom!~

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Lindsey's Bridal Portraits: Savannah, Georgia

Back in October, we had the privilege of planning Lindsey & Justin’s wedding at the Savannah Yacht Club. Prior to the wedding, Erin Rene Photography took some stunning bridal portraits of Lindsey. Lindsey decided to step outside of her comfort zone and do something different with her hair for part of the session. Let’s just say that she was stunning!! We will let the images speak for themselves….

DQ2A6856 DQ2A6860 DQ2A6876 DQ2A6885 DQ2A6894 DQ2A7044 DQ2A7156 DQ2A7316 DQ2A7334 DQ2A7366 DQ2A7391 DQ2A7412 DQ2A7439bw DQ2A7556 DQ2A7566

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Pnina Tornai, please.

My love for Pnina Tornai wedding gowns began over five years ago when my cousin Bryan married Jamie, one of my favorite gals. As the years progress, more people say we look alike, without realizing that Jamie is actually married into the Drew clan.


Meet Jamie: she’s a beauty inside and out!

Regardless of our potentially similar features, we definitely share a love of high fashion. Most importantly, as a bride and a bride-to-be, we have both sewn a special place in our hearts for Pnina Tornai and her incredible collection of wedding wear. My wedding gown is inspired by Jamie’s couture dress which is impossible to forget. Take a look at two images of her gown below which stole the evening and most definitely stole the heart of her groom!


A gorgeous Pnina bride…everything about this dress is grand, including the groom’s emotional reaction at the big reveal!

Exclusive to Kleinfeld Bridal, Pnina Tornai is often seen on the famous television program, “Say Yes to the Dress.” After watching countless marathons of each season, I have come to realize a trend when searching for the perfect Pnina. Most brides-to-be enter the store with the burden of their own expectations. Take myself for example: before I even tried on the first white dress, I was convinced that my body would look best in a mermaid style with minimal jewels, patterns or embellishments. The one and only Pnina gown I put on with hesitation was flawless and ironically the complete opposite of my “dream” dress. When I tried on the dress that satisfied my initial requirements, I felt like a young bride-to-be wearing a matronly nightgown. Thankfully, my mom was with me at every boutique to play the brutally honest, yet necessary, role of fashion police.

With the help of my mom, the staff at Kleinfeld Bridal and Pnina’s outrageous collection, almost a full year later, I remain obsessed with my dress. Pnina’s designs and fashion forward style for modern day brides have influenced other details in my planning process. On a daily basis I find myself returning to the hidden picture of my dress. Pnina has motivated me to hit the gym with realistic goals. Since my dress accentuates certain body parts more than others, I have concentrated on toning the target areas that will show both down the aisle and on the dance floor.

I encourage all future brides to follow Pnina Tornai for wedding inspiration: (@pninatornai). Although the big reveal is most special between the bride and groom, I can’t wait for my cousin to lay eyes on my dress! I am sure Jamie will recognize certain features of her own gown and realize that she has been both a role model and a fashion icon in my life. Not only did we both say “yes” to the dress, but we absolutely said “yes” to Pnina!


Dedicated to my stunning cousin who has always felt more like a sister. Jamie- even though you’re already married, it’s never too late to consider modeling Pnina!

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To Splurge or not to Splurge?

…that is the question.

As the wedding date grows closer, I am continuously asked how planning is coming along. As a blissful bride, I tend to answer that question by commenting on the larger tasks, most of which are near completion. These include saying “yes” to the dress, picking a venue, designing invitations, selecting bridesmaid dresses and securing a memorable band.

With that said, there is always another detail on the wedding checklist. For instance, even though the invitations have been selected, we are still in the process of debating a hand calligrapher verses machine calligraphy. Will we order custom stamps or opt for a more traditional style? Even though my dress is currently being made, I have yet to find a flattering veil and attend the first of three fittings. Additionally, although my hair stylist and makeup artist have been confirmed, the upcoming mock trials will determine whether they share my vision. Despite my love of sparkles and bright lips, I tend to apply my own makeup in a similar manner to wedding planning; I proceed with caution, since less is often much more.

In the wedding spirit of “something old” I have turned to Shakespeare for this blog post’s inspiration. The renowned expression, “To be or not to be,” from the play Hamlet will be used in a completely different context as brides-to-be must ask themselves, “to splurge or not to splurge?”

Here’s my guide for brides-to-be who wish to splurge within reason…

Wedding gown: Shakespeare might say, “to splurge!”

I will always remember the day I found the dress of my dreams with my incredible mom. After closing the door on seven boutiques, I found one dress that exceeded all expectations. Saying “yes” to the dress was the second task to be completed on my wedding list after securing the venue. I recommend that brides-to-be spend a considerable amount of time in search of their dream dresses. I have learned that there are plenty of wedding details worth settling for the second best option. A bride’s wedding gown, in my opinion, is well worth the splurge. In the world of fashion I tend to favor the classic pieces in my wardrobe which never seem to go out of style. In the world of weddings, however, wearing a gown on a single occasion leaves everlasting impressions.

Flowers: Shakespeare might say, “not to splurge!”

Although I could spend hours in a beautiful garden, I have come to realize the extensive prices of one too many posh petals. We are currently in conversation with my hometown florist to discuss the best options for creating a romantic ambience of a rose garden, without overwhelming the venue and favoring one area. For example, although I have my heart set on a rose covered aisle, I plan on limiting the number of petals and placing graceful greenery around the wedding party and marriage officiant. I would prefer splurging on flowers in the ballroom, rather than overwhelming the decor for the ceremony. After all, the most important part of walking down the aisle is saying “I Do.”

I am still in the process of selecting the ideal bouquet. Most importantly, I want to avoid anything over the top that could compete or clash with my dress. With that said, a splash of color against a white dress could be quite pretty. My next appointment with the florist is coming up in February- I’ll keep Posh Petal and Pearl readers posted on my final decisions.

The Band: Shakespeare might say, “to splurge!” 

When I think of the big day (everyday), there are two vivid moments that I constantly replay. The first, which I have mentioned countless times, is the heartfelt and incredibly emotional moment when my father escorts me down the aisle. The second occurs when I waltz into the ballroom with my groom as Mr. and Mrs. Peterman. I can already envision my friends and family surrounding the dance floor smiling, dancing and waving their arms in celebration. The band will be instrumental in creating and maintaining an exciting energy throughout the evening.

We want our wedding to be a constant celebration with uplifting voices and instruments that have the power to draw any and every guest to the dance floor. For those who may be attending the Drew-Peterman affair, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Ladies- I am currently searching for the perfect, sparkly, two-inch heels. When the bride chooses to splurge on the band, rather than high heels, it is clear that dancing and singing with the guests of honor is most important.

To be honest, my English professors at Barnard would most likely cringe at my transformation of Shakespeare’s words for use in this weeks post. Considering Shakespeare chose men to play the role of women on stage, I doubt he could relate to the modern day challenges of wedding planning from the perspective of a bride. Regardless of his potential opinions, it’s necessary to think about each task while being mindful of the other expenses on the list. Brides-to-be should ask themselves and consult with their grooms as to whether certain details are worth the splurge. For some women, extensive flower arrangements might trump the dress. Perhaps when I visit the florist in February, my outlook on trimming down the petals will change. However brides and grooms-to-be decide to splurge, it’s imperative to move through the motions of wedding planning with caution.


Dedicated to an incredible poet, playwright and actor with enchanting prose.

Photo credit:

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Top Hats and Goodnight Kisses

“Every night in your married life should end with a kiss goodnight.”- Grandma Gladys


On June 7, 1953 my grandmother Gladys married her love Selwyn at the sweet age of twenty. Last week my grandmother visited my new home in Savannah for the first time. My only request was that she carry her oversized wedding album so that I could share in one of her happiest memories. She unpacked a love story that I had never known, and explained certain charms from her wedding day that will now be part of mine.

My grandparents married at the Hotel Essex House, a structure in New Jersey, which no longer stands. The ceremony took place on a Sunday afternoon, surrounded by about one hundred friends and family. The first picture that caught my eye was taken of my grandmother posing with her blue garter. In the process of planning my wedding I have disregarded the tradition of wearing a garter. Since I blush at the thought of showing some leg in front of wedding guests, I can only imagine how brides felt in the 50’s! The real treasure was learning that my grandmother still owns her delicate garter and would be honored to pass it down as my “something blue.”


My beautiful grandmother with her blue garter.

My grandmother’s dress was made of white tulle with iridescent pearl flowers, a sweetheart neck and a crinoline slip. The intricate details of her dress have certainly inspired my own wedding gown.

After looking through the entire album I was most surprised by my grandfather’s choice of attire. Standing over six feet four inches tall, he chose to wear a top hat in combination with striped pants and a rather elegant tailcoat. The top hat is my favorite aesthetic detail from their wedding. It evokes memories of my grandfather’s effortless sophistication.

Although I am not carrying on the tradition of wearing my grandmother’s dress like my own mother did, I am honored to adorn my leg with “something blue” from one of the most special women in my life. As I have taken the time to learn about both of my grandparents’ very different weddings, I have decided to frame one picture from each of their special days at our venue. I feel very lucky that wedding planning has provided the opportunity to learn and appreciate the love stories of those in my family. I only hope my ceremony, like my grandmother’s, will officiate fifty-plus years of romance and memories with my groom.


At the end of the wedding album my grandmother told me that although every wedding has its own bells and whistles, the real treat is kissing your groom goodnight.

~Written with a newfound appreciation for top hats and goodnight kisses~

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Krazy for Kleinfeld


Photo credit:

Kleinfeld Bridal was the seventh stop on my dress search, which I considered the “the last resort.” I was under the impression that there was something special about a boutique and besides, wasn’t Kleinfeld an enormous bridal factory? I imagined finding my dream dress in an intimate setting free from the drama that I often watch on episodes of Say Yes To The Dress.

Just as I have set the scene, on the day of my appointment, I truly was a bridezilla in the making. I pouted in the waiting room amongst other anxious brides, some of whom brought their entire bridal party to the consultation (big mistake). Throughout my month long bridal search, I stuck with my mother as a dress consultant and cheerleader (best decision).

Here’s why Kleinfeld Bridal stole my heart…

Personal Attention with Passion.

I was greeted in the waiting room by a cheerful bridal consultant and an equally enthusiastic intern. Before we had even met, the team of two knew the mission. I was going to leave with the perfect dress, which would exceed my expectations. I was led into a private dressing room and given a purple silk robe to wear in between gowns. My team of personal stylists listened as I described every detail of the dress I desired, yet had never actually seen.

I’m sure brides-to-be can recognize the self-inflicted drama of demanding a dress that may not actually exist.

Below are the conditions I handed the Kleinfeld team upon meeting, hopeful that this exact gown would waltz into the fitting room:

  • Absolutely mermaid (if it’s not tight fitting at the bottom, forget it)
  • Three-quarter delicate lace sleeves (sleeves are a must)
  • Lightweight fabric (the simplicity of a slip dress is stunning)
  • Subtle embellishments (no heavy, intricate beading)
  • Perhaps pearls? (actually, definitely pearls)


Although the dress I ended up buying shares no similarities to Carolyn Kennedy’s, I still believe she was the most beautiful bride.

While the bridal team took note of my checklist, I believe they knew I would leave the store with a very different dress. Months later, I look back at my fairytale description and laugh at my stubborn mentality.

Although I’m hesitant to reveal too much, my dress is hardly simple, has no sleeves, and isn’t even in the mermaid family. Ultimately, the team at Kleinfeld Bridal knew the dress I wanted better than I did. 

Kleinfeld will Never say “Never.”

By the time I walked into Kleinfeld Bridal, I was discouraged and willing to settle for a dress I had tried on one week earlier in a small boutique. I remember telling myself that I could fall in love with this particular dress over time.

Stay hopeful brides-to-be: love at first sight is a real feeling for wedding gowns!

The other bridal consultants discouraged me from certain styles. I was convinced that a bride with a larger bust requires support and cannot wear a backless dress. When I expressed my concern to the team at Kleinfeld, they proved the finest bridal boutiques in New York City very wrong. With the possibility to add in bones and work with a personal tailor, my dream dress would be built for my body.

You know you’ve found the dress when you struggle to part ways with the floor sample.


On July 8, 2014, I said “YES TO THE DRESS!”

One of my favorite moments as a bride-to-be with the most supportive MOTB.

The rumors are true: there’s no shortage of dresses at Kleinfeld. They are a bridal “factory” in the best way possible. Day after day they absorb crazy rules set by clueless brides-to-be like myself, and work to select gowns that “wow” rather than simply meet expectations.

I am counting down the months until I fly home for my first fitting this April. The exceptional service continues long after your dress is purchased. Arranging appointments for fittings has been a breeze. I love that Kleinfeld brides are welcome to pop back in and try on the floor sample for family or bridesmaids at any point before the big day. Sometimes, when I am in the midst of a stressful day with wedding planning, I take out the hidden picture of my dress and imagine walking down the aisle toward my groom.

Sometimes brides-to-be can be crazy. For now, I’m just krazy for Kleinfeld!

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