Sweating for the Wedding: Remix

As brides prepare for their big day, many adopt a more active lifestyle in hopes of squeezing into her perfect dress. Sweating for the wedding has caught on like wild-fire. Just open the Instagram of one of your engaged friends and you will are bound to find a slew of posts about her pre-wedding workouts.

I totally get it. As a recent bride myself I opted for my sneakers most days, always took the stairs and subscribed to just about every fitness blog out there. I went on long lunch-break walks and skipped that second scoop of ice cream for a few months. It’s not that I wanted to look different on my wedding day, it’s just that I wanted to look my best.

I have never been a super athletic person. Well, let’s be honest, I have never been athletic. As a kid I loathed my sports games, praying the ball would never come way. I wasn’t uncoordinated or unable, I was just the most noncompetitive person on this earth. Gyms have never been my thing. I get so grossed out by all the muscle heads in cut off tee’s and would seldom go. So when I knew I wanted to get into better shape I had to think out of the box, or I guess, out of the gym.

What I found was that I really do like, even sometimes enjoy, working out outside. Fresh air, green grass, hustle and bustle. No sticky sweaty gyms for me. So that is what I started doing. On my lunch breaks I would go for a run. After dinner the fiance and I would go for an evening stroll. On weekends we would do weight exercises in the park. And just like that, I felt better and looked better, and my wallet could not have been happier.

So as you think about the months ahead, don’t be afraid to go for an unconventional or ‘out of the gym’ approach. Try a new workout class in your area. Grab a friend and go for a long walk. Park at the back of the parking lot at the grocery. It’s not about killing yourself trying to get that bride body, it’s about having fun and looking good while doing so!

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Brides who Pure Barre

Over the last few months I’ve been overly committed to the gym with one specific objective in mind: I should be sweating for the wedding. Although I am definitely noticing results, it’s difficult to feel accomplished when working out solo. For a while, it was simply me against myself, the bride-to-be (the latter represents a stronger version of the future Sarah Peterman). Despite the many perks of my morning routine such as uplifting tunes, pink Gatorade and Nike kicks, I craved something social and challenging to shake up my workout habits.

Enter Paige: the ultimate friend every bride-to-be needs well before the big day and happily ever after. She’s super inspiring and bubbly. Oh, I forget to mention: she’s also a total knockout; we all have that one friend who turns heads just by stepping into a room. Thankfully, Paige introduced me to Pure Barre, my personal wedding trainer.

Enter Pure Barre: a fifty-five minute workout that challenges the abdominals, arms, and tush- the three target areas for every bride-to-be, single and married woman. The environment is warm and welcoming. For those who are very ambitious, Barre trainers recommend three to four classes per week.

I was considerably impressed with my stamina during session one; I left barre with newfound confidence and a trendy workout wardrobe (somehow, I convinced myself that hot pink pants would help me complete the last set of crunches).

Here are a couple of Pure Barre tips for brides-to-be who are new to the scene, like me:

  1. Don’t wear all black (too boring for Barre)
  2. Come early with water and time to stretch (you will thank me later)
  3. Take pictures to document before/after (proof of progress!)
  4. “Tuck*” is a Pure Barre must (when in doubt, always tuck)
  5. Bring your best attitude (when the leader of the class says, “only ten more ladies”… don’t give up)
  6. Pure Barre is the only time it’s acceptable to be a follower and not a leader (if you don’t know what you’re doing, look to the locals for help)
  7. Barre is about fitness…and fashion (check out the Pure Barre boutique)

*Truthfully, I am still learning what “tuck” really entails. So far, I know it’s about engaging the core.


These @emijayinc shirts are all necessary, particularly, “See you at the Barre.”

Clearly, I wasn’t prepared for the agony of walking the next day. My muscles ached in a way that only professional athletes dare brag about. Although in pain and slightly moody from twitching muscles (known to Barre fanatics as the successful “shakes”), I have decided to dwell on the positive: results are inevitable. I’m hopeful that my honeymoon bikini body will thank me.


Class 2 with Paige. Unlimited classes to go. Hashtag: #sweatingforthewedding

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