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One of the most fun times during a wedding planning journey has got to be your hair and makeup trial. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love being pampered and getting all dolled up? This is usually one of the last things on your big to do list but it is certainly a crucial one.

When brainstorming ideas on what you want your bridal hair to look like I would definately recommend thinking about a few things before deciding. Some brides immediately know whether or not they want their up or down but if you are on the fence consider this; if you are tying the knot in full Savannah heat you might want to opt for an up-do so that your tresses will be stress free all day. You could also play around with fun half-dos or full down-dos if you aren’t worried about your curls falling throughout the day.

Some other things to consider are where your veil will go, if you are going to play with a fun flower crown or use a family heirloom to accent your style. I defiantly recommend putting together a Pinterest board, like ours below, and showing it to your hairstylist before your trial. This way they can see what you are envisioning and ensure you are happy. Whatever you choose, we know it will be beautiful!

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“I Do” and I Don’t

Clearly, I know I will be saying “I Do” on the big day. In fact, I can’t wait to voice those two words followed by an epic kiss with my groom. I imagine something like this…


pretty perfect, right?

Despite the definite “I Do’s” to come, it’s time to discuss the big don’ts that creep up before the wedding day. I’ve noticed a few.

Bask in the bridal shade, don’t bask in the sun!

Spoiled by Savannah’s beaches, I am often tempted to spend weekends in the sand, soaking up the southern sun. I only realized the repercussions when sunbathing was followed by dress fitting number two. From the front, I loved everything about the dress including the way it hugged my body. However, my “Say Yes to the Dress” fan club, sitting just behind me, noticed a problem. There was a thick tan line running straight across my backless dress. The tailor and my mother were equally horrified.

Burn your usual calories, don’t be an excessive bride! 

While I am a huge proponent of the bridal pure barre package, I know that every bride-to-be has a personal limit. Working out with goals to feel healthy, toned and energized is blissfully bridal. Pushing your body too far, however, will backfire on any bride. Stick to a workout routine that is challenging without being overbearing.

Be an open-minded bride, don’t be an overly adventurous one!

When I first started planning (way back in 2013) I was jazzed about every and any bridal possibility. Over time, however, I have learned how the beauty and accessory markets cater to vulnerable brides. A bride is a most desirable customer, since her budget tends to fluctuate with ease.

For example, at my initial hair consultation I was quickly convinced to purchase extensions.


hair care is my weakness!

My makeup trial was followed by excess appointments in preparation for the big day such as a “bridal boost” facial. Apparently the vitamins and glowing results are specially crafted for brides. My limit was reached when my esthetician suggested scheduling an arm wax, spray tan, and an exfoliation to ease the “bags” just beneath my eyes.

Ultimately, every bride-to-be should remember that there’s nothing they need to change, add or “fix” before their wedding. While trying new things is exciting, none of the added glam is necessary. I think I’ll keep the blonde hair on my arms and the pale complexion of my skin as is.

As for the bags underneath my eyes, well, I don’t even see those!

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Have I Mentioned Extensions?


A few days after my makeup trial, I stopped by salon Eiji for a brief hair consultation. Brides-to-be will quickly learn that there are multiple components to the wedding day glam plan. Everything bridal pertaining to beauty is a process. In my opinion, a bride’s makeup shouldn’t stray far from her everyday routine (just less blemish and more glow). Although I wouldn’t dare attend my wedding without makeup, I have found that too much can backfire. Can you imagine the groom removing your veil and not recognizing his bride? In the case of beauty care, it’s less about quantity and all about quality.

Luckily, the stylists I have met in the makeup and hair departments consider maintenance on locks, lashes and all things cosmetic to be labors of love. They work hard to strike the right balance between beauty from a jar and beauty that is natural to every bride.

My hair trial is scheduled for my next trip home in April. I have already ordered my extensions since my salon requires three months to locate the preferred type of hair and match the color accordingly. After attending my first fitting (see Monday’s post), the stylists at Kleinfeld reminded me to consider the cut of my dress before transforming into a life size Rapunzel. Since my Pnina is essentially backless, covering the entirety of my back with long, flowing locks may hide the features of my gown. Point well taken, Kleinfeld.

As a result, I have shifted the focus of my hair from maximizing length to volume.

Depending on the current thickness and style of your hair, extensions are worth consideration. After attending the pre-consultation with the stylists at Eiji, I have decided to order clip-in extensions rather than those that are bonded. A more permanent option has the potential to last a bride anywhere from three to six months (well into the newly married months as a Mrs.). Although the thought of long, cascading hair during my honeymoon is thrilling, I’m not quite ready to marry the maintenance.


My potential length clipped in, just for fun.

Lastly, I have a few thoughts on elevating bridal extensions. If brides have a special design on their dress, whether a pattern or embellishment with dimensions, I recommend speaking to the designer for hair inspiration. Although wearing a veil is traditional, I believe brides should have at least one element that is avant-garde. You’ll have plenty of married days to dress with simplicity.


Romantic curls with dripping pearls- thoughts on this combination? (I love).

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If brides are interested in extensions and want further information on the various types available, take a look at the article below from the Bridal Guide:

~Happy extending!~

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